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Happy New Year!! It might be just me, but does anyone else feel lucky to have made it out of 2016 alive?? I mean towards the end there, George Michael, Princess Leia, Princess Leia’s mom (her real life mom), each one a blow cos these were my people, from my era of growing up. Massive Wham! and George Michael fan as a wee girl. The older brother was and still is massively into the Star Wars, which means I was into the Star Wars cos it was the 80’s and 1 TV was all any home had, so everyone watched the same thing at the same time, image that children of today?!? Anyway, bottom line, I exited 2016 dressed in a gold bikini, hair styled in 2 side cinnabons, drinking and twerking to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” out of respect for my generations fallen idols.

The boys closed out 2016 climbing walls with their friend Bryson and new friend Heather.



Paying full attention to the pre-climbing ground rules.

First up, Bryson.

Half way is perfect for the first go.

Keane all clipped in.

He got about half way on his first try too.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the swing down from the wall.

Cullen came along too but showed little interest in channeling his inner Spiderman. He was happy playing with his trucks in the rubber shavings.

Making friends.

Everyone taking a break from climbing to do some digging.

Heather’s baby sister, 13 month old Colette found Cullen to be very interesting.

Keane was sweet enough to share rubber shavings with baby Colette.

Bryson is back on the wall.

This time he made it all the way.

Heather and Keane watch on in excitement.

Hurry for all the way!

Celebration high-5.

Off for a together climb.

Off course right before its time to leave Cullen starts to show a curiosity. Looks like we’ll be climbing again soon.