All Things Sports

April 21, 2014

Another jam packed day of Doyle boy action and this time we went big on all things sports. We hit up The Husbands gym to play some catch.

6 year old Paul already looks every inch a pro.

Keane was very excited to show his cousins the right way to start a race.

Bringing up the rear and couldn’t be happier.

James decided to do a some cone hurdling, and every thing was going so well until it wasn’t.

He lost his footing on the landing…

…and took a tumble. But ever the pro, he picked himself up and finished the run.

Paul was up next and made it all look very easy.

Then we took the action outside so the boys could practice their kicking. James was up first.

Then Keane gave it a go and was cheered on enthusiastically by James.

James and Keane rally to give Paul lots of kicking encouragement.

Last but not least, Cullen steps up for his turn.

But Keane steps in at the last second and steals his kicking thunder.

The lads!

Time for a snack break and a couple of pages from Thomas the Train (Keane’s request).

My sister in law, Dinara and her newest buddy Cullen.

The boys start to get a little silly with the shades.

James uses The Husband to get one final kick in.

Trying to get everyone together for a group selfie.

Group selfie!

Well and truly tired and headed for home.

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  1. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Lovely photos, you all look great. Future stars in the making.

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