Posing Disaster

February 19, 2014

Usually when I shoot kids the best advice I give myself heading into the shoot is to KEEP POSING TO A MINIMUM. They absolutely hate it. Thats not to say I won’t try, I’ll always try, but as soon as I see those little bodies go ridged with resistance, or the squirming to escape, or hear the flat out “NO!”, I stop. The only way to get truly natural, happy shots of any child being themselves, is to let them be themselves. Then put your running shoes on, strap your camera on nice and tight and learn to shoot fast. Cos one thing is for sure, kids move fast, which means moments are happening quickly. Having said all that, today I didn’t take my own advice. Instead I tried to pose my boys and lets just say, it did not go well. But in my defense, with Cullen being a newborn, propping and placing him in certain positions is the only real option at this point. But here’s how it went.

Even though Cullen is clearly miserable and hating every minute of being propped up against his brother, this is probably the best shot. At least Keane is looking my way and obviously happy. But getting this shot wasn’t easy.

Since the day he was born Keane has had a camera pointed in his face, so now he remains completely unfazed and the challenge for me has become one of trying to get him to look at the camera.

Nope, still won’t look and Cullen is starting to lose it.

Cullen is in full on meltdown and Keane has just noticed the little balls on Cullen’s socks.

Just look at the misery on those pouty little faces. You’d think I’d just taken away their favorite toy or something.

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