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Crazy Face

September 12, 2016

I promise I’m not intentionally leaving long days between blog posts. I’ve been doing a lot of shooting for some wonderful clients the past couple of weeks, so all of my non-mom time has been spent working on those images. But slowly I’m beginning to catch up. I think. You know this mom life, right when you believe you’re finally getting on top of things, boom! someone wakes up in the middle of the night with a raspy cough and just like that your week has completely derailed and due to sleep deprivation you’re picking fights with pharmacists cos they won’t make your child’s prescription the ultimate priority. But that’s all in the past now (like a week past), and hopefully nobody else in the house gets sick anytime soon, cos I definitely need a little more time to pass before I can show my crazy face at the pharmacy again.

But enough of that, as well as being back in school, the boys are also back at their various sports. Keane’s soccer is off and running again and I’ll be sharing some of his practice photos a little later.

Back To School

September 7, 2016

So this happened last week. Both my babies are back in school. Keane is now in Pre-K (for my Irish peeps this means Pre-Kindergarten, its the year before they go to Primary School) and Cullen is in Pre-School (basically play school). Keane is loving being back with his friends and is really enjoying all of the extra privileges he gets now that he’s 4. Like playing on the bigger playground or cutting with sharp scissors and not “the baby scissors”. And using his very own knife to slice apples. So far most of his enjoyed moments have all been sharp object based and I’m choosing to ignore the possible message this might be sending. Unless I start to see a pattern of him carrying them around on his person, or find them hidden in random spots around his room, then I suppose we’ll have to have some kind of conversation. But until then, we’re grand. Cullen on the other hand hates everything about going to school. His first week was rough, on everyone. Cos when Cullen doesn’t want to do something, there is no negation, there is no middle ground, he will not be persuaded or won over. And he has endurance for days. Luckily he only goes 2 mornings a week, not sure any of us could handle more than that. This week however we had a slight breakthrough when he began to show moments of surrender and even participation. So we’ll take it, and we’ll even call it a victory, its small, but damn it its a victory none the less.

And of course I wouldn’t be doing my job as mother if I didn’t get that ever important first day back to school photo.

Cullen was so excited he could hardly keep his eyes off his new digger lunch bag.

Keane was just as excited about his dinosaur lunch bag, but in a very big boy way.

Oh and the first project Keane had was one he did last year too, and just happens to be one of his favorites, its to design his own “mini-me”. Mini-Keane gets hung above his classroom cubby, so he knows exactly where all his stuff should go.

I cut the material, but he chose all the colors and did all of the gluing and sticking and he was very proud of the finished product.

Busy Doing Nothing

September 4, 2016

To close out the posts of our Irish adventure, I’m throwing up and bunch of random photos. All of our days were not filled with trips, some days, especially those first few days post transatlantic travel when our sleep schedules are an absolute mess, we were just happy to hang out at granny and granddads house keeping ourselves busy doing nothing really. That is, if you call putting my children to work washing the car nothing. “In life, there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” a lesson granddad was sure to teach the boys. Two weeks of free loading = one clean car, we call this barter.

We also did a spot of pet sitting for my brother’s family. Little Zoe loves to run, as do my boys, and as I watched them all wear each other out I smiled smuggly to myself, believing that all this running would translate itself into a full nights sleep for the lads, with an increased chance of a sleep in for momma the following morning. And it did, I was rewarded with an extra 4 minutes of rest.

One of the days we were visited by this lovely lady.

Baby Dafne is the daughter of one of my good friends and the lads were so excited to spend the afternoon showering her with attention and toys. Cullen even brought her a flower. A tiny yellow buttercup.

But Dafne was more interested in the car Cullen had in his other hand. Sorry Lady D, Cullen doesn’t share vehicles, not even with pretty girls.

Rough hugs were freely available too.

To say this baby girl had the boys wrapped around her finger would be understating things.

Cullen was beginning to run out of steam, but Lady D was not done with her time in the car, so Daddy offers a little extra muscle.

Someone is hostile about having to exit the vehicle.

Keane demonstrates the least efficient way of getting into the car.

Off for a drunk stroll.

Finding her feet. Not long now and we’ll be running solo.

An opportunity for a group shot and I’m all over it.

So close, 2 out of 3 looking at the camera, with kids you have to go ahead and call that a success.

Some random play with some random balloons.

When you get photobombed by your big brother.

Riding Camp

September 1, 2016

The second day of our visit and Nicola was running a kids riding camp, so we were up early to help her prep the stables and the horses. And after 2 solid days of summer sunshine, the rain was back.

If there’s anybody thats ok with rain, its my 2 lads. Rain = puddles = winning.

Cullen and the horses deep in conversation about all things trucks.

Keane hard at work, learning about saddles and how to put on bridles with some of the other kids at the camp.

Nicola does a quick check to make sure everything looks right.

Cullen gives his small trucks a wash.

Horses and kids are ready to go.

Time to load up and move to the arena.

Nicola at her happiest, teaching mode.

Using Keane as the horse to demonstrate the proper way to lead.

Someone is patiently (or maybe impatiently) waiting his turn to ride.

Finally, time to saddle up.

Lunch out of the rain, inside the barn.

Attempted group shot of all the riding camp kids.

Bail jumping.

There’s Keane, but anyone seen Cullen?

Oh, there he is.