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B*#ch Stole My Look

October 17, 2015

It was “Picture Day” for Keane this week, so Friday morning he headed off to school looking extra sharp. Before he left I took him outside to capture my own “unofficial” photos, and while Keane was busy working his cutesy camera face, who showed up rocking the exact same look? Daddy.

Daddy and Keane in a “B*#ch Stole My Look” moment.

Of course there was no getting Keane into the car until he raced his brother. Seriously, the one day he dresses nice, reluctantly I told him he could run 1 lap and then silently begged the gods of clean clothes to keep him on his feet. No falling, no kind of grass, mud or bird poop stain, pleeeaaassseee!

The race leader and Cullen, keeping the fight alive in the back.

Cullen in the “everyone’s a winner” position.

And while Keane went off to school lookin all fancy, Cullen and I stayed home lookin and makin a hot mess with some shaving foam art.

We’re only in the mixing phase but already things are very messy.

Yep, good color.


Now its time to paint.

A fire truck, for those moments when 6 brushes is not enough.

The Redemption Outing

October 14, 2015

You know you’ve had a great time at a place when 6 months later you find yourself back for a 2nd visit. And to think I almost canceled our trip to The Art Barn cos it was scheduled for the day after our pumpkin patch debacle. It just felt too soon. The wounds were still too fresh. This momma’s stress levels had not yet managed to stabilize, despite the half bottle of wine consumed (when the kids went to bed obvi. Motherhood has finally made a responsible drinker out of this momma). I was also afraid that the simple act of placing Cullen back in the car would bring on the flashbacks and send him into some kind of post traumatic pumpkin patch rage. But not wanting to disappoint Keane, who’d been talking about going to the farm with his friend Bryson for 2 weeks, I decided to dig deep and I bribed my 20 month old to do the same by dragging along some of his favorite toy cars and allowing him a lollipop after his breakfast. Yes, I was desperately trying to set our day off on the happiest foot possible. As it turns out, this was our redemption outing. The boys had an absolute blast. I can’t say enough positive things about The Art Barn. They really know how to show the kids a great time.

Bryson and Keane have been friends since they started taking swim class together at 6 months old. Now Cullen gets to be part of the gang and he absolutely loves Bryson. There he is, airborne with excitement.

Cullen is so happy.

The lads head off to check on the chickens.

Cullen belted out a few lines of “Old McDonald” for the chickens. Basically it sounded like “e-i-e-i-ooo, cluck-cluck-cluck, e-i-e-i-ooo”

Keane wandered off to give Alice the sheep a friendly rub.

Cullen and Bryson checking out the baby ducks.

Time to start helping out around the farm.

Team work.

Yes, even the youngest have to muck in.

Until they get distracted by the geese.

Bryson and Keane insist on getting a better view of the goats.


Even the donkeys need a brush down.

The boys making sure our friend stayed full and happy.

Next stop, bees. Look how happy Cullen and Bryson are about getting up close and personal to the bees.

Intense concentration.

Yay! Tractor ride.

A break for lunch and then a little painting project.

Finally getting to touch the baby ducks and chickens. This is our new friend Benjamin holding a baby duck.

Initially a little unsure about holding the baby chick.

But a minute or 2 later, Bryson found his courage.

Farmer Sue explaining to Keane how to make a nest with his hands.

Then places the little chick into his hand nest.

This time it was the chicks who got nervous.

Just a little touching from Cullen.

He was obsessed with all the baby chicks and ducks.

Keane found where the ducks had been hiding their eggs.

Some more farmyard chasing.

And duck waddling.

And lastly a group shot for an amazing day.

Pumpkin Pickin 2015

October 12, 2015

Its that time of year again, pumpkin pickin time and over the past 3 years we’ve managed to develop ourselves a little tradition when it comes to picking the pumpkins for our household.  It typically follows the pattern of a leisurely one and a half hour drive up into the North Georgia mountains, where we grab ourselves a tasty brunch at a mountain top lodge. Full and happy we then make our way to a gem of a pumpkin patch where we spend way too much time exploring pumpkins and I spend way too much time snapping pictures. Then we load up and drive home, happy. Well not this year. This year our pumpkin experience was a bit of a mare. Everything was going fine, until just over a mile and a half away from the pumpkin patch the traffic was suddenly at a standstill. Confused we assumed there must have been some kind of accident. After about 15 minutes of absolutely no moving we started to get very nervous. The kids had already been in the car for over an hour, and now here we were going nowhere for no reason we could see and they we starting to get restless. Slowly we began to crawl forward, and slowly we began to realize that the traffic we were in, was in fact pumpkin patch traffic. Apparently all of Georgia and its surrounding states had also discovered our gem of a pumpkin patch. This was not good. My friend Mike and I made the decision to skip brunch and power on with trying to get through this pumpkin picking challenge. Cos based on this traffic, it was going to be a major challenge. Immediately we started dishing out the snacks to the boys, singing nursery rhythm after nursery rhythm complete with seated dance moves, anything to keep their mooed happy and positive and distract them from the fact that we were still in the car and going nowhere fast. Then came the dreaded words from Keane, “momma, I need to pee-pee“. We had finally started to move along at a snails pace and there was just no way I was pulling out of the line to find somewhere for him to pee. Who knows how long it would take us to get back in. So risky a move as it was, we continued with our distraction tactics until Keane could hold it no longer. At that point we were meters away from the car park, but those meters could take another 10 -15 minutes to cover. So I decided to jump out with Keane and take him to the car park toilet and Mike would jump into the driver seat and continue on and park. Almost a full hour later we were finally at the pumpkin patch and things started to get better, until they didn’t. Initially the boys were just so happy to be freed from the car and very excited to be wandering around the thousands of pumpkins, but very quickly it all turned nasty. And by all, I mean Cullen. He was OVER it, everything. In his eyes there was no joy in this day. No oversized orange vegetable was going to turn his frustration around. We were too long in the car, there were too many people at the patch, he wanted to eat, he wanted to nap and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. We literally could not pick our pumpkins fast enough for him. Two and half hours in the car for 20 minutes or so at the patch, was so not worth it. Next year we find a new tradition in pumpkin picking, cos this years ship has most definitely sailed.

The initial joy of being freed from the car.

Raised eyebrow of determination to lift this here pumpkin.

Keane tells Mike he wants this one.

Cullen also wants a monster pumpkin.

Right here, this is the start of Cullen losing his mind.

But wait, he spots a puddle.

Breakdown on pause while he has himself a wee splash around.

But then this. Caption: “I f*#king hate pumpkins right now. All this for a stupid vegetable.” Then theres Keane in the background. Caption: “Momma, whats happening to Cullen? He’s scaring me.”

All the pumpkins in this patch and my boys get into it over this one.

Fine take it, I f*#king hate pumpkins anyway”.

He tried to rally one last time, but it was all too much for Cullen.

Keane quickly made the rest of his pumpkin choices.

Helping Mike with the big fellas.

Thinking Cullen might enjoy a ride in the wheelbarrow we put him in next to Keane. We were wrong and now even Keane has hit a wall.

This is what being over it looks like.

Lets just go.

Project Baby Bear

October 10, 2015

This week we were delighted to host a visit from Baby Bear. Baby Bear is the class bear from Keane’s school and each week he gets to go home with a different child from the class. He spends 4 days with the family, we journal his adventures in his special Bear Journal, take lots of photos for his Bear Album, then we repack him into his little back-pack and return him to the class where he readies himself for his next adventure with one of the other kids. Such a cute idea and Keane was totally into it, as was Cullen. Baby Bear came everywhere with us and was part of all of the play-time activities. He hijacked all of our conversations as Keane wondered how impressed Baby Bear was by all his skills and abilities and also why Baby Bear couldn’t stay with us forever. On the last day of his visit, as we wrote in Baby Bear’s journal and added all of the photos to his album Keane became very sad. He didn’t want Baby Bear to go back to school. He didn’t want him to go on adventures with the other kids, he wanted him to stay right here with us. I wasn’t sure what to say to soften the blow of Baby Bear’s departure, looking at Keane’s sad little face my brain was spinning, desperately trying to find the magic words that would fix everything. I’m not exactly sure how we got there, but somewhere in the conversation a bike ride was suddenly the solution to everything. Keane would take Baby Bear on a bike ride. That would make both him and Baby Bear less sad. Oh how I wish all of the challenges this momma faces on a daily basis with her precious kids could be solved with a bike ride. Anyway, onwards with some of the photos from out time with Baby Bear.

Because of all the rain we’ve been having, Keane’s soccer practice got cancelled, so off we went to the gym so Keane could kick his ball around and Baby Bear could watch of course.

Poor Baby Bear took a ball to the face.

But shook it off like the big bear he is.

Cullen wanted in on all the action too.

Like it or not Baby Bear was gonna get some Cullen time.

Of course there had to be some racing.

Hmmm, not sure how much Baby Bear loved the throwing game, but Keane did.

Our friend Matt.

Water and snack break.

Cullen loved Baby Bear.

Nothing to do with Baby Bear, just some random photos of the boys helping Daddy get in shape.

Bath time.

Off for a haircut and Baby Bear apparently wanted to sit in the airplane.

In a police car next to them was Cullen, hating every minute of his haircut.

All the rain meant there was no shortage of puddles to play in.

Baby Bear even got his own rain jacket and boots.

The bike ride that would soften the blow of Baby Bears departure.

One last hug.

Then it was back into his back-pack, ready for his return to school.

Cookie Date 2015

October 7, 2015

So the rain continued through the weekend and my phone began to buzz with S.O.S text messages from desperate and crazy housebound moms looking for something, anything to do with their desperate and crazy housebound kids. And because last years cookie decorating play date was such a big success, we decided it was time 2015 got a dose of the sprinkles. Cos injecting 6 boys, ranging in ages from 20 months to 4 years, who have been housebound for the best part of a week, with large amounts of sugar is ALWAYS a good idea. But in case you missed it earlier, we were desperate. So armed with our Starbucks (venti bitches, these mommas were not playin) we sucked down our caffeine and readied ourselves for whatever was about to happen.

Let the decorating begin.

Keane and Cannon.

Tongue out, Keane means business.

Keane’s works of sugary art.

Cannon’s funky little gingerbread man.

This is Jack a new friend who joined us for the day. He was so excited about his cookies.

Wyatt being very particular.

Cullen going for it. Hands in every sprinkle tub and straight into his mouth.

Harvey wasn’t a fan of the frosting, just the sprinkles.

Time to taste.

Wyatt thinks he likes it.

Jack looks nervous.

Keane’s cheeky face of approval.

And of course we had to end it all with a group shot.