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Climate Change

January 30, 2016

We are on the move again, this time we are headed to Florida to spend the weekend with the Doyle family, who are there currently giving themselves a break from the Massachusetts snow. The its onwards to Ireland to spend a week with the Shinkins family. So right now I’m in full on crazy pack mode. Packing myself and the boys up for 2 very different trips and climates. Warm and toasty Florida, then chilly but hopefully with minimum rain Ireland. The stress of it all. Anyway, all this means a break from the blog for the next 2 weeks. But back with hopefully plenty of photos to share upon our return.

Let me leave y’all with this picture Keane drew for his teacher Birthday card. Its a monster truck and he was so proud of it he asked me to take a photo.

Baby Bear Par Duex

January 28, 2016

Baby Bear was actually suppose to spend his weekend with one of Keane’s other classmates, but Friday the little girl wasn’t feeling well so her momma kept her home. Keane however, volunteered to take Baby Bear home for another stay at the Doyle house. I was in full support of Keane’s spontaneous decision, cos when Bear Bear comes to visit, he makes momma’s life run a little bit smoother. He’s my ally, my not so secret weapon in kid productivity. “Show Baby Bear how you eat all your dinner”.See your cars, all over the floor? Well Baby Bear would love to see where they go and how fast you can put them away.” “Look how tired Baby Bear is from his day of non-stop fun, lets show him how we put on our pajamas, brush our teeth and jump into bed for story time.” Days with kids can be long and challenging, use what you have to to survive, thats what I say. Then, for each survived day, reward yourself with at least 1 glass of wine, 2 for the particularity grueling days that saw you almost go Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. Cheers! Now on with the Baby Bear show.

Friday evening there was a small snow flurry, the boys and Baby Bear watched from the window.

We quickly put on our jackets and boots, but it didn’t stick. Now we were just a couple of kids with a bear, playing in the cold, wet evening. We tried to get a group shot but Baby Bears hat kept falling off and became a major distraction.

I wonder when it is they stop showing interest in puddles, not anytime soon judging by my 2.

Friday nights the boys like to make pizza and watch a movie, and as our guest, Baby Bear is expected to like the same things.

Sometimes Cullen forgets he has hands.

Now we’re all at it.

Saturday morning, hooray for the snow.

And of course you saw these photos of Baby Bears trip to the Dino exhibit.

Baby Bear also comes with some books featuring bears, and after reading “We’re going on a Bear hunt” the boys wanted to make their own bears, using glue and coffee for the fur.

My kitchen smelled like a trendy coffee house for the duration of this project.

Cullen showing more interest in painting glue and coffee onto the table than the paper.

Sure go right ahead and dump all on there.

The champion taste tester.

I think he liked it ; )

Prehistoric Sunday

January 26, 2016

Its all about dinosaurs and trucks in the house these days. For almost a year now Keane has been living in s state of obsession over all things dinosaur. He has his favorite books that we read over and over again. His favourite dinosaur TV shows that we watch everyday while eating lunch. And he has his favorite dinosaur, Concord, the dinosaur recently hatched from the egg he got for Christmas. Honest to goodness, I could rock up to any of the major universities right now, and completely ace my doctorate, or at the least, a masters in paleontology (the study of dinosaurs), such is the depth of my dinosaur knowledge these days. Cullen is the one that lives and breaths all things truck, but like the rest of us, he too has been dragged along on the dinosaur train and can even identify a few of the more popular dinosaurs and some of their stand out features. But his favorite thing to do it crash into Keane’s dinosaurs with his monster trucks. This is Keane’s least favorite game.

Last week while driving the radio announced a Dinosaur exhibition that was going to be in Atlanta for just one weekend. So I called the Husband, told him to cancel all his plans for Sunday cos we were about to go prehistoric.

From the moment I told him Keane was in countdown mode. In the days leading up to the exhibit he would go to the website and watch the 30 second promo video over and over and over again.

As the day grew closer I was getting a little concerned about the fear factor. These dinos weren’t small, they were lifelike and they moved and growled, I was sure this was about to lead me into days, maybe weeks of traumatizing nightmares.

But as you can see, Keane was in dino heaven. Cullen was unsure. He stared uncomfortably, and when the dinosaurs moved or roared, he walked steadily towards me, throwing the dinosaurs a few side-eyes just to make sure they weren’t following him and remained very close to mommas side for most of the exhibit.

You may remember Baby Bear, he’s a bear at Keane’s school and each weekend one of the kids gets to take Baby Bear home and include him on all of their weekend adventures. Well, it was Keane’s turn again this weekend, so thats why you see him popping up in some of the photos. I’ll be doing a separate blog post on what we did for Baby Bear’s second visit with our family soon.

Just a little note on the tops the boys are wearing. Sunday morning before we left to go to the exhibit, The Husband handed me the tops and told me this is what the boys had to wear. They were Patriots tops (his favorite football team), a gift from their grandma and cos the Patriots were playing the NFL playoffs later that day, the boys had to show the world who they were cheering for. Well, come to find out later, they were actually pajama tops. Yep, the boys wore half pajamas to the dinosaur exhibit. And for all the non-NFL followers out there, the Patriots ended up losing. Sorry people of New England, I know the wounds are still fresh.

Now Cullen was a big fan of the baby dinosaur. Less threatening.

As was Keane.

Screams of excited fear.

Entering the play zone.

Cullen gives his loudest T-Rex roar.

Bouncy castles, slides and all things inflatable.

Digging for fossils.

Let It Snow 2016

January 24, 2016

So this happened over the weekend, SNOW! Not alot, and only for a few hours. But enough to create some excitement and get us up and out into the freezing cold not long after the sun rose.

The boys watching the snow fall as I try to make breakfast quickly due to little boy impatience to get outside.

And we are off on our snow exploration.

Mouths open trying to catch some snowflakes.

Cullen sneaks off to touch the snow.

Verdict: COLD

Keane the climber.


Couldn’t resist a taste.


Keane found some kind of sink hole and for some reason both lads loved stomping around in it.

Until Cullen didn’t want to share and Keane was over being yelled at.

So he went and found a new, bigger sink hole away from his hostile younger brother.

Dexter, having the best time.

The 2-legged and 4-legged boys.

Puddles, always on the hunt for puddles.

This is our fire-pit, now full of water cos of all the rain and frozen cos of the snow.


Group shot to finish.

The Creative Zone

January 21, 2016

I’m disorganized by nature. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging. I want so desperately to be the girl who has a place for everything and everything in its place, but like I said, its not my nature. I know where everything is mind you, which is bizarre, but its been said that creative people live chaotic lives, so for the sake of some inner peace, lets go ahead and call me a creative, that way if you show up unannounced to my home and catch me in all of my disorganized glory, you will simply smile, nod your head in knowing acceptance and say “would ya look at her there in a whirlwind of creativity, sure isn’t she great“. And I will be liberated from feelings of embarrassment and shame that my house fails to maintain a magazine style standard of flawless living, but rather nurtures an environment of creativity. Honestly, nurturing this particular environment is not hard with two boys under the age of 4 who think nothing of spending their days undoing any and all of my attempted organizing efforts just so they can build forts, tunnels and slides. I mean one minute my bed is nicely made, the next minute I pass my 3 year old in the hallway, dragging his little brother on the very blanket I had just so nicely made. But look, in all fairness, I was disorganized before the lads arrived, so lets not even try and shovel the blame in their direction.

This week however, I’ve been putting forward a decent effort in trying to get control of the “creativity” around the house. Making big efforts to do all of those small annoying things you say your going to do but don’t, like mail your parents their Christmas presents (look, its done now so lets not focus on the fact that its mid-late January). Downsizing the junk drawers into 1, yes 1 junk drawer. Remove the 3 (or more) empty shampoo bottles sitting, in an orderly fashion I hasten to add, for who knows how long from the shower. Set the kids up with their own play room, in the hopes that play time messes will now be contained to one special area of the house. Yep, all you moms out there can just imagine how well thats playing out in real time. Basically, its not. And I still have yet to decide which is worse, stepping barefoot on a matchbox car or a lego. I’ve also been spending some time organizing and cleaning up my hard drives. Hard drives filled with photos of the boys. And during the process I came across these photos from our trip to the Southern Railway museum back in November. Didn’t get around to sharing them at the time, but here ya go now.

I wasn’t actually sure if the boys would enjoy the museum. As well as the train stuff, there’s a lot about the civil war which obviously means nothing to them right now, but surprisingly they were into it. Here they are gob smacked by a life-sized General Lee on his horse.

Before our visit to the museum they had no idea what a wagon or a cowboy or a gun was. By the end they wanted a wagon, to be a cowboy and for momma to go get them some guns. Remember when kids playing with guns (I’m talking toy guns obviously) was viewed as innocent fun?? Not so much nowadays.

In awe of the wheels. Everyone wanted to give them a sneaky touch.

Cullen waited for just the right moment. When he was alone and then…….

…boom, in for the touch.


Wyatt couldn’t believe he was standing next to a real train.

Neither could Cullen.

Our field trip leader, Keane.

This room right here was the highlight of the day. You’ll notice a small train track and train just above all of the photos. Well this train when activated by a red button, ran the length of the wall.

A close-up of the little train.

And it looks like Cullen found the red button.

Of course everyone wanted to give it a push.

Then it became a game of push the button and race the train.

The train is off and so is Cullen.

I’m not lying when I tell you that these boys chased this train up and down the room for almost an hour. Every time we tried to move on, they refused.

We eventually discovered the existence of a play area and that was the only way we got the boys to move on.

Happy to have some hands on playtime.

Keane driving a train in the train simulator.

Cullen and Wyatt get their turn too.