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“If you think parenting is hard and exhausting and complicated…well, that just means you’re probably doing it right.” Stumbled across this quote on Instagram this week. And the timing of this stumble could not have been more perfect. Cos lets just say, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve run the gamut of all these emotions, and then some. We are in the midst of some weird, out of nowhere, for no good reason, but very much unappreciated sleep regression from not just 1, but both of the boys. I want to elaborate on how torturous sleep deprivation is to surviving a day. How my mental and physical capacity is currently restricted to what is essential for keeping everyone alive, getting them ready, out the door and where they’re suppose to be, at the time they’re suppose to be. Anything beyond that. Anything like taking a catch up phone call from a friend. Or basic self care, you know, like hair washing, not wearing the same leggings and t-shirt for 2, oh ok, 3 days in a row. Not bursting into tears, or spiraling into an emotional over reaction when The Husband asked if I’d seen where he left his phone? “If one more person, askes me for one more thing. NEEDS one more thing. Talks to me, let alone looks at me, for the rest of the night, I will lose my sh*t”. Husband: “Really? Cos it looks to me like you’ve already lost it.” Now, in my fantasies, thats when I run at him with a blunt object. But given my current situation, an act of violence like that, is more energy then I have. So instead I just cry and call him a arsehole. I want to elaborate on all of this. I want to talk it out with myself, for clarity and solutions. But I’m too effing tired. So as I head off to bed, for a night of half sleeping and half listening out for the nighttime games to being, please enjoy this collection of photos, from 2 wonderful boys. The sources of all things lacking in the sleep department. Having the time of their lives at their swim classes, completely unaffected by their own regressive sleeping behavior.

Cullen & his swim class buddy, Grayson.

Eye of the tiger mode.

Cullen has made so much progress with his swimming this year. And as you can probably tell, enjoys it a lot more too.

This is Grayson’s first time taking swim classes, but he’s quickly learning to be comfortable in the water.

These two have a lot of fun learning together.

Grayson nailing the back float.

How’s that for a studdly pool exit?

All smiles for a great swim class.

Next in the pool is Keane and his friend Bryson.

Entering the pool in style.

Bryson making his entrance.

Keane and Bryson have been swimming together for 5 years. At this point they are both down right impressive and move from one swim stroke to the next seamlessly.

At the end of class they like to race each other. Cullen in the background, munching on snacks, enjoying the friendly competition about to be on display.

Waiting Impatiently

May 1, 2018

These waterboys are waiting impatiently for the lake temperatures to heat up. We’re only a few short weeks away but to them, its feeling like an eternity. Although there was no full on submersion (none unless you count Cullen slipping off the dock) for the boys maiden lake trip this past weekend. There was the consolation activities of fishing and kayaking that went a short way to temporarily satisfying their adventurous aquatic needs.

That look you give your brother when he secures himself the first go in the kayak.

Said brother all smug as he loads himself in.

When you’re pissed and you just can’t hide it.

Daddy & Keane, off they go.

Cullen passes the time terrorizing the fish.

Here comes Daddy, but Keane appears to be missing.

Found him!

Finally, Cullen’s turn.

Never let it be said that these boys are not triers. Cullen has the swim suit on and is optimistic about getting in for a swim.

Oh yeah, its cold.

“But feck it, bring me my goggles Keane, I’m getting in.”

“Never mind, come over here Daddy and lets take this kayak for another spin.”

Keane off on the hunt for turtles.