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Time to Springify

March 30, 2015

Sunday afternoon was all about the men in the house getting their manly manual labor on with some outdoor work. Yep, its time to Springify the garden by removing all of the Winter carnage. Leaves and fallen branches were of course the main causalities, so the focus was largely their raking and removal.

Daddy and Cullen preparing one of many loads of leaves for redistribution deep into the forrest.

Champion raker right here.

Cullen loves stars and spotting the US flag on the rake became a very exciting distraction.

Keane’s idea of helping Daddy was to march through the many leaf piles.

One minute your digging away, filling buckets of leaves….

…the next thing you know your being approached by your boisterous stomping brother…

…who marches cheekily through your work pile.

Daddy found a baby snake. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Snakes to me mean venomous bites that lead to death. The Husband tried to convince me not all snakes were bad, but I’m sorry, I don’t care. However, when Keane started to show a curiosity in seeing said snake, I had to suppress the urge to grab all of my children and pets and run screaming back to the house. I don’t want Keane to making decisions about new opportunities and experiences based on his mothers fears and over reactions. So I did my best to stay calm and act like it was just the most exciting thing to happen to us all week.

Nasty ass snake.

As you can imagine, I was screaming loud on the inside when Keane went to touch the serpent.

Cullen standing next to the wheelbarrow trying to remind everyone that there is still work to be done.

Keane and Daddy team up to tackle one of the bigger piles.


…1-2-3 and lift.

Cullen pretends he was just on his way to give the lads a hand, but wouldn’t you know they’re already done.

Blogging Crickets

March 29, 2015

Some weeks, outside of the daily grind, there is nothing even the slightest bit interesting going on. When those weeks occur, the blog is quite, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. That or else one or both of my precious children have put me through some challenging nights, which can leave me with just enough functioning energy or brain ability to perform the days basic needs. Anything else, i.e blogging, is just too much to bare. Last week was a healthy combination of both those situations, resulting in blogging crickets.

But a some point you have to break the cycle of silence and what better way to do that than with a bike ride, get it? Keane has himself a new big boy bike, a gift from his Granny and Granddad Shinkins, and he loves it. So this weekend we took him somewhere other than his own driveway to really open up those wheels.

Focused and flying.

Cullen now has full ownership of the tricycle.

But he had zero interest in riding this thing anywhere.

He was more interested in wandering around the soccer fields…..

…checking to see if anyone was watching….

…before he began stealing some of the soccer boys water bottles.

Bike rides complete and it was time for a brotherly jaunt on the park dinosaur.

Kids Parties

March 21, 2015

Back in my pre-motherhood days, I’m not gonna lie, I was completely allergic to the idea of baby/toddler/children’s parties. Herding a bunch of screaming cats would be a lot easier then trying to get me to attend a kids party. But look at me today. I’m a changed animal. Now in a manner of Julie Andrews from “The Sound of Music”, you are more likely to see me beaming, signing at the top of my voice, a child in each hand, racing not towards the mountains of Austria, but towards each and every party invitation that comes our way. Why? Because in a party situation there are lots of kids to entertain each other and wear themselves out. There is a new environment for them to explore and new toys to play with. For the moms its a chance for us to socialize and vent and maybe sneak in a glass of wine or 2, in between mopping up spills, and tears as you once again try to explain the concept of sharing and taking turns.

So we headed into our weekend with great excitement, cos Saturday morning with the help of a fire truck and roughly 20 overly sugared and overly excited kids, we celebrated our good friend Bryson’s 3rd birthday.

Here the crowd gathers as we anxiously await the arrival of the fire truck.

While they wait, Keane and the birthday boy Bryson engage in some random conversation that I believe was centered around bath toys.

Cullen put his waiting time to good use taste testing the signage.

Finally, the fire truck!

Not shy about getting his go.

Cullen working his way up and into the truck.

Got to check it out from all angles.

And investigate every tiny hole.

My child loves wheels.

Serious face.

Cullen’s turn to drive.

The face of a boy not happy to let his younger brother take a turn.

Cake and candle time for Bryson.

Bryson had himself a little assistant to help with the gift opening.

St Patricks Day 2015

March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patricks Day to Irish people everywhere, especially our family and friends back home in the Emerald Isle. Unfortunately the boys are a little too young the hit the pubs and mark the great day that it is to be Irish with a pint of Guinness.

Instead, donning our greenest shirts, we dusted off the old Tricolor and took her outside for some hide-and-seek fun, Keane is under there somewhere.

Then the flag became a cape in some kind of St. Patrick the superhero type game.

Cullen wasn’t a big fan of the superhero game.

But the planes flying overhead, much more interesting.

Back inside and it was time to get our baking on with some Shamrock Pretzel Cookies.

Keane carefully placing the Rolo at the centre of each shamrock, while Cullen carefully swoops in for the grab.

Guilty faced little baby.

Now everyone’s stealing a taste.

Into the oven to melt the Rolos.

Add a lollipop stick and a dash of green and voila! You got yourself a Shamrock Pretzel Cookies.

The boys decide to enjoy their cookies al fresco.

The best big bother, when a piece of Cullen’s cookie fell on the ground, Keane picked it up and fed it to him. Germs???

Sunday Funday

March 15, 2015

When your driveway is full of puddles, you never have to worry about the entertainment for Playdate Sundays. The lads, Keane, Cullen, Gavin and Cannon were straight in.

This was Cullen’s first real experience of the puddle fun and he literally squealed with joy.

Cannon’s preference was to remain on the banks of the puddle this time round.

Loving the look on Cullen’s face here. You know what he’s thinking, “Oh shit, incoming

For some reason little Cullen was the target of everyone’s splashes.

The clean up.

Baby Sawyer is now just over 2 moths old and as you can see, he’s an eater.

His hair literally stands up all the time, wet or dry.