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Climate Cake

November 15, 2015

Am starting to feel a little like someone who talks about the weather cos they’re run out of other possibly more interesting things to talk about, and its true. In our small corner of the world, things have been pretty uneventful. The rain has finally stopped but the cold is most definitely here. Looks like we can’t have our climate cake and eat it, warm & wet, or dry & sunny but cold. For now I’m perfectly happy with the second option, just as long as mother nature doesn’t decide to get all crazy and start giving us any kind of Baltic type cold.

Our chilly forest walk rocking a couple of new matching fleece thanks to the arrival of a care package all the way from granny and grandad in Ireland.

We found mushrooms.

Like A Boss

November 9, 2015

Last week Keane’s class had a visit from “the science lady” (his words). Science lady brought along a whole bunch of fruit and vegetables and showed the kids how to dissect them to find their seeds. At the end of class all the kids were given a small bag of seeds to take home and plant if they felt like it. Well Keane felt like it, so Sunday morning, in the rain (yes, its still raining) Keane enlisted a couple of helpers (Cullen & I) to assist him in planting the seeds. However, my first clue that this was not going to be your average pick a spot, dig and toss the seeds kind of planting experience was when Keane insisted he was going to need Daddy’s distance measurement device to help him pick the best spot. Ok, what?? But not wanting to be that mother who crushes all of her kids visions and dreams, no matter how small, I told him it was an amazing idea and absolutely the best way to approach the planting of the seeds. So off we went.

Having to carry the heavy equipment you can see he’s starting to rethink the idea, its all over his face.

Little brother was the delegated small parts transporter, buckets, spades, seeds.

The very expensive top and actual measuring part of the equipment has been entrusted to the 20 month old. So glad Daddy wasn’t around to see this.

This is where the big brother and boss like behavior started to show in Keane. There he is Lord of the measurement device, choosing the best place to dig. And there’s Cullen, waiting further instruction.

Making decisions and giving the orders like a boss.

A brief chat with subordinate Cullen to explain the plan.

And there goes Cullen, digging away as per his orders.

Once the hole is prepared to Keane’s satisfaction, he passes the seeds to Cullen.


While I wanted Keane to experience the thrill of being in charge, I also wanted him to know that being in charge meant helping too. Cos nobody wants to work for an asshole boss, even if he looks cute in his shorts, boots and race car jacket.

Now we’re operating as a team.

So we never forget where we planted the seeds, we built a small wall of twigs to mark the spot.

Rain Patriot

November 5, 2015

Hey Ireland, I hear you’ve been having unseasonably good weather this week. Well I just wanted to let you know, if your looking for your rain, we’ve got it. Its making 2 puddle loving little boys very happy, but it has me to the point that instead of doing one more load of wet muddy puddle laundry, I’d rather just go and buy them new socks, pants and underwear. I feel partly guilty, and partly like I want to fist bump myself for such an ingenious idea. The weekend is forecasting even more rain, as a service to my country, I’ll take it, but I swear, Monday morning, its all yours again.

Cullen spotted an airplane.

Lots and lots of jumping.

So Keane does this hand in face thing when he’s trying to stop Cullen doing something, it never stops him, just gives him major rage, lucky Cullen didn’t notice it this time. Its a habit of Keane’s we’re working hard on breaking.

This is Cullen’s attempt at a puddle jump.

A little fishing.

Keane is washing the driveway. Such a good helper.

Cullen wants Keane’s yellow bucket.

But camera down, I was able to show him just how much fun the green bucket was too. And order was restored.

Washing his boots.

Well I think this photo proves the boys are starting to look more alike, exact same facial expression going on here.


November 3, 2015

I feel like I’ve been spinning constantly since the beginning of last week. We are now officially in the holiday season and I’m going to need the energy of both a toddler and child combined if I’m to survive. Halloween week kicked my ass. 2 kids, in 2 separate schools, meant 2 different Halloween parties to prepare and contribute to, on top of the Halloween day itself. So much rushing around, so many costume changes, so many scary shaped edibles to try and make in a desperate attempt to look like “cool Pintrest mom” (epic fail there). By the end of the week I was shattered. Bare in mind I’m also someone who has trained and competed at an Olympic level, physical beatdowns was once my career, but there is nothing like the endless endurance and energy of a child to really just hammer you into the ground. That or I’m officially getting old.

Keane’s class Halloween party was just for his class, no momma’s allowed, not even the crazy camera happy mommas (sad face). But Cullen’s Halloween party was for the kids and parents, so guess who was there with her camera (happy face)??? When we walked in and Cullen saw the bouncy castle, I got his happy and amazed face.

Wiggling his way in.

Happy Face : )

This little car style mini roller coaster thing was popular with all the toddlers and kids. Everybody wanted a go, nobody was excited to wait their turn and some even tried to hold onto the car after their ride (middle finger to sharing). So many life lesson going on at once. Cullen managed to hop up on one of the less congested moments and got himself a little adrenaline ride.

Off to decorate a pumpkin.

So proud of his work.

A game of ring tossing with Batman and a random jungle baby.


Bean bag tossing from really really close. Can’t miss.

Eventually all the kids had to sit down together before lunch and Cullen was convinced momma was going to leave.

The “dont you dare leave me here” face.