Final Day of Fun

April 25, 2014

Yesterday Keane and Cullen had to say “Goodbye” to their cousin Paul and James. It was a little emotional, they all got along so well and had so much fun doing everything together over the past 5 days.  For their last day we wanted to do something a little special, so we went to an indoor playzone so the boys could go crazy on slides, bouncy things, climbing stuff and swinging objects. And while it was a place very much targeted to children, the adults couldn’t stop themselves from getting involved.

Paul, me, Keane and James take on a super fast slide. Not joke, I think this thing gave me whiplash.

My friend Mike props Cullen in front of a game screen to watch brightly moving shapes.

And he was entranced.

Momma and Keane do a little cage climbing to find another slide.

Paul and James take on the spinning disks.

Dinara couldn’t resist the bouncy castle.

Or the bouncy slide.

Cullen looking very concerned in the rotating tunnel.

So we brought Keane into reassure him.

Then he explored the tiny roundabout.

We wanted to do a group shot with the cousins, but Paul was nowhere to be found and Keane was hostile.

But James gave Keane a little tickle-tickle to help cheer him up.

Paul on the wrecking ball.

James takes on the sphere.

Keane in the ball pen.

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