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Pack Up Your Camper

June 17, 2020

A few weeks ago we took off on a little camping adventure. And I’m not even going to try and explain why it takes me so long to post on the blog anymore. Just know that the lockdown lifestyle with 2 kids, does not always allow opportunities to sit down and have the blog chats. So for now posts will apparently be random and delayed. But back to camper living, cos camping is obviouly what you do when you need a break from the 4 walls of your home. You switch it for the 4 walls of a much smaller camper. All in the name of adventure.

Keane & Daddy getting the camper set up.

Bright and early the next morning. Ready for an adventure.

A short drive away from our camp site in South Georgia, was Little Grand Canyon.

The boys trying to figure out if a partially exposed pipe, is actually a snake.

Not a long hike in and all downhill too. Bonus!

Figuring our which canyons to explore first.

So glad we picked a nice warm, dry day to do this, cos the bottom of the canyon was full of little mud rivers.

Headed into the belly of our first canyon.

I think there were a total of 8 canyons, and we made sure to explore them all.

2 little Doyle boys in a canyon cave.

Happy little canyon explorers.

Trekking back through the muddy rivers.

A mini rescue mission.

Making friends with a tiny frog at the base of the canyon.

Starting the walk back up to the rim. Not as fast and easy as the hike down thats for sure.

Came across a random truck graveyard on the way out.

It took a while and there may have been a bit of whining along the trail, but we made it.

Taking in the view from the top.

The view down into the canyon.

Day number 3 and we hit the lake for a spot of fishing.

Life jackets on.

Open waters, Daddy taking the selfies and the boys keeping the eyes peeled for alligators.

The cool crew.

Prepping to fish.

No fish biting this day.

Hmmm, not sure we’ll be swimming in this lake.

Over the weekend Keane celebrated his 8th Birthday. And because there is nothing normal about the year 2020, this birthday celebration was a little different. His friends marked the day by doing a Birthday Drive-By. A parade of some of his best little friends driving by with decorated cars, waving, blowing blowers, popping poppers and spraying him with silly spray. So much fun and excitement and Keane felt like a pretty big deal. Its definitely a birthday he won’t forget, ever. A type of birthday non-celebration celebration.

We had the driveway birthday ready.

The birthday boy and here comes the lead car.

After that, they just kept on coming. Gifts were passed out and Keane & Cullen passed small “Thank You” gifts into the cars of each of their friends.

Both Keane & Cullen looked like little Lord Mayors of the parade.

Keane had no idea, but as a surprise we rented a water slide and invited a few friends over for a small party. He hadn’t seen these friends in 3 months. He was so surprised and excited.

Cullen really enjoyed the surprise too.

So good to play with our friends again.

And because we are deep in the Minecraft phase of childhood, there had to be a Minecraft cake.