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Here Now

October 25, 2020

I’m not even going to try and bore everybody with reasons or excuses as to why the struggle to keep the blogging going this year was real, cos lets be honest, there is none of us out there who hasen’t struggled this year. People are doing what they need to do to make it through. But I’m here now, and the hope is to keep showing up and to catch up on the sharing of some of the brighter, funner, more normal moments we’ve had in this the year of The Pandemic. The blog posts will probably bounce around a bit. Some will be from the summer, some will be more current. But just go along with whatever shows up.

For the week thats in it, that being Halloween, lets start with last weeks wet and soggy trip to the pumpkin farm. Cos guess who doesn’t care if its raining? Kids. They still want to plough on with the planned pumpkin farm adventure.

A wet Cullen and his friend Henry. Plus Henry’s twin brother and sister joined us in our wet adventure.

Dressed for the weather.

Lots of fun games set up at the farm.

Verity was a fan of the massive pumpkins.

Cullen and Henry doing the milking.

Keane just hanging around.

Loved all of the little play areas. Some even has a roof cover. A lovely bonus given the rain.

Keane can always be found hanging from something.

Farm yard bowling.

Scarecrow ring toss.

Our little friend Ashton.

Oversized tractors.

And undersized tractors.

Time to visit the farm yard animals.

Gobble gobble.

Goats and sheep.

The turkey’s back.

The crew.

Time to pick out some pumpkins.

Last snap of the group before we load up our wagon and roll out.

It takes a team to get this load of pumpkins back to the car.

Back to School Take 2

October 20, 2020

Virtual learning was hard. I’m not even going to lie. This is not how the kids want to do school. And it’s definitely not how I want to do school. But this was the situation. Every day we logged on. Some days it went well, some days it was a complete nightmare. And we all cried. At some stage every one of us shed tears over the situation. But at the end of September we finally go the news we’d been begging for. After Fall break, the kids would go back to school. Face-to-Face (F-2-F)! You can’t even imagine the joy. In an instant I felt a massive weight I hadn’t even realized I was carrying, lifted. Life, the complete and utter mess it has been this year, felt like it had a chance of going back to normal. The kids who have endured so much mess and upheaval this year, would once again get to see classmates and friends and their teachers in real life. It wouldn’t be the same exactly. Nothing is right now. Masks of course have to be worn, desks are separated, no large group events and lots more restrictions. But at least they got away from the screens and the Zooms and the house. Learning in schools is way better then learning on Zooms. And the teachers are much better teachers than the mommas.

On a positive side, I got the opportunity to “go to school” in America. I got to see what and how American kids are thought. I relearned a lot gammer, brushed up on my verbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns. Familiarized myself with the structure of a story and got the chance to see how multiplication and division and being thought nowadays. And let me just tell you, the old way is much easier. Many minutes I had to spend on the YouTubes, learning arrays and sets and bouncing back and forth on number lines just so I could answer the math questions my 8 yr old was solving. The mental exhaustion of it all. Most I was the one ¬†calling for the brain breaks. But look, we all made it. And 2 weeks ago the boys had they 2nd Back to School of 2020, complete with face masks.

The first day back was “Neon Day”. Everyone had to wear their brightest shirt.