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The Car Park Puddle

May 5, 2017

One thing we’ve had plenty of this Spring here in Georgia, rain. Rain at levels even Irish people would raise an eyebrow at. And what typically happens with extensive rain fall? Puddles, lots and lots of puddles and lots and lots of mud. And if there’s one thing a kid can’t resist, its a puddle. So on rainy days school pick-ups always end up like this, a mess of wet, dirty fun. Usually Keane and Cullen are joined by their friend and classmate Gracie-Jo, who just so happens to share their love of “water sports”.

The moms have actually gotten into the habit of keeping the kids boots in the boot of the car, for days such as this.

Lets kick the fun off with a run and jump.

I just happened to have the fishing nets in the car, from a walk Cullen and I took to a stream a couple of days before. So Cullen thought he’d take a stab at trying to find some fish in the puddle.

Gracie-Jo wants to fish too.

Cullen caught a” fish” (aka, a leaf)


Cullen decided he was done, but Keane and Gracie-Jo wanted to keep playing. So I took Cullen’s wet clothes off and set him up in the boot with his dinosaurs.

I look around to see Keane and Gracie-Jo are no longer in the puddle but under a drain “showering”.

Like WTF??

Taking a minute to empty some excessive water out of their boots.

Back in the puddle.

Gracie-Jo is swimming.

The fun is over and even Cullen doesn’t want Keane and all his soakage coming near him.

Big Boy Milestones

May 3, 2017

Over this past weekend Keane hit a major big boy milestone, he learned to ride his bike without the training wheels (thats stabilizers for my Irish peeps). We of course, were so proud and excited for him, and he of course, was elated. The sense of independence and freedom he gained by mastering this skill was all over his beaming face. As I watched, videoed and shot photos of his progression over the first 24 hours of his learning, I was suddenly aware of how quickly he’s growing. Evolving from the baby and toddler that needed me for everything, to a fearless little fella determined to take life by the balls and inch his way to independence. Its such a bittersweet feeling. But as much as you want to stop time and keep them your little kids forever, they have their own trail to blaze in this world. I’m just so lucky and proud I get to watch them do it.

A little pep talk and some guidance from Daddy.

Here we go.

We decided the grass was the best place to begin the learning. Less cuts, scrapes and bruises from any learning curve falls.

Oops, good save by Daddy.


Our first go on some pavement.

Keane spent all of the first afternoon and into the evening cycling laps around the house. Daddy was wrecked and had acquired some minor back ache from the hours spent bent over holding the bike. But first thing the following morning, Keane was back at it again. So too was Daddy. You’ll notice Daddy has adjusted his holding technique. Less pain on the back that way #agingsucks

Then, just like that, we had lift off.

The focus.

Later that evening he was ready to take on the driveway.

At this point Daddy is just some moral support.

Day 3 and we don’t need anybody. “I can do it by myself Momma. Stay over there and watch me

And just like that, he was off.