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The Wet Season

April 14, 2015

The rain just won’t quit here in Georgia. And the boys appetite for puddle play is showing no signs of quitting either. My days are currently filled with load after load of laundry.

One thing I noticed this evening as I was shooting the boys, very often their actions just seem to mirror each other.

Now thats a mischievous grin.

Cullen can’t hide his excitement.

A synchronized puddle river dance of sorts.

Don’t ask me where the inspiration for the hula hoop came from, Keane just decided it would be a great addition to the fun factor.

I guess it added an element of challenge.

Cullen trys to imitate Keane.

Keane ups the intensity of the challenge by adding a 2nd hoop. But one little brother can’t resist swooping in to steal a go. Love Keane’s pouty lip in the back ground.

Eventually he gets to execute his jump sequence.

And this guy goes for some sit down fun.

Its Friday!

April 10, 2015

Its Friday. Its raining. But we don’t care.

History Repeats

April 8, 2015

If there’s one thing that can be said for my 2nd born, “he ain’t skippin no meals” as the saying goes here in the South. Cullen is truly an eater. Keane wasn’t bad either, as long as I was very creative with the meal time entertainment, he would hold up his side of things by opening his mouth. If however the entertainment got stale and repetitive, then the mouth remained locked shut. Cullen on the other hand, just likes to eat.

Now as you long time readers of the blog know, my BFF Derval wrote a cook book last year that featured a recipe called “Keane’s Beetroot Risotto”, after Keane. And since I am very much in the midst of trying to introduce Cullen to lots of new food flavors and textures, I decided it was high time he got to taste his big brothers dish. So last week I whiped it up and served it to my hungry boy. And just for a little fun, I made sure to take some similar photos to the ones I shot of Keane 2 years ago.

Firstly, here is Keane’s featured recipe in Derv’s book.

And here is Keane just over 11 months old enjoying his first beet, rice experience.

2 years later and here is the little brother enjoying the big brothers recipe. Cullen is 13 months old in these photos, and as if I needed any more proof that my boys look nothing alike, here it is.

Easter 2015

April 5, 2015

Here’s hoping everyone had a Happy Easter filled with egg hunts and baskets of chocolate. We enjoyed a very low key day that of course included an little Easter Egg hunt for the boys.

Keane knows the score now when it comes to the hunt and he was straight in grabbing every egg he could see. Cullen, not so much, he spent the first few minutes wandering around completely ignoring his basket until…

….wait a second, looks like Keane has something very colorful and interesting in that basket of his.

Then he was off.

Grabbing and collecting all around him.

A little help from Daddy with some of those hard to reach eggs.

Wow, a job well done.

Cullen managed to grab himself a decent amount.

So then I tried to sit the boys down for a nice civilized brotherly group shot. But it never happened, right off the bat Cullen was in for the steal. Keane was pissed, “Noooooo Cullen!”

But Cullen didn’t care.

He still kept throwing eyes to Keane’s stash.

Keane always a good sharer.

Chocolate face.

More sharing/stealing.

Keane finally left in peace to enjoy his chocolate

Keane’s latest obsession is without doubt his new Spiderman backpack. He is slap in the middle of the “take it everywhere” phase and likes to spend much of the day figuring out and switching out objects of pure randomness to carry around. For some reason I was under the assumption that now he had his own backpack, he would want to start transporting his own water bottles and snacks, wrong!

Me: Keane you want to put your water bottle and snacks in your own backpack now?

Keane: No thank you momma cos I need it for my cars and my flash light and my big elephant.

So seeing his love for filling it with pure randomness, I decided the perfect activity for Keane and his new backpack, would be a forest treasure hunt. Cullen was also down with the idea of a forest adventure, as was our little friend Wyatt.

I put together a list of “treasures” each of the boys had to find and as soon as I gave Keane his list, he was off.

Hot on his heels, Cullen, list in one hand, stick in the other.

And here is our friend Wyatt, who discarded his list seconds after I gave it to him. He’s the type that works mostly from memory.

Fining it hard to keep up with Keane’s pace, the little ones decided to stick together.

One thing thats essential to a treasure hunt, is a magnifying glass. “Momma, this will help me see the treasure more bigger

Cullen paid zero attention to the objects listed on his list, instead he headed off to find the objects that were of most interest to him.

Which included the park signs.

Keane is into it.

Watched closely by Wyatt, Cullen spent quite a bit of time picking chunks off a dying tree.

Keane teaches Wyatt how to hit sticks.

He’s so use to his role as big brother that Keane instinctivly took Wyatt by the hand to help him over the tree roots.

And even let Wyatt have a turn of his magnifying glass.

Off doing his own thing again.

Time for a break.

Keane and Cullen team up to unearth a rock.

Our 3 little treasure hunters.

Keane was so proud of himself for finding all of his treasures.

He insisted on putting them all together so we could show Daddy.