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November 11, 2019

Disappeared to Texas for the weekend to visit a good friend. Nothing like spending time with someone you’ve known since you were 11 yrs old and she, 9 yrs old. Always so much to laugh about, chat about and reminisce about. The Husband held it all down on the home front in my absence. Lots of manlike adventures with the boys. And I did my best to relinquish control and keep the texts to The Husband  to a minimum.

In the spirit of switching off and enjoying the time away, I decided not to bring my camera. But Caitriona’s (my friend) husband grabbed a few lovely little memories on our Sunday morning group hike.

From the left: Me, Caitriona (bestie), Aileen (Caitriona’s bestie), Roisin (Caitriona’s little girl) and Ronan (Caitriona’s little boy). Oh and Alfie the dog.

Caitriona and I having the chats. And beneath that, me taking a walk in the very cold pond.

Master hiker Ronan. Below, Aileen, Ronan and Roisin skipping rocks.

Managed to get Paul (Caitriona’s hubby) in the group shot. Photo credit goes to a complete stranger.

Night At The Museum

November 6, 2019

The weekend before Halloween, one of the boys favorite museums was having a Nighttime Trick-or-Treat party. And given that the weather was complete shit this particular day, and with no other plan to speak of, we decided last minute to grab our costumes, grab some friends and head off to Trick-or-Treat with the dinosaurs.

A quick change into our costumes in the car park when we arrived. Doing our best to shelter from the never ending downpour. And since we were headed into a dinosaur museum, Keane wanted to bust out one of his old dinosaur costumes for the party.

The gathered crowd was impressed with our inflatable dinosaur friend. And also very interested in seeing how he would dismount from the car.

Cullen wanted to wear his shark costume of course. And his little friend Ashton was Mr. Potato Head.

Just a couple of reptiles, a dinosaur and a turtle, off to party at the museum.

Keane & Henry.

A gathering crowd of trick-or-treaters waiting patiently in the rain.

Group shot!

Once inside our little inflatable dinosaur met 2 very big inflatable dinos

Hi-5’s for prehistoric creatures everywhere.

The museum exhibits were in total darkness. The boys were given small flashlights to walk around and view the displays. Very creepy, but very cool.

Hard to see but our little trick-or-treaters are there with their flashlights.

The mighty megalodon jaws.

Cullen was drawn to the sea creature wall.

Keane busy measuring things with a giant measuring tape.

After a lot of fun crafting and eating plenty of sweet treats, it was time for these tired trick-or-treaters to head home.

Halloween 2019

November 1, 2019

One of their absolute favorite days of the year. Like, October could not get to its final day quick enough for them. They went from counting weeks, to days, to hours, until it was finally time to get into our costumes and get this Halloween Show on the road. Just like last year we were a family divided when it came to our costumes. Cullen and I teamed up to represent the world of sharks. I was a hammerhead and Cullen, a great white. Keane and Daddy went all “How to Train Your Dragon”, Keane as Toothless and Daddy, as the husky viking, Gobber.

After grabbing a quick family photo, we headed to our good friend Bryson’s house for a pre-Trick-or-Treat Party. Then we hit the neighbourhood where doors were knocked on. Candy was gotten and we all stayed up way too late riding our sugar high. So all around a highly successful, highly enjoyable 2019 Halloween.

Always have to make sure and get that family pic.

A little Halloween crafting at Bryson’s house. While inside Cullen was burning up in his costume, but he refused to take it off.

Bryson and Keane took off their costume until it was time to go trick-or-treating.

Show time! Costumes on and group shoot before we hit the streets.

Halloween Besties.

Cullen is ready for some candy.

Bryson rocking his praying mantis costume.

One shark, one dragon and one mantis.

Let the candy gathering begin!

We bumped into this completely terrifying, murderous looking clown. All the kids had a completely different reaction to him.

Keane just stared.

Bryson refused to make eye-contact with him.

Cullen gave him a wave and a hi-five and wished him “Happy Halloween”.

The decorations on some of these houses were amazing.

This curious witch made everyone pause for a moment.

Digging for the best candy.

The darker it got, the harder it was getting to see Keane. If it wasn’t for his orange handed trick-or-treat bag, I would never have spotted him.

When a praying mantis, meets an inflatable praying mantis.

After a long night trick-or-treating, we went back to Bryson’s for some Halloween cake.