No Sun = Indoor Fun

April 22, 2014

The weather has been fabulous the past few days. Hot, but not too hot, sunny in a glarey, where the heck are my glasses way, and dry, in a no more muddy puddles to jump in way.  So last night we invested in a small paddling pool in anticipation of a day filled with messy, splashy fun for the boys. This morning however, we woke to find overcast skies, but we powered on with the paddling pool plan, fully excepting the sun to burn through the cloudy skies at any minute. Sadly it never happened, and then the rain showed up. So the pool time fun was short lived so instead we took the action indoors to work on a little shaving cream art project.

James and Keane ready and optimistic that the sun is on its way.

The sun never showed up and the rain forced us inside to work on our shaving cream art.

Messy, colorful fun.

YAY! Shaving cream cupcakes.

Priceless pieces of artistic creation.

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