YAY! For Snow Day

January 28, 2014

While those in the “real world” suffered traffic jams, pile-ups, cars that needed to be abandoned while their owners tried to foot it to their various destinations, schools, offices and businesses closing early due to extreme weather conditions, I on the other hand had a toddler that could not have been happier. Today Keane got his first real snow day experience and I would say he enjoyed it, but wasn’t 100% sure how exactly or what exactly he should be doing to REALLY enjoy it. So my good friend Mike and I provided him with a little snow guidance.

His initial reaction.

The snowfall texture was that of the dry and fluffy kind, which is not good for snowman building purposes, no sticking power. But you’ll notice Mike in the background working tirelessly to try and get some sort of snowman built for Keane’s enjoyment. Keane on the other hand was more interested in wandering and snow kicking.

Ta-dah! the best we could manage in these non-stick conditions.

A stroll through the forrest.

All of our animals were pumped up by the snowy conditions. Keane was getting photobombed left, right and centre.

Dexter was moving so fast I couldn’t get him in focus.

Even Fintan wanted to be part of the action.

Onwards through the trees.

Not a fan of a little snowy face planting.

But a big fan of a gentle snowfall in the face.

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