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Back On Track

October 3, 2019

And the catch up is happening. Finally, day 2 photos of our cousins trip to the lake. With the boys back in school this week, things were a little more productive up in these here parts. Some sh*t got done and I’m beginning to feel a little less battered. I still haven’t managed to get through the first episode of “Peaky Blinders”. I just keep falling asleep. Suppose the fact that I start trying to watch somewhere around 10pm, tucked up in my cozy bed, doesn’t really help with the effort of staying awake. But its the only part of the day when I get the opportunity to watch anything. Sure we’ll keep trying. One of these nights I’ll surely manage to get through episode 1.

Bright and early on day 2. Cos none of these kids know what a sleep in is, we’re up and out and ready for some tubing.

“Hi Keane”.

Cullen and James.

A lot of discussions around how fast everyone does or doesn’t want the tube to go.

James, Keane and Paul wanted a fast tubing experience, Cullen a more moderate speed. So the fast boys go first.

Cullen enjoys watching the boys get tossed around.

A bold move by Paul to “surf” the tube.

Which resulted in a overboard situation.

Time for all 4.

Cullen and I are abandoned in the middle of the lake, while the rest of the lads head off for another round of tubing.

“Bye fellas”.

We dropped anchor for a while, to enjoy a splash around. Thats Keane taking a dive.

Dinara thinks trying to push your child underwater is pure comedy.

Captain James drives us back to dock.

The group shot.