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January 17, 2016

So sometimes there’s really just nothing to say. It was a routine weekend, consisting mostly of us trying to get our lives and our home organized. We set up a new playroom for the boys, thus liberating our living space of all kinds of little boy clutter. And we whacked a few bushes, as a way of blowing off steam but mostly cos they were looking a little overgrown. Other than that, nada. As usual the boys were eager to help and I thought it would be so fun to let them sit on top of the pile of bush trimmings as I dragged them off to be discarded. The bush trimmings, not the kids.

Well as you can see, Cullen is having zero fun.

And Keane is pouting cos he wanted to sit up front and “drive” the wagon.

Misery all round.

Eventually everyone got their way. Keane got to “drive” and Cullen was freed from the pile. But it wasn’t long before Keane realized he actually needed someone to push. So he enlisted Cullen.

But in no time at all, Cullen was over it.

So Keane headed off to climb the vines instead.

Equal Opportunity

January 13, 2016

When we made the decision to have baby no.2 (Cullen), I was determine to ensure that baby no.1 (Keane) still got to do all of the things he enjoyed. Having a baby bother was meant to enhance life, for all of us, not meant to force Keane to sacrifice. At the same time I was determine to ensure that just because he was 2nd born, and life all of a sudden became busier and often felt unmanageable, especially when trying to balance the infant-toddler cross over phase, baby no.2 (Cullen) would also get the same opportunities as baby no. 1 (Keane). It hasn’t been easy (I will spare you the details of my first world problems) but as ugly, confusing and busy as the days get, we’ve figured it out. True I’ve aged 12 years in the past 3 years and operate in a permanent state of sleep deprivation, but as long as these tiny little dictators and leeches of life, not to mention bank account drainers are happy, then all is right in the world. Besides, all of this means the lads will turn out to be amazing adult humans, who will take the best care of their mother and father in their old age, just like we took amazing care of them in their young age, right?!? I guess time will tell.

Just like his big brother, since the age of 6 months, Cullen has enjoyed his weekly swim class. But 3 months ago he and his little friend Wyatt progressed to the bigger boy swim class. No more momma in the pool. Now we learn all by ourselves.

Cullen’s teacher Ms. Jackie.

Time to practice our under water breath control.

Hooray! High-Fives for an amazing crawl and amazing breath control.

When its his turn Wyatt likes to make a real entrance.

Wyatt also nails the crawl and breath control skill.

A celebration splash.

These 2 are so cute. Sometimes they interact like a couple of old men sharing a joke over a pint at the pub.

Working on the back float.

Wyatt’s back float.

Keeping things fun with some ball throwing games.

And some star tosses.

Big brave step by Cullen as he works on his solo swim and turn.

Proud and happy.

A friendly game of splash to finish.

Outside in the car park the boys find a bird table full of water and have the best time playing. Fun at swim class – $$$$. Fun at bird table filled with rain water – FREE!

Check it out Wyatt, A ROCK!


Cullen makes Wyatt smell the leaf, don’t ask me why, but they think its hilarious.

The Rock N’Roll Lifestyle

January 9, 2016

This right here, the reason The Husband and I are NOT saving for retirement. Our kids are going to be ROCK STARS. Nuff said (drops the mike, walks off stage with smug swagger). And I can do that cos I’m a rock n’ roll momma now. So hotels around the world beware, I will be the elderly lady, dressed age inappropriately in leather pants, or worse, cut off leather butt shorts, with accompanying low cut tops, draggin a bottle of something strong enough to ignite, checking-in with last weeks make-up still running down my face and planning to rip your tv’s off the wall and toss them out the window. After all, I’m the momma of the lead singer and drummer. Can’t get more bad ass than that.

But first we practice. Cullen on mike, our friend Bryson on bongo’s and Keane on drums.

Oh we’re into it now.

Owning that mike.

Get it Bryson.

Beating the hell out of those drums.

Just to ensure everyone can hold a note we take turns working the vocal cords on the mike.

Time for the brothers to jam.

Not to worry Cullen, I hear Mick Jagger had the same issues when he started out.

Now we’re motor’n.

Welcome Concord

January 6, 2016

In addition to all of the toys and gifts that arrived at Christmas, we also welcomed an addition of the baby kind, a baby dinosaur. Keane is still very much in his dinosaur phase and one of his Christmas gifts happened to be a dinosaur egg that submerged in water, over the span of 3 days, slowly hatches and out comes a baby dinosaur. And he is completely OBSESSED with this baby dinosaur he’s calling “Concord”. The name has zero meaning, he just pulled it out of his a$$ (does that phrase translate outside of Ireland?? Guess we’re about to find out) when I put him on the spot by asking if he had a name for the new baby. And since his arrival last week, Concord has not left Keane’s side. We even made him his own little dino bed so he can sleep next to Keane’s bed at night. But the main goal is not to feed him too much. By holding back on his food consumption, Keane believes this will stop him growing into a big dinosaur and possibly eating not just all of us, but the house too, “that includes the roof momma, and probably all of the trees outside.” And really, thats a situation none of us want to deal with, not heading into a brand new year, an Olympic new year at that. So for now Concord just gets water. Water is the secret to keeping him a baby.

I’m going to be Concord’s dino momma, cos he doesn’t have a real dinosaur momma.”

Little Concord. Keane has identified the dinosaur as a pterodactyl due to the pointer thing on it head. But as we all know, pterodactyl’s had wings, and apparently Concord will get his wings when he gets bigger, “but not too much bigger, cos remember we don’t want the dinosaur to eat us.”

Concords bed.

Seeing Keane walk around with his baby dinosaur in a box, Cullen was demanding that he too be given a box with a blanket for his baby.

Cullen’s baby was of course, a truck.

And he was so happy and proud to give it its very own bed.

All tucked in.

Christmas Is So Last Year

January 3, 2016

Ok, its Monday, after a little Christmas hiatus its time to kick the blogging up a notch apparently. Or so I was told via text message loaded with toneage from a friend yesterday morning. See, we all have someone to answer to, #bosslady, you know who you are. And even though Christmas is so last year at this point, I never really got around to sharing some of our Christmas morning photos, so lets rectify that situation right now.

Anyone want to take a guess at what Santa brought Keane?

Santa also brought Keane a tow-truck, but someone else took possession of it.

Slippers for everyone thanks to Granny & Granddad.

Cullen finally got around to checking out his Santa gift, a Thomas roller coaster.

But apparently nobody wanted to play with their own toys. Cullen throwing Keane some shade for stealing a go on his gift.

Like a lord.

Big brother gives him a push off.

A break in the rain that consumed us this Christmas and it was time to take the digger out for a dig.

Dexter looks impressed.

Didn’t take him long to find the mud.

And here comes Cullen, also on the hunt for a good mud puddle.

The face = “I love me some mud”

And here we go.

Its still unclear if Cullen stumbled or was pushed.

Keane felt bad enough to help him back in the mud.

Time to drive these vehicles into the mud.

Happy as a little pig in the dirt.

Lets really put this digger to the test.

Somebody wanted to be pushed around in his truck.

After finally getting Cullen inside for a shower, I looked out the window to see Keane partially dressed helping Daddy hose off his digger.