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Gaining Smarts

March 31, 2016

One of the perks of motherhood is getting the opportunity to become a much smarter version of your current self, on subjects that up to this point you had little to no interest in. Whatever they’re into, those are the books your reading and they are the exhibits and museums you find yourself planning visits to. Right now my 2 are all about vehicles and dinosaurs, so this week we planned a visit to the Tellus Science Museum.

We had just pulled into the car park and this was what greeted us. A small exhibit of vehicles. Jackpot!

We almost didn’t have to go into the museum itself they were so excited by all of these oversized boy toys.

We love us some caterpillar wheels.

Now this is a monster truck. Initially Cullen was a little intimidated, but as you can see, Keane was do a jig happy to be in the presence of such a truck, so Cullen eventually warmed up to it.

I did a little reading cos I was curious as to what a truck of this size was used for. Well, it just so happens that it was used in the gold mines of Nevada, removing all kinds of massive rocks and rubble. And its so big that its too big to even drive on the highways and interstates of the US, its brought in in parts and assembled at the site. This educational moment was brought to you by me! Your welcome.

Cullen a little upset about leaving the trucks.

But everything was ok when we walked into the museum and saw this bad boy of dinosaur bones. The boys even sat in on a class that was learning all about the apatosaurus.

Keane is all ears and Cullen is making sure momma isn’t too far away.

The leader of our visit and chief of following the map.

Even more dinosaurs.

The boys all hands on thinking it was some sort of prehistoric rock.

Come to find out it was dinosaur poop.

Choo-Choos and a happy Cullen.

I tried to explain all things carriages and horses to the boys, and how that was the mode of transportation long ago, but they looked at me like I was crazy.

Getting up close to an airplane propeller.

All things space.

An astronaut suit that Keane was a too short to reach. You can just make out the top of his head on the right.

The gemology section and we are panning for gold.

Our t-shirts got soaked during our pan for treasure, so it was off to the gift shop for some new shirts to go dig for fossils in.

Hmmm, 2 very different things happening inside the brains of both these boys.

Oh and as well as t-shirts, they each got a giant dinosaurs. Damn you gift shop.

On the way out we paused to say  ”good-bye” to Mr. apatosaurus.

Easter 2016

March 29, 2016

It rained, all weekend long, but Easter is a rain or shine event. So dress accordingly. Get yourselves out there. Those eggs won’t find themselves.

I don’t think the lads even realized it was raining, the focus was all eggs.

A little extra effort needed from Keane to reach these eggs.

While Keane was busy with the climbing wall eggs, Cullen noticed and swooped in for the eggs hidden under the wall.

The race for more eggs.

Ever the thoughtful one, Keane shares one of his finds with Cullen.

Cullen spots something under the slide.

Keane spots the same something.

And Keane gets to it first.

Smug pride all over his face.

Everybody is doing well.

Wait a second, theres a bigger than average egg hiding in the treehouse.

Cullen notices another bigger than average egg.

We all want to know whats inside these.

Chocolate bunnies.

And Dinotrux.

And monster trucks.

A family shot, in B&W cos its a little kinder to the wet looking grown-ups.

Time to crack open a few eggs.

And visual proof that I did actually decorate our table with the boys egg basket art pieces.

We have a couple of friends from Ireland and Hungry visiting us right now, and it just happened to be our friend Pete’s birthday Easter Sunday and whats a birthday without cake. Contrary to what the candle would have you believe, Pete is not “2″, but Cullen was a month ago and thats all the candles we had in the house.

When your of an age that you need a couple of young lungs to help with the candle blowing.

And now we’re full of food and sugar and wearing our eggs as hats.

Easter Prep

March 26, 2016

Its the day before Easter and preparations are finally under way. Last minute-dot-com is how we roll in this house. The boys spent the afternoon working on the centre-pieces for tomorrow Easter dinner. More than just the eggs ended up getting the decorative treatment. Lets just say its going to be a very Dinosaur/Monster Truck type Easter celebration.

Cullen was all for lashing a bit of everything on his eggs.

Delighted with himself.

Keane switching things up by painting the claws of his dinosaurs and stamping his eggs with dino-footprints

A festive pink dino-print.

Fancy fluffy balls were added to this overly clawed fella.

Cullen’s focus switches to decorating his monster trucks.

Then it was our hands.

Finally putting together the finished centre pieces for tomorrows dinner table.

You can tell this ones Cullen’s, the truck kind of gives it away.

And this one is Keane’s, cos of the dinosaur.

The work station. Left for yours truly to clean up.

Reptilian Birthday

March 23, 2016

Today we are sharing some photos from the reptilian celebration that was the 4th birthday party for our good friend Bryson’s this past weekend. Like most of our boys in this age bracket, Bryson is into all things creatures and bugs and dinosaurs, so having someone come with trunks and cages full of creatures was the perfect treat for all. But the reactions to these creatures was so varied and entertaining. For some it was fear and tears, others it was curiosity but from a safe distance and for a small number of kids it was joy and an eagerness to touch.

Birthday boy Bryson got to sit in a very special seat next to Mr. Greg the reptile man.

So don’t ask me the names of all the various creatures that pop up in these photos, my answers will be very vague and general, for example, here we have a smallish lizard.

Birthday boy gets to hold him/her…

….and then walk it around to his friend so they could get a closer look and touch. Little girl to the left, wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

Here we have a small snake.

Keane’s impressed.

Bryson was not a fan of the snakes, so Mr. Greg walked him around for everyone to look at. Keane completely unfazed.

So now we’ve moved onto the big lizards. At this point Bryson was more comfortable watching the show from the safety of dads lap.

I looked around in time to see this moment of Keane reassuring Cullen that everything was ok.

Again, not a bother on Keane, up and over for the touch.

Ok now, this situation right here, not a fan of it, not one bit. Thats a no joke snake.

These curious boys slide up even closer to her a better look.

Nerves of steel, honestly, has to get it from his dad cos sure as sh#t its not from his mom.

Cullen on the other hand was just like mom, “oh I’m ok watching from way back here.

It was the toy snakes that Cullen was more interested in. He even shared his water with this one.

With all the creatures safely away, it was cake time.

Look at that happy shy face.

Cupcakes for the lads.

Sugared up and time to hit the bouncy house. Keane gives Cullen some assistance by using the dragging method. And Cullen in the bouncy house meant that momma had to get in too to help protect him from the falling bodies of bigger kids. So that was my cue to put the camera away and focus on the play safety of my youngest.

That Feeling Of Failing

March 21, 2016

Honesty alert! I’ve just come out of a rough few days with the kids. The kind of days where you don’t know if your the moody bitch or if its all them. The kind of days when you just feel like your failing. No matter what you do or how hard you try, one of them is pissed. Sometimes having 2 kids is just pure struggle. I can be an awesome mom to one, fighting dinosaurs with Keane, making car ramps with Cullen, playing tag with Keane, dancing and singing to nursery rhythms with Cullen, learning to read with Keane, reading books with lots of lift-flaps to Cullen. Its all fun and games until theres two of them, each demanding my attention and participation in 2 completely unrelated activities. Then its mass chaos and nobody seems to be happy. Its in those moments you find yourself suddenly being introduced to some pretty ugly versions of yourself as a mother, irritable, grouchy and short tempered, to name just a few. Nothing will humble you more in this world than having kids #truth. Its a day by day game of survival and its a total mom win when you can hold it together, work through the chaos and get to a place where order is restored. You’ve negotiated an activity that pleases both kids or figured out a system that everyone agrees on, albeit begrudgingly. Then you cross your fingers and hope it lasts more than a few minutes before you have to handle the next catastrophe.

One of these days what I need to do it pick up my camera, in the midst of one of these chaotic moments and take a few snaps of the more challenging side of parenting. However, taking photos is absolutely the last thing on your mind when your trying to regain control of a sinking ship. Anyway, enough of the gross admissions, lets power on with some photos of a mom-win. Yes, 20 minutes prior to my capturing these, we were inside losing our minds cos somebody kept knocking down something the other was trying to build. Or one kept taking the toy the other was just about to play with. Its was complex, it was messy and it was causing momma to lose her mind. In a lightbulb moment I suggested digging in the dirt with our new Dino Trux, for the win.

Order is restored and we are all besties again.

Cullen wants to share his stick finds with momma.

Done with the Dino Trux and suddenly Keane wants to play with Cullen’s dump truck. I’ll admit I was nervous and cautiously watching for Cullen’s reaction to this bold move by Keane. But he was too busy stealing a ride on Keane’s digger to care.

Flexing to show his power.

This is why Cullen showed no interest in Keane’s dump truck stealing.

Even when Keane raced right past him, he didn’t even flinch, Dino Trux and diggers was his happy place.