Bath Time Shananigans

March 26, 2014

He use to hate baths. We are talking full on newborn meltdown, screaming bloody murder for the entire bath duration. Fast forward 6 weeks, and baby Cullen is singing a completely different story. Thank god. Now he loves it, especially when he gets to bath with his big brother.

Not a tear in sight. Just chllin.

I usually have some music playing while the boys bath. Sometimes its nursery rhythms, sometimes we go a little classical, or if momma has had a particularly rough day, we go all out gangsta (no judging, everyone needs to blow off steam). Here Keane is showing Cullen how to move his hands to the music.

Cullen loves to just stare at his brother. Looking and listening intently to everything he is saying and doing.

Look who suddenly popped up outside the window, Fintan. And may I just add, our bathroom is on the 2nd floor of the house. This kitty can really climb. Oh, and I was so busy capturing the photo of Fintan, that I failed in my mom duty of telling Keane to please NOT draw on the window, ooopsie.

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