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Been a busy working type weekend. Shot the wedding of a fabulous couple who just happen to be 2 of our good friends. Now usually on days when I’m shooting weddings, I see the boys for breakfast, then I’m out the door and by the time I get home, they’ve long gone to bed, or at least they should be if Daddy is parenting properly. But this particular wedding capturing day, these 2 handsome little faces popped up amongst the guests.

Its was like a “Bring your kids to work day”.

Its the first time Keane & Cullen have been to a wedding, so it was all very exciting and as you can see, someone was very concerned about the gifts that nobody appeared to be opening. He wanted to take a peek inside to see what presents they got for their “not birthday”. Trying to explain the whole wedding marriage thing to a 3 year old and why they got gifts if it wasn’t their birthday was such a challenge. So Cullen started referring to the day as a “not birthday”, as in gifts even though it was nobodies birthday.

Time for the dancing.

Once the dancing started the boys never left the dance floor.

The groom and his little boy join the dance party.

Bride, groom, baby and my 2.

Don’t ask.

Keane and all the single ladies line up for the bouquet toss.

Follow the arrows to find Keane now in the line up for the garter toss.

The happy couple exit to sparklers and bubbles, look bottom right to see Keane doing his share of the bubble blowing.

Great job.

The boys have been on their Spring Break from school this week and the weather has been horrendous. Thunderstorms and rain of biblical portions Monday – Wednesday. Thursday the rain finally stopped but the winds remained and the temperatures suddenly dropped to very cold. So not a lot of outdoor action for the lads this week. Unless you count the mad dashes from car parks to supermarkets in the midst of a few torrential downpours as outdoor activities. In that case then yes, there was a few of those. And the lads were absolutely thrilled by the urgency of our sprinting and squealed in both terror and excitement at the massive claps of thunder that boomed overhead as we raced our way to the supermarket doors, getting soaked from head to toe. Kids can find the joy in absolutely every situation. Its such a gift. And seeing them excited, over the smallest of things, helps to take the edge off any frustration or rage I would usually feel in a given situation.

For the picture portion of this blog I’m going to share some photos from last week, when we were enjoying more warm and sunny Spring like evenings, and the boys of the family took on the task of refinishing some old bed frames.

Keane giving the prep work plenty of elbow.

Cullen had zero interest in the sanding of the frames, but when the paint cans came out, Boom! There he was.

Deep concentration.

This project happened a couple of days prior to Cullen’s burn incident. That why he’s bandage free in these photos.

Daddy of course was thrilled with all of the help. His only hope is that the paint is not of a quick drying nature. That way he can go back and smooth out the dripper, thicker parts of the uneven application.

A Sequence Of Disasters

April 4, 2017

The sequence of disasters began bright and early Saturday morning. We were leaving for Keane’s baseball game when he mentioned that his stomach was aching. Thinking it was nothing more than a poo brewing, I ushered him to the car and told him we’d hit the bathroom before the game. When we arrived we dropped his gear off at the team dugout and headed straight for the loos. But nothing. Believing the situation was nothing more than a 4 year old having a high maintenance morning, I told him he’d be grand. He took to the field with his team but never really got into the game. He was sluggish and 3 times I had to take him off the field to go to the bathroom, each visit resulting in nothing. We made it to the end of the game at which point Keane said he wanted to lie down. Immediate red flag. This kid never wants to lie down. Then he mentioned not being able to go to one of his best friend’s birthday parties happening that afternoon. Major red flag. This party was all he and his friends had been talking about for 2 weeks. Now I’m starting to understand that my child is not being high maintenance, he is in fact sick. We get to the car, pull out of the car park when Keane announces that he feels like he might get sick. So I pull over, take him to a supermarket bathroom and wait. Nothing. We’re about 20 minutes from home, I ask him if he thinks he’ll be ok till we get home and he says “yes“. So we load up, yes we, Cullen is with me this whole time too. Less then 10 minutes into our drive home and I hear the pre-puke burps coming from the back seat. Fuuuuck! These warning burps tell me that I have literally seconds, if even, before the actual puke follows. Not enough time to pull over and free him from the car seat. In desperation I look around, his friend Bryson’s birthday gift is sitting on the passenger seat next to me. Quick as a flash I pull the gift out of the giftbag, toss the bag back to Keane as I panic yell instructions to “Throw up in the bag! Throw up in the bag!” The poor little thing projectiles 90% into the bag and 10% on himself. Cullen who is sitting next to him starts freaking out. “Ahhhhh! Its stinky momma. I’m choking”. Dear God help me, its about to be a puke party. I need to land this vehicle asap. We finally make it home without Cullen puking but not without the giftbag leaking. Cos the gift bag is basically paper and the puke is, well, puke.

So that was my Saturday. Sunday shit got a whole lot worse, but not for Keane. By Sunday morning Keane was fine. Cullen and I however, had a rush visit to the emergency room. The reason? My baby got a bad burn. Momma was making her usually morning cuppa tea. I had just put the teabag in the cup, added the blowing water when Keane called me to look at something. I walk over to have a look and suddenly I hear the loudest scream from behind. I turn around to see Cullen had reached up and pulled the tea down on himself. My response was instantaneous, I grab him and race for the bathroom, quickly scanning him for the burnt areas. All of it appeared to be on his arm. I hold his arm under the cold tap as he screams in pain. As the water washes over his arm layers of skin start to peel off and I know this burn is major. I load him up and rush straight to the emergency room. We’re seen immediately and Cullen is stabilized with pain medication. The burn is assessed, cleaned and wrapped. We leave with medicine for the pain and an appointment to the burn clinic for the next morning. At this point I’m feeling like the worst mother in the world. Honest to goodness, if this was a paying job and I had an employer to answer too, I’m pretty confident I’d be fired. In fact, I don’t think I’d wait to be fired, I think I’d just quit. But I can’t quit, this is a no quitting job. I have to keep my shit together, bad mother or not, I’m needed right now. The good news from our appointment at the burn clinic is that yes his burn is bad, but luckily it stopped short of burning through to the muscle. So we’re not facing any kind of skin grafts, just antibiotic lotions, a bandage for 3 weeks and time to heal. As burns go, this was one of the better ones. But as weekends go, this for me was one of the worst. Oh, on top of all that, The Husband was out of the country. Yep, I was sailing this ship solo through every one of these storms, and damn near ran it aground.

This little hero here. All smiles despite everything.

For being so brave he got to watch cartoons in Momma & Dadda’s bed.