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Summer Official

May 30, 2016

Tonight we went for an evening dip in the lake to close out what has been a very busy and enjoyable Memorial Bank Holiday weekend. Summer has officially arrived here in the U.S. so we marked the occasion the only way one should, wet.

Most days with the boys is a balancing act. I’m not talking about the self-actualizing, yoga style not really applicable to the real world or daily grind inner balance type bullshit. I’m talking about the ability to remain balanced and mentally stable in the face of sibling wars. The wars common to 3 and 2 year olds the world over, namely sharing, taking turns, swapping coveted possessions or who’s not staying on their side of the couch, chair, room, bed, blanket etc….. It can be exhausting, always trying to find the middle ground, or an outcome thats agreeable to both, or a solution that doesn’t always result in the older brother having to make the sacrifice just cos he’s older and understands more. Balance is tricky, not to mention hard f*#king work. Some days I nail it, like gold medals at the Mom-Olympics nailing it. Other days I completely bomb. I’m talking both kids (and sometimes a mother) crying. But if theres one thing parenthood will do, its throw you endless opportunities to win and fail.

Anyway, what got me babbling on the whole issue of balance to start with, was Keane’s last day of school and how I’d shared some snaps from Cullen’s last day, but not Keane’s. So here we are making things right and fair. However, I didn’t have my f’reals camera with me for Keane’s party, just my iPhone, but this is something he can use against me in his hostile teenager years, when he’s trying to arguing the angle and accuse me of loving one of my children more than the other.

Cullen was allowed to attend Keane’s last day too and spent most of the party parked at the sand table.

Attacking bubbles with balls.

Trying to test all the ball & catchers.

Keane and his classmate set up a game of hopscotch.

Popsicles to celebrate the end of the school year and the excitement for summer.

Touch A Truck

May 23, 2016

Its been a busy weekend and I’m wrecked. Too wrecked to sit and write any kind of half humourus blog post to accompany todays photos. So I’ll just let the photos of 2 vehicle obsessed boys, getting to spend a morning up close and personal with all kinds of cars, trucks and diggers do all of the talking. Oh and you’ll notice Cullen is now carrying a backpack. The backpack became necessary when he started to have more favorite trucks that he absolutely needed to bring everywhere then hands.

On/Off Your Bike

May 19, 2016

A super fun last day of school for Cullen. A little bike-a-thon for all the kids. He’s been looking forward to this all week, every day asking if it was “bike paaty today momma?” This morning I finally got to tell him “Yes!” Keane had his last day yesterday but because Cullen’s teachers are awesome, they said Keane could come enjoy all the biking fun.

Kids lined up, listening to all the safety rules and awaiting the Go!

I know what your thinking, “Cullen, thats not a bike”, but in Cullen’s mind rules mean nothing. You say bike-a-thon, he says “no, Cullen bing tuck“. And in the words of Mr. T, “I pity the fool who tires to tell him different”.

Keane, my little law abiding citizen, brings his bike, like he was suppose to.

And we are off!

Cullen was flat out with his truck.

He spots a puddle.

You can literally see him making a mental note to revisit the puddle.

The face of a boy, yelling at his momma to keep running. Apparently my constant stopping to take photos was annoying the bejaysus out of him.

Here comes Keane about to lap us.

There he goes, overtaking his brother on the inside.

We all knew this was going to happen. There was no way Cullen and his little legs were going to be able to maintain multiple laps of truck pushing, as a result momma ended up with an unplanned glute and leg workout and some minor back ache.

Loving himself a seat in his truck.

Here comes Keane again, lapping us for maybe the 3rd time.

Keane takes a break to explain something very important to me. Can’t remember what it was though.

But I grab a quick shot of the brothers before Keane peddles off again.

A slight hill requires a dismount and a push.

Back in the game and taking on some new friends.

Cullen spotted his puddle, and was moving so fast to get to it he became a blur.

Victory, we are happy in the puddle.

Keane comes zipping past, spots his brother in the puddle….

…..puts on the brakes, parks the bike and joins him for a splash.

Fun In The Sun

May 17, 2016

I didn’t plan on leaving so many days between the last blog post and the current, its just happened organically. The husband is about to kick off a very busy summer of work travel, slightly busier than an average summer due to it being an Olympic year and I’ve come up against a solid month and a half of shooting. So we’ve basically just been tagging in and out of life. I’m rushing out the door as he’s rushing in and vice-versa. But this past weekend I wasn’t shooting, and the husband wasn’t traveling, so we spent the weekend doing the family thing, and I avoided my computer as much as possible.

But now its the final week of school for both the boys. Summer vacation is almost officially here, and there are sports days and parties to celebrate and mark the end of another successful year of learning and growing.

Fun in the Sun Day at Keane’s school. School photo and Keane felt the urge to seat himself apart from everyone else, even when I physically placed him close to the group, he scooted back to his preferred place. Am going to trust he had his own reasons for the move, so I didn’t force the issue.

Always a blast at the tug-a-war.

Nice co-ordinated pull technique from Team Keane.

Result = win!

The sack race.

Turns out the sack race wasn’t Keane’s strongest event. Lots of technical issues.

But he kept plugging away. Even when all his class mates were finished he kept digging in.


…but back up.

Finally, the finish line, and I was very proud of him. As a 3 year old there was a big chance of tears and frustration when he saw he wasn’t winning, but to my relief he stayed with the whole concept of fun.

Cullen and Julian engage in a game of oversized ball.

Guaranteed never to miss when your golf ball is this big.

Parachute! Wahoo!

Mad dash under.

Meanwhile back on the golf course.

It mighty be just me but I feel like that alligator is looking a little afraid of Cullen.

The duck pool turned out to be the place to be on a hot day.