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Hooray! Three Today!

June 6, 2015

“They grow up so quickly, enjoy it“. Thats what I was told by everyone who came to visit my first born little boy in the weeks following his arrival. But in the throws of long sleepless nights, constant feeding, changing, worrying and adjusting to life with a newborn, it didn’t feel like time was moving fast, in fact, days and nights seemed endless. As it turns out, everyone was right, in the blink of an eye, my newborn is now 3. No longer a baby, no longer a toddler, but a little boy full of energy, conversation and questions, lots and lots of questions. He now has opinions and likes to have a say in ALL of the things we do throughout our day. No longer will he settle for being told what to do, now he wants a very good reason as to why it is he should do what I’m asking, and if my reasons are not convincing, then the back and forth will continue until 1. he’s finally satisfied with my answers or 2. momma just gives up. He has a wonderful personality with a cheeky sense of humor. He’s so outgoing, loves to be active but loves his story time too. He is the best big brother and has more patience for Cullen then I ever expected from a now 3 year old. Honestly, I could gush forever about how amazing he is but it all comes down to us feeling like the luckiest parents in the world to have him as our little boy.  So “Happy Birthday Keane Bean”

Each year I’ve tried to take photos of the boys on the exact day of birth (i.e. their birthday) but this year because we are having Keane’s party on his actual birthday, I think its safe to assume I’ll be snapping some photos of him celebrating the day with his friends, but I didn’t want to miss grabbing some portrait style photos, so yesterday we went out to capture my now 3 year old.

Hooray! 3 Today!

Well hello handsome.

As we walked past this mud puddle I just knew Keane was going to step in it, so I quickly turned around to ask him not to, but it was too late.

The clothes Keane ended up wearing for these photos was the result of a long negotiation. I actually had a whole other outfit picked out, a nice collared shorted sleeved shirt with a more dressy pair of shorts, but he was having none of it. “I don’t want to wear those momma, they look like I’ll be itchy”. And there was no convincing him otherwise, believe me, I tried. So I asked him what he wanted to wear and he told me his vest and his new Mickey Mouse underpants would look good. WTF?! Now it was momma’s turn to say “No“. In the end, after a lengthy debate, we both settled on his shark t-shirt, some cut off shorts and his shark shoes.


Now he’s done giving me any kind of posing time, he just wants to play.


So this is the net we went looking for Nemo with, Keane now likes to use it to play what he calls “Super Bouncy Ball”. Basically, I have to toss him bouncy balls and he tries to catch them in the net.

I know this post is about Keane, but I couldn’t resist grabbing this shot of Cullen trying to figure out his net and how to get the little ball into it.

Back to the birthday boy.

And his belly.

Loves his bike.

Lets end with both my boys engrossed watching a dragonfly.

Today the boys and I set out on a mission to Find Nemo.

Nets ✔, Bucket ✔, Jar to transport Nemo home ✔, High level of excitement & enthusiasm for the project ✔, Nemo ✖.

Try as we might, we could not find Nemo. We did see a deer and a horse which was kinda cool and we definitely had a lot of fun trying to find our fishy friend.