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And just like that its St. Patricks Day again. “Happy St. Patricks Day/Lá Feile Pardraig☘” to Irish people everywhere, especially all of our family and friends back in the homeland. Our plan for the day? Wear green, substitute water for Guinness, Riverdance everywhere instead of walk, be “ag caint as Gaeilge” (speak gaelic) all day long and focus on nothing but having the major craic. Basically we plan to be every Irish cliche you can imagine. Including an attempt at trying to seek our fortune with a hunt for leprechaun gold. And we’re all for dragging our friends along for the adventure too.

But the leprechaun’s are not ones for giving up their gold hiding secrets too easily. No, they challenged the boys to seek out and follow all the trees with green and orange ribbons. Great excitement when Keane, Cullen, Cannon and Harvey find the first tree.

Onwards with eyes peeled for the next ribbon wearing tree.

Better hustle Harvey, don’t want to miss out on the gold.

Harvey believes he’s spotted another tree. Cannon uses his binoculars to confirm it.

And there it is.

Keane and Cullen team up to find another. And honestly, all I have to do is have one more child, put a white t-shirt on him/her and I’d have myself a living breathing Irish flag.

Again Cannon confirms each ribbon find with his binoculars.

Harvey, striking a pose for the camera while the other boys busy themselves with ribbons.

Trying to tear down the ribbons.

Wait a second, have we stumbled across the spot where the leprechauns have buried their gold?? Start the digging.

Harvey clearly not one for the manual work. He sees himself more as the observer/supervisor.

We think we’ve found something.

Could it be?

It almost definitely looks like gold.

It is!

But this is no ordinary gold, its chocolate.

Cullen making sure he secures his share of the pot.

I’ve a feeling the boys would have been gutted if the gold was in fact real. Chocolate is way more valuable.

Rescued from a sticky mud situation, poor Harveys boots are weighed down with dirt.

Flying the flag.

With half the forest sticking to his boots poor Harvey’s pace is compromised.

The big boys reliving the hunt.

City Life

March 15, 2016

Momma had to do some things in the city. So if they were good and listened, I promised my 2 suburban country boys that I would take them to Piedmont Park,  the big park right in the middle of downtown Atlanta. We don’t go into the city much, but when we do, the boys are always in complete awe of all of the tall buildings. Wanting to know how in the world the builders were able to build them so high? Or who built the crane that built the buildings? And when can we get an apartment in the city? Simple questions, but with not so simple answers that only lead to lots more question. Thats when you bust out the distraction announcements, “Oh look, a funny man wearing a tutu tossing a baton, thats Baton Bob.” You don’t see that kind of stuff in suburbia. Unfortunately that just lead to a whole bunch of other questions, primarily centered around a tutu wearing baton tossing man.

For the week thats in it (St. Patricks Day week) we plan to be all up in your face about our Irishness the ENTIRE week.

City ducks, unlike country ducks are a lot less intimidated by people. Or maybe they just love Irish people.

Apparently Cullen didn’t want his brother to stop him falling into the water.

When Cullen does let Keane take care of him, cute moments happen.

City skyline.

We don’t go anywhere without cars, trucks or dinosaurs these days,

More duck spotting.

Bridges can be the best fun.

We met a boy who shared the exact same interest in bridge running.

Keane and Cullen play the roaring game again.

Cullen then roars in his new friends face, you know, as a way of bonding and letting him know he’d been accepted as a friend. Luckily the boy is the exact same age as Keane and was totally into the roaring game. Phew!

A turtle.

The boys pause what their doing to turtle watch.

“If you boys promise not to fall in, I’ll take you to the playground and treat you to a lollipop”.

Off to the playground and Cullen was in heaven with the fire truck.

Keane quickly discovered he was not going to get across the wobbly poles using this technique.

There we go.

Cullen off for a slide in the background, while Keane makes it the entire way across.

Beats by Dr Keane Bean.

Dirt digging.

Playing In The Dirt

March 12, 2016

Walks are never just walks anymore. Walks can take hours and during those hours you’d be doing well if you even covered a mile. Thats how it goes when there’s just so much that needs climbing, digging, throwing and exploring. This particular morning it was a massive mound of dirt and roots from a recently fallen tree that grabbed the boys attention. Quick as a flash the 2 of them were off the trail, scrambling and hurdling all kinds of forest debris in a mad effort to get to and up on the mud mountain.

Am so glad I’m not too particular about the boys clothes and their ability to never keep them clean.

I’ve no idea what happened here but I’m loving the reactions on both their faces.

Its funny to throw dirt at momma apparently.

A face full of dirty.

Happy happy.

Suddenly Keane notices Cullen has dirt all over his face.

And thinks its hilarious.

Cullen doesn’t appreciate being mocked.

A game both of them like to play right now, roaring like dinosaurs in each others faces.

Finally done and ready to continue on with the rest of the walk.

Snow Mountain Day 2016

March 8, 2016

Spring has suddenly sprung here in Georgia. Literally overnight the sun has started bouncing itself up into the sky and after the initial morning chill, the temperatures are creeping up to and holding steadily at warm and toasty. But lets flash back to just over a week ago, when all was still cold, very cold and we were wearing our oversized puffy jackets and excited to drink hot beverages to combat said chill. Well thats when we spent the day at “Snow Mountain” in Stone Mountain Park with our good friend Bryson. Now Georgia is not typically known for having snowy winters, but the good people at Stone Mountain have somehow figured out a way to manufacture snow, so that the good people of Georgia can partake in all of fun that goes along with a traditional winter of snow.

Bryson and Keane, look how happy and excited.

Gone, in a hurry to find the snow.

Stone Mountain itself.

Hello cuites.

First order of business, snow angels. Now because the snow was manufactured, it was a little on the icy side. To be honest there was nothing fluffy and inviting about it, and it actually hurt to dig in and slip on, can’t imagine how it would feel to take a snowball to the face, would almost defiantly require stitches. But of course we, the mommas didn’t want to ruin any of it for the boys, so we kept the small details to ourselves and powered on with the fun.

You can tell by Keane’s face that this is no soft and fluffy snow flurry, this sh*t hurts.

Up first on the tubing, Cullen.

Off he goes. Back shots initially cos momma had to be there not only for the push-off, but to offer a little reassurance.

Keane’s maiden voyage.

And yes, they had to drag their own tubes back up the ramp.

Now we are all comfortable enough to take it on solo.


Cullen found himself a shovel and all of a sudden that took precedence over tubing.

A coordinated downhill for the boys.

The faces say it all.

Cullen and I make great progress with our tiny snowman.

And behind us Keane has moved on to the sledding.

Another Keane and Bryson sled.

In the background Keane takes a tumble while Bryson powers on.

Shaking it off.

So Cullen demanded a go on the sled. And I’m not going to lie, I was very nervous. Unlike the tubing he wasn’t packed in all safe and tight. Would he figure out how to hold himself on??

I’m literally shooting and moving towards him at the same time in case I need to rush in and rescue him from a tumble.

But he nailed it! Phew, safe and sound.

And of course you need to build a snowman.

But for some reason this guys head wouldn’t stay on.

Cullen thinks its hilarious.

Damage control for our now headless snowman.

Busted, now we know who was really building the snowman, the mommas.

Cullen takes a break from trying to reattach the snowman’s head to take another ride in the tube.

Once at the bottom, its hard to get oneself out.

No luck with the snowman repair, so the boys just demolished him.

Almost Real Time

March 6, 2016

So we are almost done with the sharing of the traveling photos. I know it may feel a little dragged out to you the reader, but to me the writer and share’er of it all, its been just what I needed. In the weeks since our return I haven’t been doing a whole lot of shooting, life has managed to bombard us with curve ball after curve ball and I’ve just been doggy paddling my way through the days, trying desperate to keep all balls in the air and heads above water. So the vacation sharing snaps have saved the blog from several otherwise silent weeks. But the end is nigh and soon we will find ourselves back to some “real time” photo blogs. But before that lets take a glimpse at something we found waiting for us upon or arrival home. During a pretty aggressive storm one of the trees next to our driveway blew down. Now if it wasn’t for the 3 strong and more than capable mini-men I had at my house, I might have been concerned as to how we were going to deal with the situation.

The mini-men assess and bring all kinds of equipment to handle the clean up.

A lot of careful staring happening.

My friend Caitriona and her son Ronan flew back with us from Ireland. It was totally planned. We were moral support and back up for each other, not to mention the fact that now getting the opportunity to pee was a definite possibility since we could tag in and out of watching the boys. No more holding it for 7 or more hours cos on top of everything else, its just not worth the extra struggle.

Cullen on load-up and clean-up duties.

Am not exactly sure want Ronan’s “assigned” job was, I think it was just to look busy.

I fight you momma”

Oh and the back pack, not sure why, but Cullen demanded wearing it.

Oh Lawrd, a head on collision.

Keane in drive mode, trying his best to force Cullen back. Cullen is pissed but holding his ground. He will not be forced to retreat.

Until Keane agreed to let him play with the rear digger scoop. Then calmness was restored.

I knew from the look on Cullen’s face that Keane’s days of having full access to the digger were coming to an end. Cullen now demands his share of the digger fun.

Ronan on a solo mission.

Lunch, nap and then it was a train take over.

Everyone playing so well. Sharing and having a great time.