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No Sense

November 9, 2016

I’m just going to leave this right here, as I attempt to process WTF is going on right now.

Behind The Looks

November 3, 2016

So obviously a little effort went into the boys Halloween costumes this year. Cullen’s was the biggest challenge being that he wanted to be a tow truck, not just any tow truck, he wanted to be Mater from Disney’s “Cars” movie. Keane on the other hand was faced with the challenge of waiting. He picked out his costume 6 weeks before Halloween, yep, 6 weeks. And 6 weeks of waiting for a 4 year old, is a LIFETIME. 6 weeks is also a very long time for a mother to be asked everyday if it was almost Halloween. That kind of endless, repetitive questioning creates a nasty little habit of a mother kick starting her day with a refreshing glass of wine. We call this coping. I even sat down and helped him create a type of Halloween Advent calendar, so he could rise each morning, take out his crayon and mark off the days and see for himself how close we were getting to Halloween. But he still asked. So I still self medicated with a morning glass of Riesling.

In the days following our purchase of his triceratops costume, Keane became obsessed with the costumes head piece. He wore it and still continues to wear it at many points throughout the day. I managed to snap a few of those moments when he was going about his daily business, just causally rocking a triceratops frill.

This is first thing in the morning.

Snack time with his brother.

Can’t remember what he was looking out the window at, but thought it was a cute shot.

Chillin, watching some cartoons in momma & dadda’s bed.

Brushing his teeth before bedtime.

Now Cullen’s costume took a bit more time and a lot more planning. When he initially mentioned wanting to be Tow Mater for Halloween, we did our best to change his mind. Keane tried to convince him to be a T-Rex. But he was having none of it. I searched the internet, desperately looking for a one click purchase solution to our Tow Mater costume issue. But there was none. We were going to have to get creative. In the weeks leading up to Halloween to began to hoard boxes. We decided to use his push car as the skeleton of the truck mostly due to its long rear handle which would work perfectly as the back hook for a tow truck. Then 2 nights before the big day, The Husband set to work. He worked after the boys had gone to bed. He worked with predominantly cardboard and duct tape.

Quickly it all began to take shape.

Night no.1 and Tow Mater is almost complete. We were both so excited. We knew Cullen was going to flip when he saw it.

Night no.2 and the painting process begins.

Some last minute duct tape reinforcement and we are pretty much good to go.

Life size Tow Mater and mini Tow Mater.

About an hour before trick or treating and its time for the big reveal.

We expected a very animated and overly excited reaction from Cullen, hence Paul with the video to capture it. But instead what we got was a 2 year old, frozen in absolute shock. His biggest idol, his Beatles, his Elvis, his Bruce Springsteen was standing in front of him and he was just lost for words, confused and frozen in place.

Eventually the reality of it all sank in and once that happened, he was in and ready to go.

The face of a proud and happy boy.