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Photo Bouncing

March 31, 2020

There’s going to be a bit of bouncing around of photos over the next week or so. Photo I didn’t get around to sharing from our pre-quarantined life and of course photos from some of the things we’re getting up to during this period of quarantine.

Lets go back to this day, a week before the world was forced into quarantine and it was “World Book Day” at Cullen’s school. That day he got to go to school dressed as a character from one of his favorite books. Cullen chose “Pete the Cat” and here he is, rocking it in his red shoes.

You can tell he was really feeling his costume.

Photo-bombed by his big brother.

With that leap I feel like Keane has tapped into an undiscovered classical dance talent.

As always, things end up in a game of pulling and wrestling.

Well, you’d think now that we are in a state of lockdown, I’d have lots of time on my hands to do a catch up on my photo sharing. Wrong! Cos now I’m a mother, a teacher, a cook (cooking 3 meals a day, EVERY damn day. I’m starting to resent my quarantine mates for their constant need for sustenance), a cleaner, a referee for all of the sibling fights, a peace keeper for all of the sibling arguments, the director of entertainment, the boredom buster, an uber driver (always), a coach for any and every sport they want to practice in the garden, a medical professional cos I answer as best I can all of the corona virus questions as well as the standard day to day maintenance of bug bites, scratches and cuts. And I’m pretty sure I’ve left out a bunch of other roles I now play in our new lockdown lives. It can get pretty exhausting. So you can understand that once the kids are in bed for the evening, bed is the only place I want to be too. To try and recharge and stay positive for another day in the trenches of corona virus lockdown. But I’ve rallied this evening. I did finally get around to popping up the last of the pics from our pre-lockdown Winter break trip to Tybee Island.

Visit to Fort Pulaski, a military base used by the Union army during the civil war.

Lots of tunnels to help the soldier moved through the base undetected.

The boys were so excited, but a little nervous about going into the tunnels. They kept checking to make sure Daddy and I were right behind them.

“We’re still here Keane”.

Another bridge into the main part of the base.

Roof top cannons.

Looking down at one of the tunnels.

This wall was used to protect the soldiers from gun fire. Keane thought it was a ninja wall for the soldiers to train on.

Exiting through more tunnels.

The next day we took the boys to Oakland Wildlife Centre.

Follow the footprints to find the animals.

Big rush to see the animals.

Looking for the alligators. Didn’t see them.

Not sure what we were suppose to see here, but you can tell by Cullen’s disappointed face, that we didn’t see it.

Cougars were a no-show too. Not sure what was going on. Weather too cold perhaps?

A nice boardwalk through the water.

Finally we saw something.

The bald eagle.

Fun in the giant nest.

Hard to see cos he’s camouflaged, but there is a wolf resting on the tree stump.

Not one to follow rules is our Cullen.

The morning of our departure and Keane is helping pack up the camper.

Well, this St. Patrick’s Day was like no other. Like everyone else acting responsible during this crazy new corona virus world of ours, we are practicing social distance and self isolation. It’s not easy, especially when you have kids, but its necessary if we have any chance of getting control and moving towards an end point. We are working hard to create structured days. The kids schools have been amazing. Every morning they e-mail us the lessons for the day with work sheets. The teachers then make themselves available online or by txt, from 9.00am-10.30am to answer any questions about the work. This has been great in getting the kids focused and gives me a definite plan for keeping the school work going for however long we’re out of school. So mornings are now officially when we do school. After lunch we try to get some outside time or do a fun project or activity. Then in the evening, there’s screen time.

Its hard, for everyone right now. And the longer it goes on, the harder it will get I’m sure. Luckily, I have an amazing group of Mom friends and we are constantly checking in with each other, venting our frustrations, laughing through the hard stuff and sharing lots of ideas to help fill our kids days. Every day we get through, is one less day of something. I’m not sure what. Just tried to get a little deep and philosophical.

Anyway, back to St. Patricks Day and how we spent it. As you can see, for our schooling this morning, we were surround by a lot of Irishness.

Cullen then had a rock assignment to do, so we were outside collecting, hammering and looking at many, many, rocks.

After our morning lessons, the boys got busy making leprechaun traps.

Both boys making 2 very different traps, but 2 traps only doubles our chances of catching a leprechaun.

Boston, very curious about the goings on.

Cullen’s is so cute. Adding an arch and some shamrock trees.

Keane is setting a trail of chocolate gold coins to help lure the leprechaun towards his trap.

Cullen likes that idea and sets up is own trail of gold.

And of course eats a few himself.

Adding a green tunnel for a little fun element.

Always keeping an eye on the action.

The creative zone.

Not only was today St. Patrick’s Day, but it was also Boston’s birthday, and the boys wanted to make him a cake. So we did. Keane did most of the work, but Cullen did help with the clean up, by licking the bowl.

Out of the oven and ready for decorating.


Poor Boston, doesn’t look like he’s enjoying his cake and “happy birthday” song as much as the boys are.

Officially On Lockdown

March 12, 2020

And today, like the rest of the world, we have been put on lock down indefinitely. Schools are cancelled. Disney and most other amusement parks are cancelled. Events are cancelled. Sports, church, book clubs, you name and its probably cancelled. This is scary, but sadly necessary. I spent most of this week prepping for it. Listening to the news reports from all over the world, it was inevitable we too would be forced to go on lock down. And today, it happened. No idea how we’ll be getting through the next couple of weeks. Just taking it day by day. Obviously staying healthy is the goal, but dang, what the heck am I going to do to entertain these kids indefinitely?? I didn’t stock up on enough wine to survive this. Really, there isn’t enough wine to help all us Momma’s get through this.

But anyway, finally getting to the sharing of pics from our Tybee Island winter beach escape.

Bright and early on our first morning and of course the boys want to hit the beach.

First order of business, Cullen harassing all of the beach bird life.

It was windy AF, perfect for kite flying.

Up she goes.

Keane the master kite flyer.

Giving Cullen a flying lesson.

Now Cullen is a kite.

Daddy making the phone videos.

Looking for tiny bits of ocean life.

Keane still not letting go of his kite.

Taking a wee break, but still flying that kite.

A little shell hunting happing here.

Now he’s got tricks as he flys the kite.

New Olympic sport, the seaweed toss.

Well hello there dead jellyfish.

At last Keane decides to bring the kite in for landing.

Having the chats as they stroll.

Love capturing these little brotherly moments.

Chatting all the way back to our camper.

We brought the hover boards. Cullen got one for his birthday and Daddy is busy setting it up.

Keane is ready to rock.

The look you give your brother when he’s zipping around on his hover board, while you are still waiting for Daddy to set up yours.

Now we’re all ready to rock.

Hover board Grand Prix. Terrorizing the entire village.

Yep, I had a go too.

Its Lacrosse Season

March 3, 2020

I know I mentioned oversharing photos from our winter beach getaway last week. And quite obviously that didn’t happen. But I promise I’m getting to it. Life just has a lot going on for us right now. So, priorities, you know.

But I do have some action snaps to share from Keane’s first lacrosse game of the season, which happened last Saturday. Very early, last Saturday. The team was on the field at 8.00am to warm up for their 9.00pm game. And it was Baltic. So cold. But with the help of laying, lots of layers under layers, and of course the running around that goes along with a lacrosse game, the blood was kept flowing. I however, couldn’t feel my fingers. I find it really hard to shoot with gloves on, so for the duration of the game I flirted with the possibility of getting frost bitten fingers.

Pre-game team huddle.

Pep talk from coach.

Keane (middle).

Time to take to the field.

Keane in the middle.  Lots of action shots coming up.

Unfortunately The Hawks lost, 5-3. But they had fun. All about participation and all that other positive stuff we say to keep everyones spirits up.

The post game hi-five line up.

Team cheer.

Rehydration time.

And thats what he looks like under all that gear.

You’re always a winner when theres post game snacks.