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The Snow, Was A No-Show

January 31, 2019

The weather this week has been all over the place. Tuesday the boys were given a “Snow Day” cos all weekend long and into Monday the weather reports were preparing us for the mother of all snow falls. I did a massive food shop Monday evening just in case we were house bound for several days, nobody would starve. The boys were beyond giddy when I picked them up from school Monday afternoon. The teachers had informed them that snow was on the way and before bedtime that night, they had the snow clothes, the snow boots, the hats and gloves ready to go. But guess what? The fecking snow, was a no-show. Not a flake in sight. All day we watched and waited. Busying ourselves with board games, play dough making and constructing caves out of blankets. We refreshed the weather app several times, willing the mother of all snow falls to show herself, but eventually we had to concede. Snow was not coming. Not this day or any day for the rest of the week. So we headed off to the gym to run wild on all the gym equipment.

But look at this, a couple of weekends ago there we were, enjoying a warmish sunny day at the lake. Taking our Rocket Fishing Rods that Grandma got the boys for Christmas for a test drive.

These rods are like fishing weapons. You load the hook and fishing line, then you shoot.

Trying to improve their fish catching chances by setting up on the dock.

Patiently waiting.

Cullen is momentarily distracted, checking out his leg tan.

Nothing happening on the dock, so we decide to take the boat out.

Dexter basking in the warm sun and water breeze.

We didn’t end up catching any fish, but we had a lot of fun trying.

Up The Walls & Up All Night

January 27, 2019

What I don’t recommend you do on a Saturday night when your kids are gone to bed and your husband is out of town, is watch “The Ted Bundy Tapes” on Netflix. I, like the next person, love a good serial killer documentary, but this Ted Bundy guy is a whole other level of serial killer and a whole other level of creepy AF. 3 episodes in, it was after midnight, I was officially terrified and my mind was racing. I was convinced my house was surrounded by stalkers, just waiting for me to fall asleep. Well guess what stalkers? You have a long wait cos I’m scared enough that I absolutely will NOT be sleeping, not tonight. I’ll be spending my night on edge, jumping at every little noise, planning my self defense moves and the escape routes for me and the kids. I’ve no plans to stop watching by the way. This is some good serial killer TV. I’ll just be doing it with The Husband here so I can keep him awake with my terrified notions and clue him in on the plan should Ted Bundy bust out of death row and show up anywhere near our property.

On a less dramatic note, but on a day when the weather was all kinds of drama, cold, wet and icy, we met up with our friend Bryson at the rock climbing gym.

I’m not kidding when I tell you Keane and Bryson were on an endless loop of climbing up and down this wall. It never seemed to stop being fun and their energy never seemed to run out.

Of course the rappel down was the biggest thrill.

Cullen went with the free climb for a while.

While Cullen summited the gym dinosaur, Keane and Bryson continued on their wall climbing loop.

Trying out the dino slide.

But obviously slides are more fun when everyone is packed in.

Now everyone is on the free climb.

Deep breaths…

…and jump!

A lot of this running around and trying to take each other out going on.

Cullen is strapped in and ready to give this wall a go.

Some climbing tips from Bryson.

And off he goes.

Also a big fan of the rappel down and a big brother on hand to make sure your landing is a safe one.

Eventually got Keane and Bryson to climb a different wall.

The last day in Ireland we met up with our cousins for an into the wild adventure. And by adventure, I just mean a forest walk. But when you’re a kid, the simplest things can end up being the biggest adventures. Thats their super power.

The repeat efforts to get a group shot of all the cousins.

Cullen is a big fan of maps. Loves to figure out where we are, and where we’re headed.

Despite the fact that there was a perfectly good opening at the left end of the gate, Cullen was determined to do things his own way.

Keane is thinking about it, but ultimately decided that this was not the perfect tree trunk to walk across.

This wonderful tree, with a rope swing.

Yep, I was nervous and couldn’t stop telling Keane not to let go. But you know, in a very calm tone. Breezy, like I wasn’t internally freaking out.

Evan and Emily playing catch-up.

The perfect tree trunk for walking on.

A lesson on all things trees going on here perhaps??

Nathan, chilling.

Whatever the chat is here, it looks serious.

On the run.

Off the beaten trail.

Nathan is up to something.

Boo! And he’s not alone.

You never know the type of character you could meet in the forest.

Emily believes if she stays very still, the shooters will not see her. Looks like she might be right.

Cullen had a preference for medieval weaponry.

Rest and regroup.

A tree that might also be the home of some leprechauns.

The boys investigate.

Like a bunch of ants on a dirt hill.

Evan on a minor rescue mission to stop Cullen sliding off the hill.

Keane’s got himself in a bit of a situation.

Never fear, he’s got it figured out.

Ah yes, brothers.

We’d planned an easy 1 mile walk, got a bit lost and ended up covering 3 miles of forest trail. Which is why Nathan needed a shoulder ride from Daddy.

And is also why we had to stop to refuel, aka, snack.

Secret chats.

A Lovely Day

January 17, 2019

When the child of your bestie, is now the bestie of your kids, well, thats the bestie. Cos lets be honest, even if they didn’t get along, they’d have to figure it out. Us Mommas have been best friends longer than these kids have been alive. Long before we were even Mommas. And we’re not planning on breaking up any time soon. So y’all kids better learn to like each other. Luckily they do, and over the Christmas we made sure to take a day trip down to Cork so all us friends could spend a lovely day catching up on each other lives (the mommas), crafting and exploring Fountainstown beach (the kids).

While the mommas chatted over cups of tea, the kids got stuck into the arts and crafts.

Messy art projects are the best kind of projects.

Plate painting by Keane.

Napkin painting by Cullen and Dafne.

Inside jokes.

After lunch, despite the rain and the fog, we hit the beach.

Little beach explorers.

Cullen & Dafne combing the rock pools for some ocean life.

The boys search for rock tunnels.

While the ladies take Dafne’s T-Rex for a splash.

T-Rex living his best rock pool life.

Dafne had her T-Rex, Cullen had his shark.

Beach bums.

Burying your T-Rex takes teamwork.

One dirty dino.

Still on the rocks, Keane and Pikachu.

Women on a mission strut.

Cave hunters are on the move.

Spot the Keane in this photo.

Final splash around before we take our cold, wet selves back to the warmth of the house.

Ending the day with a movie.

All Things Santa

January 13, 2019

Kickin it back in time to OMG! 3 weeks ago! Has it really been 3 weeks since Christmas? I’ve heard it said that January is a slow moving month, yet I’m not finding that to be the case. 13 days into 2019 and I feel like I’m already engaged in the game of catch-up. Ugh! Anyway, I won’t be wasting time on the small talk this evening I’m afraid. Few things that I need to get done in preparation for the week ahead. But here for your visual enjoyment are a few photos of the boys from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

We landed in Ireland just before the sun rose on Christmas Eve. Got to Granny’s house in time for breakfast and a 3 hour nap. Then spent the evening getting prepped for Santa. Of course part of that prep was the baking of Santa’s cookies.

Little cookies baking experts.

You probably would never have guessed it, so I’ll go ahead and tell you, that Cullen decided to make shark cookies for Santa.

Keane went with the festive style cookie, christmas trees, candy canes, but last minute decided to use some of the left over dough to make a dough snowman.

The dough snowman.

In the hall next to the big light up, not-the-real-Santa, Santa, is where the boys decided to leave the cookies and the carrots for not just Rudolph, but for all the reindeer.

What a little feast.

After waking up on the later side of the morning, jet-lag, the boys were beyond excited to see that Santa listened when they told him that he would need to deliver their gifts to Ireland this year.

Sharks for Cullen.

Among his other requested gifts, that 10 year supply of yarn Keane asked for, also showed up.

A big lover of drawing, painting and coloring, Cullen immediately got stuck into one of his new coloring books and coloring sets.

This fancy sensory type drone thing Keane got was pretty cool. You can control it with just the movement of your hands. Looks a bit like wizardry when you see it in action.

Oh and Keane stumbled across his Selection Box. And so it was chocolate for breakfast.

More sharks.

A little later the cousins arrived and there was yet more gifts.

Once things settled down, the boys stuck into some of their craftier gifts.