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Packing Frenzy

July 18, 2019

This blog post will be less chat and more photos. The reason being I’m in a last minute packing frenzy. Tonight we fly to Ireland, YAY! Very excited to hit the homeland and spend the next 2 weeks hanging with the family and catching up with friends. And taking a break from the grueling Atlanta heat. We’ve packed a variety of clothes, cos Ireland in the summer, is very unpredictable. But we’re ready for it. See you all in 2 weeks.

Beach, beach and more beach. Maximizing our few days at The Cape with plenty of beach time.

I didn’t think he’d do it, but there goes Keane.

And a rare few photos of myself with my kids.

Cullen is not much of a hugger, but when he does opt to hug, he’s all in.

Happy beach vibes.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to bury both of the boys.

Not sure what exactly James and Keane are up to.

James says its not cold, but his face tells a different story.

Castle building right next to the ocean. This could end up a muddy mess.

Yep there it is. Can’t stop mother nature.

Keane in the midst of a big dig.

A hole almost big enough for all 4 Doyle boys.

Our final day at The Cape and it was all about the arts and crafts. Cullen and James get busy drawing over lunch.

Paul & Keane are wearing all the hats and catching up on some reading.

Cos life at the beach can be all kinds of stressful, so Uncle Jack gives Keane a massage.

Back in the creative zone.

Keane has something he wants to draw too.

Aunt Anne and Cullen are deep into a sticker project.

Paul & James are testing my knowledge for a very special quiz.

More reading.

Tablet time and more snacks.

Our last day was overcast, but it didn’t stop us hitting the beach one last time.

A sandcastle and moat in full construction.

Cullen was asked to bring buckets of sea water. You can tell by his face that he hated this job.

Paul is the chief castle builder.

Cullen adds the finishing touches.

Looking good boys.


Paul and Cullen are working on a sand shark.

And of course someone had to get buried one last time.

Annual Beach Gathering

July 15, 2019

Only about 2 weeks later than promised, but here we go with some beach time fun with cousins at what has become a bit of an annual gathering at our Uncle Jack & Aunt Anne’s home on Cape Cod. Visiting Jack & Anne, who are always gracious enough to let our crew of Doyle Boys completely takeover their usually calm and peaceful home, is always a summer highlight. We look forward to it every year, especially the momma’s cos not only do Jack & Anne cater to the boys, but they also make sure to the wine cellar is fully stocked. Cos a day at the beach and time spent hunting for crabs and other ocean creatures with 4 energetic boys, can be thirsty work for the momma’s. So nothing like an evening of wine and adult conversation to relax at the end of a long beach day.

Less than an hour after our arrival and we’ve already hit the beach.

The water feels good.

Uncle Jack and half the Doyle Boy crew.

James & Cullen on the hunt for sea creatures.


Keane busy digging his own sand grave.

Buried alive.

Free from the sand and time to body board.

Trying a little stand up action.

Back to beach base.

The next morning, bright and early, we’ve grabbed our trap essentials and we’re heading to the dock to catch some crabs and more.

Cullen found another use for the nets.

The short walk from Jack & Anne’s down to the dock.

Scouting for the best hunting spot.

Cullen the trap carrier.

Paul & James get one of the traps set up.

A few minutes later we have our first catch.

2 little crabs.

Keane’s set the bait and about to release the trap.

James has some moon jelly.

Keane also with a catch of moon jelly.

Our bucket is filling up with living things.

Spotted, 2 big fish skeletons.

At the end of the hunting expedition, its time to release our catches back to their home.

But no sooner had the boys released their bucket full of captured creatures, and they’re off hunting again.

And eventually found this big fella.

I’m not skipping the rest of the photos from our trip to Massachusetts, I’m just skipping ahead for a brief minute to share some photos from our 4th of July Party! Then it will be back to all things Massachusetts.

We didn’t originally plan to have an Independence Day party. It just kind of manifested itself. The Husband had a bunch of athletes who were in town for a competition, and a few of my mom friends mentioned they were planning to stay in town for the holiday weekend but with no real plan for how they were going to celebrate the 4th. Soooo, next thing you know, WE’RE HAVING A PARTY!!! Everything was a bit last minute, but with a big team effort from all the moms, multiple runs to the wholesale store for all the bulk purchases and the hunt to find a waterslide at short notice, (weather was predicted to be close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, thats about 37 degrees celsius. So water based fun was of the utmost) we managed to pull it off. Lots of photos to share of course.




Our friend Luke.



Bryson as a human bridge, Keane for the slide under.

Lots of reckless fun.

A paddle pool for the littles, but of course the big boys were up for a dip too.

Its not a summer party without water balloons.

Poor Cassie, balloon attack.

Little Julian, no interest in a balloon fight. Perfectly happy paddling solo.

Logan with a new weapon of choice.

Back to the water slide and now the grown ups are in full participation mode.

Daddy & Keane.

Momma & Cullen.

Daddy with a belly slide.

Our friend Brad.

Little kids in grown up bodies.

A gathering of spectators who were also waterslide participators.

Can always count on the man/boys to take it to the next level.

Monkey see monkey do. Cullen & Luke.

Momma & Keane.

Daddy & Cullen.

Bubbles! Everyone loves bubbles.

Dry and relaxed getting ready for some fireworks.

Almost night time. Time for our own little fireworks show.

From fireworks to fire pit, complete with s’mores and sparklers. The best way to end the best day.

Catching Up

July 7, 2019

Theres just no catching up these days. Yes, I’m very behind on blog posts. Lots to share but alas, zero time to sit down and actually do the sharing. For good reason though. We’ve been living our best lives packing in a lot of summertime fun with family and friends. But I’m going to make a big effort this week to get caught up. Promise.

While I do that, here we are, watching fireworks with a group of our good friends who we had over to celebrate the 4th of July.


July 2, 2019

Kicked off our trip to Massachusetts by supporting our big cousins Paul & James in their basketball tournament. Keane & Cullen were off to a great start. They were excited, focused and cheered loudly as they tracked their cousins movements around the court. Until sitting in one sport, focusing on one thing became too hard. Luckily the basketball courts were next to a playground. So lots of back and forth between the playground and the courts, not to mention an endless supply of snacks, and you have what you need to help your littles get through any long event.

Big cousin Paul (centre in grey) with his team.

Game time!

2 of Paul’s biggest fans court side, with snacks of course.

Mad skills from Paul.

An overhead drone has grabbed the fans attention.

Breaking into the playground.

You never outgrow a sea-saw.

Boys working on their music making skills.

Back out to support James in one of his games.

Checking out the winners hardware with Pa.

Its been a long day, and Cullen can’t hide it. The struggle is real.

James team were the eventual winners in their age group. Go Team James!

All the participating teams.