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Doing The Pumpkin Prep Work.

October 29, 2019

Halloween prep in full swing. The pumpkins are getting carved and the boys are counting down to Thursday. No surprises at what Cullen wanted carved on his pumpkin. But before we carve, we must gut.

The guts of a pumpkin never fail to surprise and gross them out.

A shark for Cullen’s pumpkin. Oh and that cute little kitty on the right, is the newest addition to the family. I’ll introduce the little fella soon.

Keane getting stuck into his pumpkin project.

More guts.

Through the magic of Google, I found these pumpkin stencils online and printed them off to make our craving lives easier.

Lots of deep thoughts and important pumpkin decisions to be made.

Working the lines.

Keane went with a “How to Train your Dragon” pumpkin. Carving himself a little Toothless.

The focus is real.

The curious cat.

Cullen making great strides with his. I may have helped a little, but he was adamant that I not do the fins. Only he alone be responsible for the carving of the fins.

Ta-Dah! Cullen’s is done. Keane’s still a work in progress. But we’ll make sure its ready for the big night.

And on the Eve of Halloween, the pumpkins are done.

Tis The Season For Lacrosse

October 23, 2019

This is the final week of Fall lacrosse for Keane. And its been a busy one. The team practices 2 evenings each week and has a game, sometimes 2, every weekend. ¬†Thats a big commitment for a team of 6 and 7 yr olds, at least in my opinion. Not to mention a big commitment for the team Momma’s who juggle many, many, many balls which may include dinner dining in the car en route to practice cos the end of your youngest’s art class, cuts it very close to lacrosse practice time. Yes, the whole dog and pony show hits the road several evenings a week. And while your head spins trying to remember all of the bits each of your children will need for all of their post school activities, you inevitably end up forgetting something and the child/owner of the forgotten something, has the nerve to act like their life is over and you as their mother, are nothing but a failure and a constant disappointment. I mean I should have known it was the his new “defense type Beyblade” he wanted to show his teammate and not the “explosive attack mode Beyblade”. And if you didn’t know what Beybades are, then you’re not a mother of boys aged between 5 – 8 yrs old. Anyway, passive aggressive mom vent done, lets get to some action shots of Keane on the lacrosse field this season.

Game day. Armed and ready.

A little help from Daddy to gear up.

Keane is ready to rock. Cullen is wondering if its over yet, before it even starts.

Time for the fans to take their place on the sidelines. Cullen and his friend Nash arrive with their own sideline entertainment.

When the sun is too glarey, you build yourself a cover.

Pre-game team huddle.

Keane gets some last minute instructions.

Playing defense, Keane is no. 15, far right.

Game on!

Keane in the centre.

In full defense mode.

Up for the catch.

The clash.

And the tumble.

Time out. Keane in the centre.

Keane no.15.

Keane giving the ref a slight side eye.

End of the game, and its a win for The Hawks! Final score 2-1

High-5’s for the teams.

A team of sweaty winners.

Hydration time.

Victory cheer.

Team photo.

Some photos from The Hawks Game 2.

Team warm up drills.

Cullen and his sideline buddy, Nash set up with some toys.

Pre-game team talk.

Cullen and Nash engage in a wrestling game to pass the time.

Focus on solving a rubiks cube.

Here we go!

Keane is in for the game tip off.

The Hawks score.

It was the only goal the Hawks scored at this game.

Cheeky little glance back to make sure we’re watching.

Cullen & Nash, not really paying the game much attention.

Keane (no.15) up for the catch.

End of game and sadly this was a loss for the Hawks.

Getting in line for the team High-5’s.

Pep-talk from coach to help try and lift the spirits from the loss.

Team cheer!

1 sweaty boy.

Cullen wondering where the post games snacks are?


October 21, 2019

We’re almost at the end of the Fall lacrosse season. Was planning on putting up some photos from a couple of Keane’s lacrosse games this evening, but his practice ran later than usual tonight, so I’ll have to get to that tomorrow evening instead. Until then, here is a photo of Keane’s team, The Hawks, after their first game victory.

Pumpkin Pickin 2019

October 14, 2019

Its Pumpkin Season!! The boys have only been enquiring since the summer as to when we’d be going to the pumpkin farm again. And when you starting making pumpkin enquiries in June, well, October can start to feel like it might never come around. But it finally did. Saturday afternoon a tribe of us mommas and all of our kids (8 boys and 1 girl) hit the pumpkin patch hard.

Can’t hit up a pumpkin farm without a wagon to transport your pumpkins.

Cullen is straight into the pumpkin picking.

While Keane is straight into the wagon.

In the absence of a wagon engine, Keane’s friend Luke provides the push power.

Ambitious choice of pumpkin by the big boys.

Still strugglin.

Good idea, something a little more manageable.

Keane in powerhouse mode.

And its in!

Luke doesn’t want to give up on the monster pumpkin.

A break from the pumpkins to play around with the duck pumps.

Ashton, Henry, Cullen and our little friend Julian there at the end.

Julian doing his best to get a look at whats going on.

Cullen and Henry getting maximum fun out of these ducks.


Keane’s got his hands on all the ducks.

Just a couple of dudes making their way to the roly-poly’s.

The roly-poly’s, always a crowd favorite.

Cullen & Henry.

A bit of a roly-poly collision.


More crashing.

Keane & Luke getting an injection of speed from Cullen & Henry.


2 youngest members of group, the twins and their first go in the roly-poly.

Ashton living his best roly-poly life.

Pause for fun snap.

Entering the flower maze.

Logan in a mad rush to find his way to the centre.

Ashton & Keane close behind.

Here comes Cullen.

And not forgetting little Julian.

As the eldest of the group, Keane feels like he’s the one to get everyone to the centre.

The rest are happy to follow the new leader.

Bingo! We made it to the centre.

Making a few new friends around the farm.

Pumpkin checkers.

The face on Ashton, whatever’s happening, he is not one bit impressed.

A tower of tiny pumpkins compliments of Keane.

Back to the pumpkins, with one of the twins, Eoghan.

And his twin sister Verity, helping Cullen make some tough pumpkin choices.

Its good to rest a minute, especially when there’s some hard decisions to be made.

Cullen is a fan of the smaller pumpkins.

This wagon is starting to fill up.

Julian wanted zero help with the wagon pushing.

And break for ice-cream.

Tube slide time.

Time to go, but not before we grab a few more pumpkins for the road.

Choosing some of the more unique looking pumpkins.

One very full wagon and 2 very happy boys.

Team Momma

October 8, 2019

In previous years our Fall break would consist of The Husband and I taking a trip or going on a little camping adventure together with the kids. Our last opportunity to enjoy the good weather before the unpredictability of winter starts to roll in. This year everything got turned on its head. The World Track & Field Championships were a whole month later than previous years, which meant The Husband was out of the country for the entire duration of Fall break. So it was left up to this Momma to find ways to entertain and occupy her beloved children for 11 full days. Yes, 11 days. To make things even more challenging, most of our friends, who’s husband or significant others weren’t attending the World Track & Field Championships, all had their own plans to head out of town on their own Fall Break Family adventures. But as luck with have it, one good friend, one, also had a husband who was away on business for the first half of the week. So we teamed up and planned a 3 day trip to the small mountain town of Helen, GA. 2 Mommas working together to make a Fall break for 4 little boys, fun.

Post breakfast on Day 1 and we were off on a hike to Anna Ruby Falls.

Cullen, with a face full of determination, is very serious about getting to these falls.

Hot on his heels, his good friend Ashton.

Bringing up the rear, Keane, little Julian and my good friend Cassie.

Pause for discussion and some observations.

Keane alternated between surging ahead and lagging behind. His pacing skills are completely random and inconsistent.

The river is looking wild. Must be getting closer to the falls.

We definitely hear the sound of rushing water.

Bingo! Anna Ruby Falls.

Boys were very impressed.

Group shot!

The rocks are our playground. Climbing…..

…and sliding.

Rest stop on the hike back.

Hey there Julian.

Boys found a rock pool they wanted to stop and fish in.

Later that day we went gem stone mining.

Panning for the rocks that will make us rich.

Keane believes he’s found something special.

Julian with a little help from his Mom.

Busy, busy.

The cabin we stayed at had a hot tub. So guess where we spent the evening??

The following morning was spent at the Unicoi State Park beach.

After the beach we took the boys to ride the Mountain coaster. 1 person is this photo appears to be more excited than Cullen about our ride to the top and back down the mountain.

After Cullen’s and my safe return back down, it was time for Keane and I to take on the mountain. Then Cassie & Ashton.

Nothing quite like a carriage ride to let the world know your a tourist.