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September 12, 2017

Hurricane Irma didn’t strike the Atlanta area in quite the way we’d been preparing for. The rain beating, side swiping winds, turned out to be a few days of rain, minus any kind of gale force. But Florida and the people of South Georgia were hit in exactly the manner that had been predicted. Mandatory evacuations from these areas meant we got to provide refuge to a special family of cuties. But more sharing on that over the coming days. Right now I’m in a type of laundry hell that I need to plough through in a effort to find the boys school uniforms for their return to school tomorrow. The threat of Irma gifted the boys an extra 2 days onto their weekend with schools closing across the counties in and around our area. Yet even with those extra days, still we scramble to have our sh#t together in preparation for the madness of a typical school morning.

But how about this group of adorable Irma hostages.

For Their Amusement

September 6, 2017

For the record, I dislike amusement parks, very much. The crowds, the lines, the rides themselves don’t do it for me at all. I just can’t get past the fear of wondering if I’ll be the person unlucky enough to have their rollercoaster car drop clean off the track at the most optimum height of the upside down loop. Nor can I fully comprehend the physics of what in actual fact is keeping these cars on the track. Or the locking system of the seat belt mechanism. Life is scary enough, why in the world would I volunteer to have the shit scared out of myself plummeting towards the ground at warp speed, only to suddenly change direction at the last second and be shot upwards, vertically at a speed that has my face trying to escape out the back of my head. No thank you, not my idea of fun at all. Then you become a mother, and your kids get to an age where they think amusement parks are the best thing ever. Next thing you know you’re standing in line waiting to gain entry into your own version of hell. Smiling to distract the kids from the odor of fear emulating from your pores. The only saving grace is that for now at least, they are too short for any of the death defining rides, only age appropriate “safe rides”. I’ve no clue how I’m going to handle things once they become tall enough, wreckless enough and fearless enough to want to take on the cardiac inducing rides. I’ll legitimately need to be somehow sedated, lit or drunk to survive the day.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Sylvester and Tweetie. These oversized characters gave Cullen the fear, so he kept his distance.

On our way to “Toon Town”, the kids corner of the amusement park, we past the face painters, so we stopped briefly so Keane could be branded with a snake.

Bryson went for a shark.

One thing you can say about Cullen, he’s not one to follow the crowd. Even though both Keane and Bryson got painted faces, he felt no obligation to do the same.

These cooling misters were scattered throughout the park. Thank goodness cos it was hot hot day,

Now Cullen was all about the mister.

Bugs Bunny himself.

Ready for the first ride of the day.

Faces of joy.

Next ride was water based.

Everyone had access to a water gun and they certainly used them.




Cullen was so excited for this truck ride.

A little post ride truck envy when Cullen spotted one in his favorite color, blue. Unfortunately this truck was taken which is why they ended up in the black one.

Off for their first rollercoaster ride. Cullen didn’t make the right requirement for this one.

But everyone was tall enough for this vertical drop ride.

Bye kids!

Impatiently waiting.

Boat swings.

Again, Cullen’s height meant he needed an adult to accompany, Aisha was awesome enough to join him so I could capture the photos.

Ready for take off.

Bryson and Keane.

Cullen and Aisha.

After lunch we headed to the water park to cool down. Bryson on the slide.

Cullen (left slide) almost went down.

Keane went up and down for a good 20 minutes.


Cullen was starting to tire, and was struggling to find the energy to splash and play.

Keane never seems to tire, or at least never admits to tiring.

So with Cullen in my arms, I tried to give Keane some more time to play before we called it a day. Here’s he’s standing, waiting for a major water dump.

And there it is.

Loved It.

Cullen found a a small energy reserve to play with his lego trucks.

But it wasn’t long before he was done for real and it was time to go.


September 4, 2017

The past few weeks I’ve had zero motivation for shooting and blogging. As evident by the sluggishness frequency of my blog activity. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the time you spend with your kids, to fully participate rather than half participating but mostly capturing them in action. Despite my compulsive shooting urge, I’m learning that its ok not to visually document every. little. thing. the boys get up to. That and often times its nice not having to carry around your heavy ass camera and its accessories on top of all the other essentials you need to have on hand each and every time you leave the house with your kids. One less thing, thats what I’m all about these days, One less thing. I’m trying really hard not to fall down some sort of non-shooting, non-blogging rabbit hole. And I think the only way to avoid that, is breaks. So blog activity may remain sluggish for a while, not nonexistent, merely sluggish.

But this past weekend was a holiday here in the US, Labor Day, and it was also the weekend The Husband closed out his long summer of track season travel. So we spent much of the weekend demanding lots of his time and attention and on Monday (yesterday), it being our bonus weekend day, the boys experienced their first trip to Six Flags with their friend Bryson. For those who may not know, Six Flags is a theme park, or is it an amusement park? Either way they had a blast. More on that over the next few days, but for now here they are on one of the rides.