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We went to Legoland and all we did was play on the car ramps. Yep, its true. Here’s me thinking that this would be a great place to awaken their creative imaginations. To unlock potential budding geniuses and futuristic thinkers. I had visions of me sitting, mouth agape as I proudly and smugly witnessed them working those tiny bricks into replica Taj Mahal’s or prototype rocket ships for NASA’s new product development program. But alas it wasn’t to be, once their eyes locked on those ramps, it was game over. Ramps was all they wanted to do.

They did have access to lots of little Lego parts and could use said parts to build their own cars. Keane’s tongue is out, this means business.

Car built, now its time to take it to the ramp for a test drive.

It needed a little shove but the maiden voyage downhill was a success.

However, making ones own cars was suddenly too much effort, so out came the toy cars.

Someone is having the best time.

Cullen and Wyatt head off to another box full of Legos and a new set of ramps.

Cullen loves to build towers, out of anything.

Beyond excited about his wheel tower.

Wyatt in intense concentration mode.

Keeping it simple with a basic wheel and axle creation.

While Keane makes the rounds on all the ramps, launching his sports car.

Cullen less than impressed at my attempts to help him build a Lego house, cos it had no ramp.

Four years in a row now we’ve been participating in support of Breast Cancer by running the “Atlanta 5k Race for the Cure”. Both Keane and Cullen have been doing it since they were in nappies (diapers) and couldn’t walk. Now Keane insists he can run the whole race by himself, and win it. Cullen is still happy to take the tourist approach, run a little, buggy (stroller) a lot. Either way everyone has a good time for a good cause.

Here we all are, team breast cancer 2016.

The boys getting in their pre-race warm up.

Keane the seasoned competitor showed Cullen the racing ropes.

Before blasting off and leaving him behind.

Not that it bothered Cullen.

Due to a “miscommunication”, apparently my english is not as good as I thought, the printing company printed our names on the back of the shirts, not the front where I asked.

Time to haul ass to the start line.

Why stay on the road when you can climb the curbs.

Master Cullen, taking the leisurely approach.

Almost 1.5 miles into the race Keane was still running. I kept checking in on him asking if he wanted to take a rest in the buggy, always the answer was “no”. Somehow I managed to convince him to get in for a few minutes.

He got in but you can see the hostility all over his face. Cullen is oblivious as he snacks away. Watching a large group of people run is hungry work apparently.

Hooray! A supportive wave from some firemen.

And we’re out again and rehydrating at the water station.

Now everyone is out and things become very random as Keane wanders up onto the flower beds.

The face of a boys who’s pissed cos momma keeps running ahead of him.

Oh look, flowers.

Following the white line.

Following Keane who’s following the line.

Almost collision.

Approaching the finish and Keane is upset cos he realizes he’s not winning.

Quickly I told him how he was the fastest of all the 3 and 4 year olds and that seemed to put a happy enough band aid on the situation.

The back shot.

The Game Of Soccer

May 4, 2016

Last weekend was Keane’s final soccer practice before they break for the summer. And overall I’m happy to report that its been a success. Most weeks he was excited to go, enjoyed all of the drills and games and left the session tired and happy. But as we parents know, life with kids is never consistent or smooth sailing and we did have those random weeks where the mood was all wrong. Where he questioned everything that was asked of him and then refused to do it. This is where your job as mother becomes a real job. These are the moments you have to dig in, turn the mood around, help them find the fun, sell it to them with over the top happy tones and theatrical jazz hands. Some weeks you succeed and they go on to have the best time. Other weeks there’s no winning and at that point you’re just trying to make it to the end of the practice. Luckily there were more of the joyous weeks then moody weeks, so that to me is the success.

Prepping for drills.

Perfecting the dribbling.

Always a big fan of the jumping drills.

Cullen sets up on the sideline with his trucks.

Working on getting past coach Laura.

Oblivious to anything Keane is up to, Cullen has found himself a friend to share in the digger fun.

Ball kicks through coach Laura’s legs then onwards to goal.



Water break and a quick check to see what Cullen is up to.

Team cheer for a great soccer season.

Seated, ready and excited to get his trophy.

Receiving a trophy, always a big moment.

All of them checking out their trophies.

Cheers for the champions of u4 soccer.

Keane wanted lots of photos of his trophy.

Back to the house the boys get busy excavating what they believe is a dinosaur bone.

They were so excited to have found a dino bone in their own garden that I never mentioned it was a tree root.

Keane identified it a as brachiosaurus tail, cos it was so long.

Dexter chillin in the shade.

Bugs Life

May 1, 2016

Let me just say that I’m not a fan of bugs, but if they show up at my house I don’t immediately scream like a proverbial girl and go running for The Husband to deal the situation or anything, I just handle it. I don’t enjoy it, but I’d rather know the offending bug is no longer in my immediate living space, then go to bed worrying that said bug might come out of hiding and walk its hairy little self across my sleeping face. I’m an animal lover, but if I wake to that kind of situation, all bets are off. The past week however, life has been all about the bugs. Keane had bug week at school and at the end of the week each child took home 3 worms. And Cullen is currently obsessed with ant hills. He deliberately goes out looking for them, finds one, puts his hands or feet into them and watches as the ants swarm out and begin to bite and feast on him. He doesn’t even scream, he just says “das not good“. I’m the one screaming as I simultaneously rip off his clothes and beat away ants. Its happened a few times now so I’ve given up trying to keep away, instead I thought him how to stand back and poke the ant hill with a long stick, that way he can ant watch, from a safe distance, free from the pain and suffering of hundreds of nasty bites.

But back to the worms. Each day Keane loved to empty the dirt out onto a tray, find his worms, “play” with them and then put them back into their container. Cullen was also a big fan of the process.

In case your curious, Keane did give the worms names, Womer, Newmer and Schwimmer. Zero idea where his inspiration came from.

Boys and bugs, I don’t get it.