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June 30, 2019

We’re back! But I’m no where near ready to share photos. For now just know that we had a great time. The kids always enjoy getting to see and spend time with their cousins. Visual evidence to support that statement will follow shortly. For now, here are the 4 Doyle boys enjoying some beach time.

Summer Liberation

June 21, 2019

We’re disappearing for a few days. Headed to Boston to see the cousins. They just got their summer break from school this week, so we’re flying in to help them kick off their 2 months of educational liberation. We’ll be back for the chats and photo sharing next week. Until then, please enjoy a shot of the 4 Doyle boys from last summer.

The Creative Zone

June 18, 2019

When you’re not at the pool with your friends or at summer camp or bike riding or hiking and exploring. When you’re just having a lazy summer morning at home, working on your needle point and drawing. Last week we had such a morning. I have 2 boys who never sleep in. Ever! No matter what time they go to bed. Be it an early to bed night or a late to bed night, they still wake up in the 6.00am- 6.30am window. They’re just grumpier at that hour if it was a late to bed night. Anyway, last week not long after the sun rose, the boys rose, in a happy mood and full on creativity mode. Keane out of nowhere decided he wanted to make a t-shirt from scratch for one of his teddies. Cullen wanted to get his hands on all the crayons, markers and pencils and sketch himself lots of shark based pictures. And so they did.

Keane’s got all his sewing tools and his teddy and he is ready to get this t-shirt sweat shop started.

First we “borrow” one of momma’s old t-shirts and we measure.

Then we get and note teddy’s measurements.

Then we cut and begin to stitch.

Meanwhile, over at the kitchen table, Cullen has gathered all of the paper and all of the art supplies and is ready to draw.

Drawing is Cullen’s happy place. Every day he could spend a little or a lot of time drawing and coloring.

Mostly sharks and sea based creatures.

Stitching done and its time for teddy’s try on.

A few finishing touches.

Ta-Dah! Teddy rocking an original t-shirt by designer and craftsman Keane Doyle.

Heart Broken

June 13, 2019

We’re all dealing with a little heart break this week. Our first fur baby, Fintan, passed away last weekend. Fintan was just over 11 yrs old and hadn’t been doing well the past month. He’d stopped eating and drinking. We were back and forth to the vet trying to figure out what might be going on. Eventually it was discovered he had cancer, a pretty aggressive type and kidney disease. He was suffering but he was trying so hard to hold on.

The Husband and I got Fintan a year after we were married. The Husband was a big cat person, I’d never had pets growing up, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t a cat person. Then we adopted little Fintan from the local shelter. He was 6 months old and within minutes of getting home, I discovered I was not just a cat person, but an animal person. Fintan was a cat with a huge personality and he quickly became the center of my small world. Over the years we’ve adopted and fostered many dogs, and every dog that came into the house, knew immediately who was running the show. Being dogs of course they would see the cat and instantly get overly excited and tear off in pursuit. But they would only ever do this once. Fintan was a cat that took no shit from dogs. He was small, but he was fierce. He used the power of his hisss and his razor blade claws to let these dogs know that after me, he was the next most dominant bitch in the house. The dogs would never harass him again and Fintan would even go on to use them as his own personal scratch post. Rubbing up against the dogs to satisfy an itchy ear. Thats how bad ass my cat was. It was the toughest decision in the world to let him go. But it was the right decision. We all miss you little Fintan.

When we started adding human babies to the family, Fintan wasn’t a big fan. They were loud and random and brought unpredictable chaos. But his relationship with the boys got better as they go older. I managed to get a few photos of the boys with their eldest furry brother a few hours before he passed.

Cullen, always with the emotional response least appropriate for a situation. Gotta love him.

Cullen has some deep thoughts going on about kitty cat heaven.

Poor sick kitty.

Time appears to have its foot on the accelerator, the birthdays seem to come around faster and faster each year. Today my eldest baby is 7 yrs old. 7! How? At 7 Keane’s world is all about friends, adventure, he’s constantly looking for the next adventure and always hungry to try new things. His sense of humor is mostly based around fart jokes and I keep thinking its just a phase he’ll eventually mature out of. Then I look at his Dad, who still cracks himself up over a good fart joke and I know, this phase will NEVER end. He likes to ask the hard questions, challenging my intellect and ability to explain on the daily. Thank goodness for Google, Alexa and Siri. Debating is also a newly acquired skill. Debating with us on just about everything. Deep breathes and working on staying patient are some of the skills I’ve been forced to work on this past year also. Fairness, what is and isn’t, has featured a lot in our lives recently too. Especially when it comes to his little brother. Speaking of his brother, wrestling, dragging, sitting on and pushing is how they interact these days. Its so bizarre to watch. But apparently this is how boys are. It makes no sense to my girl brain, but hey, you boys, do you.  We’ve transitioned out of the dinosaur phase, and now Keane is into all things dragon. “How to train your Dragon” books, movies and toys have taken over in a way his dinosaurs use to. Nothing is ever dull, or boring. Everything in life is better cos of Keane (and his brother of course, this post just happens to be about the birthday boy). Happy 7th Birthday Keane-Bean!

Due to Daddy’s work schedule, we celebrated Keane’s birthday a few days early this year. With an amazing day out for him and his friends at an Aqua Park.

Life jackets.

The Birthday Boy!

Cullen with his bestie, Henry.

Group shot!

The focus is real as they listen to the rules of the park.

Rules done and they are into the water and headed for some aqua fun.

Cullen with a little Daddy support.

So many inflatables. So much slippery fun.

Slides never disappoint.

The cautious Cullen.

Bryson’s turn on the slide.

Luke on the trampoline.

Bryson taking a walk across the slippery beam.

And down he goes!

Our friend Eli and Cullen.

Keane in awe of the gaint hamster wheel.

Giving it his best hamster.

Bryson and Henry take on the dome.

Cullen trying to stay balanced across the unstable bridge.

Cullen thinking about taking on the hamster wheel. But just as quickly changed his mind.


Through the inflatable tunnel.

Cullen watching as his friend Henry takes on the hamster wheel.

There’s Henry in the wheel.

Only one way down from the top of this dome.


More slides.

Look who was able to put her camera down for a few minutes to get in on the fun, Me! Thanks Joe for grabbing these next few shots.

Me, taking on the beam.

And I almost made it. Slipped right at the end.

Daddy made it across safely.

Inflatable fun over, time to eat.

While they wait for the pizza to arrive, the boys watch some professional wake-boarders in action.


Pizza’s here!

Post pizza and its cake time. Keane’s “How to train your Dragon” birthday cake.

He wanted to put his own candles on.

It took a few attempts to light the candles, a slight wind made it a challenge, but we got there.

The crowd waits patiently.

Birthday song done, time to blow.

We all love cake.

After pizza and cake, it was time for wake-boarding lessons. First up, the birthday boy.

The instructor, doing some good instructing.

Time to give it a go.

It took a couple of attempts, but eventually, Keane nailed it.

7 years old and looking like a real pro.

Henry and Cullen giving some sideline support.

Look at that proud little face. Well done Keaney. Now he’s found a new favorite sport.

Bryson was up next.

He did really good too.

Keane’s friend Noah also did amazing.

Keane hanging with the youngest party goer.

Henry was a little nervous, so the instructor went along for the ride.

All the kids playing happily in the lake as they wait for their turn to wake-board.

Ending out a great birthday with some coloring.