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Before There Was Illness

January 26, 2020

Last week felt long. For most of the week I was house bound with a very sick Cullen. Days and nights were a fog of high fevers, sleeplessness, trying to get him to drink fluids and administering the necessary medicines. But we got there. By the end of the week he was fighting fit and back to his usual self. I on the other hand am drained from fighting in the illness trenches, but also glad to have survived. But a  few early nights and I should bounce back too (she said, her fingers crossed in hope).

Anyway, before the virus came to stay, on a random sunny day, amongst the many many rainy days we’ve had, the boys got to enjoy a very enjoyable afternoon hiking some local trails with their friends.

They came with backpacks and equipment, ready to take on our hike.

Binoculars, to scout out any local monsters.

Hiking buddies.

Logan, with the help of his magnifying glass, found a rare’ish leaf.

Map checking, to make sure we’re headed the right way.

3 little cuties.

Keane and his friend Luke.

Walkie talkies in hand, least we get separated from each other.

Looking for monster eggs.

The gangs all here.

Ashton is loaded down with the essentials like, binoculars, walkie talkie, nerf gun and of course a shark toy.

No monster found, so onwards we go.

The river. Bound to find lots of river monsters here.

Keane taking a rock sitting break.

Back on the trail.

Its always a good time when theres water involved.

All done with the river play.

A post play snack & a group shot before the hike back home.

Camping World

January 19, 2020

So this was something I was planning on posting long before now. Our Christmas gift to ourselves. This Christmas we randomly and spontaneously treated the family to a camper van. Yes, a camper. Life is about to get a lot more interesting.

One evening about a week or so before Christmas, The Husband and I were chatting about camper vans. Fantasizing about the places we could go, how much the kids would love it and how nice it would be to have some of comforts of home, while enjoying the great outdoors. Well, the next thing you know my spontaneous husband left the house to go watch a football game, but came back later that evening, towing a brand new camper. The boys of course were beyond excited. Demanding to sleep in it that very night. We managed to convince them not to, by promising them we would take it for a test camp over the weekend. And so that Saturday, 5 days before Christmas, cos I mean, who dosen’t have a million and one things to do, 5 days before Christmas, we took the camper on a mini adventure, about an hour from our house to “Jelly Stone Camp Ground”. Yep, Yogi Bear style camping.

And there is Yogi himself. Tall and proud, waving us in.

And here is the camper.

The boys love it.

Cullen living his best camper life.

Keane helping Daddy get the electricity hooked up, the water connected and the welcome mat set up.

Cullen having a little trouble mastering the door. Kept locking himself out.

Dexter (on the right) came along too of course. And the golden boy on the left, is Apollo. We were dog sitting Apollo for a friend.

Doing a little camp ground exploring.

There was a resident turtle.

Who was a bit too shy to come out and say “hi”.

Enjoying a game of Yogi’s mini golf.

And of course it wouldn’t be camping without a fire and some roasted marshmallows.

All The Fun of The Break

January 12, 2020

Something new we tried with the boys over the Christmas break, golf. Well, a version of golf. The fun part, where you just get to lash at the ball. Not a lot of rules or restrictions to follow. Which was right up the boys street. And bonus, you get to do it from the comfort of a seated and heated balcony area. Added bonus, you can order food and drinks to enjoy while you play. I mean, what more does an adventure with friends need? Even the momma’s got to play. Albeit, badly. But we were just there to supervise the boys and drink, I mean, eat.

Oh yeah, Bryson is ready to get this game started.

Cullen taking it all in.

Bryson first to strike. Basically, the objective is to hit the ball aiming at one of approximately 10 flags, all at various distances within a protected area. You get points for each ball you get in the hole. Simple.

The spectators.

Powder swing.

Next up, Keane.

And Cullen, with a very unique way of activating the sensor that releases the next ball. By sitting on it.

And voila, the next ball.

The grumpy face told me that someone needed help. So Cullen and I teamed up to help him master his swing.

Keane & Bryson watch us in wonder.

Aisha needed a few tips on her swing from Bryson.

Keeping an eye on the score board.

Another one of our Christmas break adventures was our annual trip to Snow Mountain. But this year we did it a little different. We went nighttime tubing. The boys all suited up ready for some tubing fun in the fake snow.

The ride to the top can be a long one. Cullen decided to take the sitting down approach and let me do all the heavy pulling and dragging.

Cullen and I before getting launched down the snow hill.

Keane and Bryson before launch.

4 out of 5 of us were very excited for our group tube drop.

Christmas Morning

January 5, 2020

We made it through the festive season. The last 2 weeks have been packed full of eating, gift giving, adventure and lots of time spent living our best lives and making memories with family and friends. Today the kids return to school and I can finally take a breath, tackle the house and get it back into some kind of law and order. And maybe, just maybe it has a hope of staying that way for more than 10 mins. I can also take a second to sit down, upload and go through some of the photos I captured over the past 2 weeks. I know I already shared the Christmas prep, so lets have a look at some from Christmas morning.

Somewhere around 6.30am. The sun is not even up, but we are, cos “Santa Came!!”

So many gifts, so much opening to be done.

Keane got Cullen a giant shark.

And he LOVED it.

Boston got some little kitty cat gifts, but he preferred to play with the wrapping paper.

A big Pikachu for the win.

Big and heavy, it must be good.

The unwrapping carnage.

Games for his new Nintendo.

Can’t remember what this was, but Cullen liked it.

Boston still enjoying the paper.


Time to look in the stockings.

The sun is finally coming up. We are done opening gifts. Now its time to play with everything.

Keane tries to get Boston to play with one of his cat toys.

Lego building.

Firing up the DS.

Team work.

And the boat is almost complete.

Trying out some of the outdoor toys.

Hands up my ’80’s friends who remember the “Lolo Ball”

Cullen in full on creative zone.

It only took Keane a few minutes to master his hover board. Its taking me a lot longer.

Hovering well into the evening.

Boston and Cullen are worn out from a very full and exciting day. Its chill time.