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Quality Time

July 30, 2015

The downside of being second born? The fact that you always have to share momma’s attention with your older sibling. I’m guilty of feeling guilty about this regularly. Motherhood, one big massive guilt trip, who knew? So when the opportunity for a little one-on-one action with my second born presents itself, I grab it with both hands. So the other day while Keane took his afternoon nap and Cullen flat out refused to take his, no matter how many stories I read, I decided we would spend a little quality time exploring the world of colours and colouring.

Such the little boy right now, how did that happen?

Baby masterpiece. He told me it was a ball, and I believe him.

Ask Cullen any of his colours and he will always say “bu” (blue). Its the only colour he can say, so be you orange, red, yellow or green, he will always tell you its “bu“.

My brown eyed boy.

Ta-dah! The middle picture is all Cullen’s and I think its amazing. The other 2 was just me drawing some of his favorite things, balls and trees, which he went ahead and helped me to colour.

Green’ish Fingers

July 28, 2015

From the moment we met it was like we’d always been friends, I was 10 and she was 8 and we’d both joined the local athletic (track) club in our town. She had a personality and sense of humor that was right up my street, funny with an edge of sarcasm, there was no BS, we took nothing too serious, not even the stuff we should have taken serious. Most of our training sessions we spent laughing. If we f*#ked up, we laughed, if we nailed it, we laughed, just showing up was grounds to laugh. Laughing was how we dealt with life and growing up and racing, weather we won or lost, we could always find something to laugh about. Then we grew up and went off to college, different colleges. After that we had different lives and different careers. We reconnected on and off over the years and every time we did, it was like nothing had changed, we seemed to pick up exactly where we left off. Several years ago through the wonder of Facebook, we found each other again and discovered we were both living in the US, she in Texas and me in Georgia and just like that, the friendship was reignited. Every year we talked about visiting each other, but there was always a reason it didn’t work out. Caitriona had her first baby, a few years later I had mine, then we both had our second babies, 4 days apart. Life was officially busy. But this past weekend Caitriona left her busy responsibilities in the hands of her very capable husband to jump on a plane so we could finally do all of our chatting in person.

Of course, on top of the girl-time we spent together, there was also that small role of mom that had to be maintained. Luckily Caitriona is an amazing mother to a 6 year old girl and a 17 month old boy, so getting stuck into our daytime projects was just a typical “day in the life” for her too. This past weekend the boys took on the job of prettying up the front of our house. So off to the garden center we went.

Cullen keeps a close guard of our cart while we begin the flower selection.

Keane and Caitriona team up to choose the flowers for his pot.

Decisions decisions.

Loading up.

Off for a wander.

And a run around.

Time for fun at the fountains.

Now Cullen finally knows what he wants.

More fountain feature splashing.

On the left Cullen is trying to drink the water, on the right Keane shows him how its really done.

Testing their new watering cans.

Back home and its time to get to work.

Looking like a true gardener.

Prepping the clay with lots of water.

Lots of water.

Getting the flowers in place.

Keane was wondering why we didn’t just pour the water on top of the flowers instead of into the dirt. So I believe I’m doing my best to explain the whole flowers drinking through roots system by making lots of reference to straws. Not sure he’s buying it.

Keane investigates a bug bite, while Cullen and I flash our “green fingers”.

Watering was definitely their favorite part.

And there is our finished project, sitting proudly on the front porch.

Cullen’s collection.

Keane’s collection.

Wet n’ Wild

July 23, 2015

The long hot summer days in Georgia call for one thing, a day of fun with friends at the splash park. There is nothing else to say really, the photos of Keane, Cullen and their friends Cannon, Harvey and Wyatt say it all. These boys had an absolute blast.

Cannon and Keane start off under the oversized water mushroom.

Cullen, straight into it as always.

Harvey spent some time giving the fountains a closer look before kicking off his fun.

Wyatt was the most cautious, just barely reaching a hand in to test the waters.

The bigger boys are off and running.

Cullen and Harvey team up to try drinking the water.

Cullen still trying to drink it.

This is hilarious to him.

Back to the big boys.

Keane’s fountain run through.

Cannon’s fountain run through.

Always trying to copy the big boys, Cullen’s run through.

Wyatt is getting so brave and finally builds up the courage to run through the water. So proud of himself.

So hard to get a photo of my boys together these days. They’re both so busy doing their own thing. I did manage to snag this one shot.

Cannon doing the crab crawl.

Harvey just hanging out enjoying the spray.

The fun is never ending for Cullen. He is having the best time.

Wyatt going for it again.

Harvey in observation mode.

Everyone wanted a turn pushing the button on the showers next to the fountains, on the right you’ll notice Keane’s “when is it my turn” face.

Imagine It! Day Out

July 21, 2015

At 6 months old Keane and Bryson were in the same baby swim class. A group of 6 babies and they were the only 2 boys. Fast forward three years and they still take swim class together, although they are far more advanced than their baby swimming days, but more than that, outside of the pool they have become good friends. So last week Keane and Bryson, and Cullen of course, spent the day at “Imagine It, Childens Museum. This place it amazing, you could literally spend an entire day there and still not experience everything they have to offer.

But let me start off by saying that all of the photos you are about to see from our day at the museum were captured using my iPhone. I always feel the need to clarify this least anyone think my ability to capture a decent photo somehow suddenly disappeared over night. Its an ego thing for sure, and I often cringe at the quality of the images later as I scroll through them on my computer. But I know my standard of photo quality is a little higher than most, and sometimes its just about capturing the moment regardless of quality. Also when you’re trying to keep an eye on 3 kids all moving in different directions, tote around their bag of emergency supplies and push a buggy for the youngest members moments of fatigue, then it just becomes more practical to take a snap with the phone.

Trains, of course the boys couldn’t get enough of those. Also the ball and pipe station got a lot of love. Bottom left you can see Keane feeding balls in to the pipe and Bryson trying to track where it ends up.

Now we’re on the farm and Bryson and Keane opt to share the tractor duties.

Keane and Cullen go about getting milk the old fashioned way.

Then it was time to stop off at the grocery store for some essentials. Cullen chooses his food and then heads to the register where Keane checks him out and informs him that his groceries will cost “26 and a half monies”.

Building blocks.

Fishing at the water station.

Budding Picasso’s hard at work.

Time to take on some heavy machinery.

The big boys enjoying story time followed by a game of ball.

BIZ-Y Boys

July 19, 2015

If you want to see me and the boys this summer you better make an appointment, cos we are BIZ-Y. Playdates, summer classes and fun days out with friends add up to a jam packed calendar, which add up to happy boys, not to mention a happy momma.

Last week the boys took their friends Cannon, Harvey and Wyatt to their favorite river for a splash around. I didn’t get to grab as many photos of this little adventure as I would have liked, Cullen found himself a very deep rock pool and was relentless in his efforts to wander off and explore. So most of my time was spent trying to divert him, distract him or rescue him from drowning. This pissed him off to no end, made very clear by his yelling and screaming, thus making me a big a$$hole parent for not wanting him to drown.

Not sure what Harvey was trying to explain to Cullen, obviously is was nothing to do with staying away from the deep rock pool cos….

….Cullen waddled off happy instead of angry.

Wyatt heard about our previous efforts to find Nemo and decided to give it a go himself.

This is how most of our boys ended the river adventure, semi-naked, dirty, hungry but happy.

Last week the boys also managed to squeeze in a music class. Keane and Harvey duet on one drum, Cullen is the other bald baby behind Harvey muscling his way onto someone elses drum.

Harvey was serious about feeling the beat.

Cannon gives a very loud solo performance

Cullen is off, who’s drum can he beat on next?

After testing most of the drums he decided to settle down next to his brother.

Ms Jennifer allows the kids to have a turn on her guitar.


In addition to his own sticks, Cullen managed to acquire his brothers and mine which made him very happy.

Not wanting Cullen to steal his sticks, Harvey played happily on the other side of the room.