Keane had his little friends Cannon and Gavin come over for some Saturday morning fun. As luck would have it, it rained hard the night before, so there was plenty of dirty wet puddles for the boys to get down and dirty in.

Cannon does a puddle jig.

Gavin is not quite sure what to do. “To get in or not to get in, that is the question?”

Then Keane goes ahead and demonstrates exactly what he should do.

So Gavin dips his toe in, just to test the waters.

Seconds later and he’s all in.

Love the little heart shaped wet stain on Cannon’s butt.

River dancing.

A rock!

Off to Keane’s little bridge for some stick throwing.

We had one casualty from the morning, poor little Gavin fell into the lake. Fortunately when I saw it happen my first instinct was to save him, unfortunately I missed capturing the moment. Gavin’s mom Alli was there to comfort, but as it turns out Gavin didn’t need comforting, cos all he kept saying was “more”.

Wet and nasty but wanting to get back in the water.

After all of the fun, it was into the tub for all 3 of them.

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  1. Angie says:

    Visiting your house looks like so much fun!
    Happy Irish Mammy’s Day

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