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Busy Busy

May 7, 2015

A quiet week on the blog means a hectic week in reality. The pockets of available “free” time I get during a day are very small, mostly its when the boys nap and this week there just seemed to be a billion other things I needed to plough through in my 2 hour kid free window. So blogging took a hit and got pushed to the “not right now” list. Its now Friday and honestly I can’t say I feel any more accomplished. In fact, all I feel is overwhelmed and tired. But I’ll save the vent, 1. cos I’m sure nobody wants to indulge me in my little mommy pity party and 2. I’m too feckin tired to build on the wordage needed to describe my current state and also am a little sick of the  sound of my own voice right now too.

So instead lets enjoy a visual presentation of Cullen and how I spent about 30 minutes just following him around, fly on the wall style, one evening as he went about his business of exploration. Here we are pushing our big truck around the driveway.

But wait, I see some flowers, (aka colorful oversized weeds)

Just going to pick a few of those…..

…and put them here in my truck.

Delighted with myself.


Time to give the sandbox some attention.

Now lets see if my bike skills are getting any better.

Oh, Hi mammy! There you are.

Good, cos I just realized I’m tired and hungry and I want to go nite nite.

Cole Family

May 6, 2015

I wish I could claim credit for the idea of bringing strawberries to the Cole family shoot last weekend, but that was all Taylor. So simple, yet so creative. The boys loved it and I loved the shots this addition of color and juiciness allowed me to capture. A definite nod to summer. Here are some of my favourites images of this adorable family.