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Pizza Pizza

July 16, 2015

Future amazing husbands in training. Ladies, years from now you can all thank me cos if nothing else, these boys can make a mean pizza. Is it a little on the messy side? Yes. Did most of the ingredients end up in their mouth rather than on the pizza? Yes. But none of that mattered, they were just so proud of themselves for cooking a delicious dinner for both themselves and momma to enjoy.

A little shocking to see their shaved little heads reappear, but here they both are, getting stuck into some pizza making. (All these photos were captured using my iPhone)

The finished product. Judging by Cullen’s reaction (he’s a little upset), I’m not sure his pizza turned out exactly how he envisioned. That or he’s pissed he has to wait for it to cool before he can eat it.

Its A Wrap

July 14, 2015

We’re finally at the end. The last post from our Oregon adventure. And yes I know I vented a great deal about our challenging accommodations, none of it fabricated by the way, all of it was truth. But the time we got to spend together as a family, the fun things we got to do, the challenging situations that brought the most colorful language out of momma (don’t repeat the words you’ve heard children) are what I hope the boys enjoyed and will remember most. Not that remembering should be an issue, I took care of that by shooting hundreds of photos so they never forget our 2 week Summer 2015 Gypsy Vacation.

So lets wrap it up with a Sunday morning boat ride. A break from the ocean to enjoy the peace of the lakes. The boys playing in a row boat as we wait for our non-row boat to be ready.

And we’re off.

Everyone wanted a turn to drive.

A small family of ducks.

Cullen was so excited to see the ducks and yelled “quack-quack” over and over just so they knew he was friendly.

Not quite sure what had Keane this happy.

On our last day in Oregon we drove back from the coast to Eugene. One more night in the camper van and it was back to fine house living. The camp ground we stayed at had this awesome tree and the boys couldn’t get enough of it.

Try as I might I couldn’t get a photo of the boys together. Attempt 1: We got Cullen looking at the camera but not Keane.

Attempt 2: Nobody is looking at the camera.

Attempt 3: Cullen is pissed cos Keane is messing with his hair.

Attempt 4: Something else has grabbed their attention.

Final attempt: I’ll take it. Keane giving his brother a hug, but judging by his face, I’m not sure Cullen really trusts his motivation.

Cullen believed he found a birds nest and kept telling me “birdie, tweet-tweet”.

Beach Bums

July 11, 2015

When you plan to spend an entire day on the beach with 2 little kids, “planning” is the key word. Kids have needs, lots of them, and when these needs are not met, you hear about it, as does anyone else within, well, hearing distance. So for our day at the beach with the boys, we brought it all. The basics like food, beverages, sunscreen, change of clothes and shelter. The entertainment like buckets & spades, sand-sled and kite. And lastly, but by no means leastly, we brought some pure kid excitement.

As soon as we arrived Cullen was off.

Keane didn’t even give us time to set up our day camp, he was so excited to try out the sand-sled.

Cullen was excited too, until….

..he took a tumble.

Didn’t like that at all.

So a joint ride with momma was in order, just to help restore the joy of the sled.

Daddy’s go.

On the next run Keane got ejected.

But took it all in stride.

After who knows how long playing on the sled, we finally set up camp.

The boys enjoyed some lunch.

Then settled down for a nap.

But as soon as they woke up, what did they want to do again? Sled of course. This time the boys go together.

Cullen still struggling to find the joy in this particular activity.

Eventually we convinced Keane to take a break from the dunes to fly a kite.

It was the perfect day for it, windy as heck.

Cullen loved the kite.

And everybody loves the ocean.

Someone took a tumble in the waves and needed to be rescued.

Heading home after a long, fun day.


July 8, 2015

We took a break from the beach for a day to take the boys bowling. Yes, bowling. I know, not really an activity you need to fly clean across the country to do, but the boys had never been, I can’t remember the last time I bowled, so bowling it was.

Keane had a bowling style all of his very own, the “drop and roll”.

Well pleased.

OMG, Cullen was in heaven with all of these balls. Balls are one of his favorite things right now and he made it very clear by repeating “ball, ball” over and over as he pointed and smiled excitedly.

A little assistance with ball placement.

A good push and away she goes.

Pleased with that, gives himself a little clap.

Later Keane’s technique of “drop and roll” somehow morphed itself into a “drop, roll and hit the floor” technique.

Another go.

Looks like he was very happy with that.

Cullen in awe watching the balls pop back out of the shoot.

The Sea Lion Caves

July 6, 2015

Its going to be a bit weird to suddenly see the boys reappear with a full heard of hair, but here we go with some more Oregon adventure photos. On this particular day we went to the Sea Lion caves to stare at a bunch of seals.

Not sure where Keane disappeared to but here we have Cullen.

Now Keane is back and ready to climb as usual.

Staring down at the seals, who were sunning themselves on some rocks.

There they all are.

Trying to get a closer look.

Then we took a walk down into the caves but there were only 2 bulls (male seals) hanging out there.

We spotted a cool light-house in the distance…..

.. and being as nosey as we are went to check it out.

The light-house was right next to a beach with some haystack rocks, a common view along the Oregon coast.



LOVED the sea and running away from and towards the waves.

Daddy and Keane cave exploring.

A photo of Daddy and Keane, but you’ll notice Cullen in the background making a dash for the ocean again. Momma had to end her shooting here to chase after him.