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Pandemic Christmas 2020

December 31, 2020

Before we switch over to a new year, I thought I better share some photos of Pandemic Christmas 2020. The only “normal” thing about this Christmas, was that Santa still came. Despite restrictions and isolations, he still managed to deliver gifts. Wearing a face mask and showing himself in sanitizer as he hopped from house to house I’m sure. The morning was an explosion of wrapping paper and boxes and lots of Christmas bits. We then spent a large chunk of the day FaceTiming and Zooming with family and friends we would have preferred to see in person. But an odd Christmas to top off a very odd year.

The boys team up to open the first gift.

Cullen very happy with the new books Santa brought.

A smile of approval for whatever was in that particular gift box.

Boston was a big fan of laying on all the discarded wrapping paper.

Keane is happy with his new books too.

A happy Christmas mess.

This gift kept Keane stressed the past 2 months. He asked but wasn’t sure if Santa would approve of his request for a dirt bike. Apparently, he did.

Trying on the safety gear.

Daddy and Keane putting together Cullen’s new electric scooter. So Keane can take it for a test ride.

Trying out some new accessories for playing Minecraft with their friends.

Dexter is wrecked from all the excitement.

Oh lord. Here we go. Taking the dirt bike for a test ride.

Cullen getting to grips with his electric scooter.

Pandemic Style Santa Visit

December 20, 2020

A Santa pic, for the week thats in it.  I wasn’t sure the boys would get to visit Santa in this the year of a global pandemic. But last week we went to check out the Calloway Gardens Fantasy in Lights, where not only did they have the most amazing Christmas lights, but they also had Santa! He was all set up behind protective glass, so the boys were able to have a nice, safe chat, telling him all the things they hope to get this year. Now they just have to wait a few more days to see if they’ve been good enough for Santa to bring the things.

Big Season For The Hawks

December 15, 2020

It’s been an amazing season for Keane’s lacrosse team. 9 games, all wins. Zero losses. To say us parents were proud, would be an understatement. These boys have worked hard. Most of them have been together since they were 5 years old, when they barely knew how to catch, passing was inconsistent and they had no idea of the rules. Fast forward 3 years and they’re passing and catching like almost little pros and finished the Fall 2020 season, top of the u9 league. Whats even more special is to see how close these boys have become. Forming friendships and hanging out outside of the practice and game field. Winning is awesome, we all love to win, but at the end of the day, what’s most important for me, is to see Keane learning new skills, building friendships and experiences and having fun.

Of course I was kept super busy on the sideline, capturing action shots and videos clips, on top of cheering myself hoarse over the 8 weeks, 9 game season.

Our 2020 u9 Hillgrove Hawks. Keane is the 2nd little Hawk from the left.

The team gathering for pre-game tactic talks from the coaches.

The whiteboard of strategy.


On the field, Keane no.15.

You’re about to get hit with endless shots of my baby in lacrosse action.

A catch and protecting the ball.

Post game line up to congratulate both teams.

Keane with his stick high-5.

Post game hydration.

Another game, more action shots.

Half time huddle.

Keane centre.

Run Keaney run!

Another win and a team hug for our goalie.

Post game strut.

Daddy and Keane.

All my Doyle boys.

These boys would be nothing without our coaches. They treat these kids like their own.

Can’t beat a great post game snack.

Team, chilling.

Another game, more action from Keane.

A big effort can often result in a big hit the deck moment.

Pre-game chat.

Wearing the white jerseys for the final game.

Up for the catch.

Mean Keane in for the tackle.

Letting the other team know he means business.

In procession.

Final game.

Team cheer.

Christmas Tree 2020

December 6, 2020

This has been the longest, shortest, slowest, fast moving year ever. How are we shopping for a Christmas tree already? But last week, thats exactly what we did. The Thanksgiving dishes were barely washed and put away, when we were digging out the tree decorations, dragging twinkle lights over the garden bushes and propping up light-up snowmen and reindeer on the front lawn. First thing each morning, Advent Calendar windows and being pried open and the tiny chocolates devoured before breakfast. And of course, our little “Elf on the Shelf” has returned to spy on the kids and drive my demented trying to 1. remember to move his annoying ass from one hiding place to another, every effing night and 2. stay creative for 25 consecutive days? But we do it for the kids and the kids are definitely getting in the spirit of all things Christmas.

We’ve been going to the same Christmas tree “farm” since the boys were babies.

The browsing is always the best part. We usually have our tree picked out in the first 5 mins, then the boys spend the rest of the time playing tag and hide-and-seek among the other trees.

This is our 2020 tree.

This is Keane pretending to be a Christmas tree.

Loading it up to take home.

Cullen was a big help getting the tree set up.

Christmas tree group shot.

The next morning and the boys get stuck into the decorating.

Keane with a special way of reaching the higher branches.

Cullen searching deep for the good decorations.

Oh yeah, I see you Keane.