The Transition Process

February 17, 2014

With the addition of Cullen to the family things have been a little tough for Keane. He loves the baby and still insists on trying to wake him you with lots of sloppy kisses and hugs, but life as he’s known it is different and because he’s still so young too, he doesn’t fully understand why. His limited vocabulary means he has no way of expressing his frustration and confusion, so he is starting to find other, lets just say “creative” ways of letting us know he is not fully happy with the new situation. The Husband and I are pulling out all the tricks and following the advice of others who have walked this stressful path before us, in our efforts to help him through this transistion phase. But its hard and wow does it require A LOT of patience.

This past weekend the weather finally started to take a turn for the better. Temperatures are warming up, the snow and ice has all but melted leaving nothing but a muddy wet mess in its wake, but regardless we decided to take advantage and spent most of our Sunday outside lavishing lots of attention on Keane as a way of reminding him that he is still very important. We kicked the morning off at the playground.

So that random hand trying to grab my child is not some weird playground creeper, it belongs to The Husband.

Keane has a little fun with a tiny resilient snow patch.

Some of the other kids put The Husband to work pushing the round-about.

Keane wanted to try the big slide by himself. He was a little nervous, but a little boy who was at the park told Keane he would catch him at the bottom. Too cute.

This is 3 year old Jack, in position to make sure Keane arrives safely at the bottom.

Once he made it to the bottom, Jack rewarded Keane’s bravery with a big hug.

Time to harass the local geese.

Duck feeding time.

If your wondering where Cullen was during the playground excursion, he was chillin, in his buggy.

We are currently building an enclosed area at the house for the doggies, so in the afternoon Keane got stuck into helping Daddy drill some post holes for the fence.

Observing the process.

Getting a closer look.

Helping Daddy with post alignment.

While Daddy paused to take a phone call or 2, Keane decided to steal some of hole markers and hide them where Daddy couldn’t find them.

Keane is over the hole digging, now he wants to go play in some mud.


Very proud of himself.

Now things are about to get really messy.

Why do boys love mud and dirty so much??

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