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Winter Beach Adventure

February 26, 2020

I know its been a while. Took a little break to coincide with the boys Winter Break. Last week the boys were off school. So my week was filled with play dates, family time and a wee 3 day escape to Tybee Island in South Georgia. Now they are finally back in school and I have a little bit of time to play catch up on all of the things I struggle to give my time to when the boys are not in school. Blogging is one of the things that unfortunately doesn’t make the list of priorities on those days when time is limited and things need to be prioritized.

But managing to carve out a little time to start looking through the photos I grabbed from our Tybee Island trip. A bit of a Winter Beach Adventure. Hopefully I’ll have a bunch of photos ready to throw up over the next couple of days.

Snow Day 2020

February 10, 2020

Saturday morning, as we enjoyed our pancake breakfast and cartoons, snow happened. I’m not sure if it was forecast, I obviously wasn’t paying much/any attention to the weather, so to us it was unexpected and completely out of the blue. Very quickly we were racing around looking for our snow clothes so we could get out there and take full advantage. Sadly the snow fall only lasted about 30 mins and none of it stuck around. But we had a little fun while it lasted.

All dressed up and ready to go.

Boston is not at all sure about whats happening.

Doing their best to make a snow ball out of what little snow is sticking.

Frozen fountain water.

Of course they wanted to smash it, they’re boys.

Not at all weird to see a kid running around carrying a mallet.

Trying to eat the flakes.

Coming down hard now.

Cullen is over it.

Boston and his winky eye cozying up in the discarded snow clothes.

Celebration Time

February 6, 2020

Cullen and his best little buddies wanted to bounce, joust, zip, dodge and party hard in celebration of his final days as a 5 year old. So it was off to one of their favorite indoor play places, Adventure Air.

The birthday boy and some of his friends get ready to hit the trampolines.

Next to the trampolines, Keane and Bryson are getting ready to do battle.

I call it “The Battering Ram” not sure of its official name, but Cullen loves this thing.

It basically spins around battering children. Thats Cullen’s friend, Henry taking a hit.

But he loves it.

Keane on the zip line.

Followed by Bryson.

Everyones in for a game of “Dodge Ball”.

The harder the hit, the more they love it. Boys are weird like that.

Keane on the trampoline.

Time for food and cake. No surprise that Cullen went for a shark themed cake.

Birthday boy checking out his shark plates and napkins.

Cake time!

Family pic.

Couldn’t cut this cake fast enough for this crowd.

Pre-Birthday, Birthday

February 2, 2020

Celebrated Cullen’s 6th birthday a little early this year. Daddy has a busy travel scheduled coming up, so to make sure he was part of the party fun, we made this weekend Cullen’s Pre-Birthday, Birthday Party.

Lots of photos to follow soon.