Cullen is One Month

March 21, 2014

Last week Cullen hit the one month mark, and I can’t hardly believe its been a month already. This little guy is such a trooper. So far he’s been so low maintenance and completely chilled, a disposition both The Husband and I greatly appreciate as we have been struggling to find the right balance for our new life with 2 kids. We haven’t been able to nail down a workable schedule as yet, not sure if we ever will, but we have become accustomed to being in a permanent state of readiness, ready for anything and everything these 2 boys have to throw at us. We’ve mastered the art of functioning in an almost human way with little to no sleep, but we look like complete sh*t doing it. But hey, its all part of the gig right? Someday it will all get easier, at least thats what other parents are telling us. And I want to believe them, so I power on latched onto the notion that someday, it will all get better.

But back to baby Cullen, in the past month he has

- eaten loads, and loads. This guy is a horse for the food.

- gained almost 3lbs from his birth weight (told you, a horse for the food).

- learned to smile, mostly in his sleep but I have managed to force a few almost smiles out of him during his awake moments.

- has the gas producing abilities of a grown man, no joke.

- has met all 4 of his grandparents.

- gets lovingly mauled by his older brother repeatedly throughout the day.

And here is baby Cullen, captured last week to mark his one month milestone.

Believe me when I tell you I worked my ass off from behind the camera, trying to get him to smile for these photos, but Cullen was having none of it.

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  1. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Gorgeous pictures, love his little outfit. Can’t believe he is a month already :)

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