Carb It Up

August 31, 2010

Today I have beef with Mr. Dr. Adkins and Mr. Dr. Barry Sears, why? Well because these 2 fabulous doctors are the masterminds behind the worlds fear of all things carbohydrate. For god knows how long now, women everywhere have been afraid to smell a carb, look at a carb or heaven forbid, eat a carb. Things have become so obsessive that we women have taken to underground bunkers in an effort to comfortably consume a slice of bread, anything with pasta or rice and dare I say it, potato chips.  Yes, carbs in hiding is the only way to go, cos as everyone who’s anyone knows, if nobody saw you eat it, then absolutely those calories do not count. Its the same as ordering the salad but picking fries off your Husbands plate. Hey, the fries weren’t on my plate, so no way I’ll be getting fat.

However, the past 2 days I spent in Italy, would drive the world to shake an angry fist in the direction of both Dr. Adkins and Dr. Sears for the years of carbohydrate depravation and guilt. Cos what do Italians everywhere enjoy in complete abundance, for every meal? Why pasta or course. Lovely homemade ravioli’s basking in cream or tomato based sauces, served with a side of warm fresh breads and chased down with an assortment of pastries. Yes my friends, Italians love to eat, but more importantly, Italian’s love to eat carbs, by the truck load. To them the Glycemic Index is nothing more than a myth, like Big Foot or the Lough Ness Monster. And judging by the lack of fat people in either Reiti or Rome, I’m thinking these Italians have it all figured out and while eating pizza and sipping on a second glass of merlot, they wait for the rest of us to catch on. So carb it up people, all the disgustingly attractive and skinny Italians assure me, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

And for the track fans out there who may not already know, the track meet in Reiti saw a new world record in the mens 800m, by Kenyan athlete David Rudisha in a blazing fast time of 1.41.01. Seriously, I was trackside during the race and let me tell you, this guy was phenomenal. I was in amazement at how fast and effortlessly he appeared to be moving and once he broke the world record, I was so excited I almost forgot I was holding my point n’shoot and therefore had the ability to capture a few shots of this history making athlete.

Also competing in Reiti, at his final meet for the season was Irish 200m athlete Paul Hession.

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