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Pool Time

February 4, 2015

For those of you out there living in places that currently has you buried under 9 feet of snow, I’m sorry, but I’m about to share some photos of the boys at the pool, enjoying weather of a toastier nature. If it helps at all, just know that our mornings and evening were actually quit chilly and the daytime temperature never really got above 70 °F, which is about 20 °C. So knowing that there were definite moments when we had to dig out the jackets and sweaters might just help you to hate us a little less.

Paul and James.

Keane never tires of jumping into the water.

Cullen engages in a game of aqua ball with James.

There’s James.

Working on his own jumping skills.

Keane decides he’s done with the arm-bands and wants to jump in by himself.

Well hello handsome.

Hot tub time with Daddy.

Cullen toweled up and looking the cutest little Jedi Knight.

Time to head back to the apartment and dry off.

Whenever possible Keane likes the option to take his bike.

Taking on The Magic Kingdom

February 3, 2015

There is no way you can go to Orlando with children and not go to Disneyland. So Day 2 of the trip we took on The Magic Kingdom, and from the second we arrived, Keane was under the spell of Walt Disney. His little mind was racing as he struggled to take in everything around us. I on the other hand had been dreading the idea. And I know what your thinking, “what kind of villainous monster does not look forward to a day at Disney Land?” Well that would be me. I’m just so completely allergic to the idea of crowds and long lines, but if theres one thing you learn the second you become a mother, is that its not about you anymore. Its all about the kids and doing what you can to open them up to any and every kind of experience. So with a smile wider then a Disney princess, humming a little “Hi-Ho Hi-Ho” with a side of “Let it Go” I was off to the Magic Kingdom.

Minutes after our arrival and the boys were street side for the morning parade.

Lots of music and color.

And of course some well known Disney characters.

After the parade the boys took a trip on a space ship and afterwards bumped into Buzz Lightyear himself.

After waiting in line almost an hour (and you know I was only loving that), Keane, James and Cullen finally got to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tiger. We’ve recently been reading lots of Winne the Pooh books, so getting this opportunity to meet him in person was just perfect.

While Keane and Tiger high-5 it out, Cullen tries to process everything thats happening.

Group shot!

A break for some Mickey Mouse ice-cream.

Someone enjoys his first ice-cream taste.

And later slips off into an ice-cream coma.

The biggest parade of the day happens at 3.00pm and there was no way the boys were going to miss it.

But sitting patiently curbside from 2.30pm was a lot to ask of the boys and they eventually began to find ways of breaking up the boredom with a little mischief on the closed streets.

Not sure why, but in the moment, Keane thought laying around on the Disney road was the best fun.

Finally the parade arrived.

And look who woke up just in time to see all the action.

Being a huge “Frozen” fan Keane was beside himself when Ana and Elisa went past in the parade, and waved at him.

The 7 Dwarfs.

Donald and Daisy Duck.

And of course Mickey and Minne Mouse.

Final shot of Dinara, Paul and James.

Mini Golf Adventure

February 1, 2015

So last week we headed to Florida for a few days and we drove, with the kids. I meant for that statement to be scary, but its only scary if you know that the drive from where we live in Georgia, to where we were going in Florida is about 6 hours. So now you see why I intended the opening sentence to contain an element of fear, cos we were taking a 6 hour road trip with 1 toddler and one baby. I planned ahead as best I could. We would depart just before their afternoon nap so they’d be tired enough to sleep at least the first couple of hours. For the hours of awakeness, I had snacks, books, games and lots of music. What I hadn’t planned on was barely an hour into the drive and an accident on the highway had us at a basic standstill for over an hour. Once we were through that the boys were awake, hungry and over being in the truck. They were losing it in the most vocal way, so we very quickly found a place to stop, eat and let them blow off some energy at a small play area. Then it was back on the road and back to the games and the songs and the anythings to distract the boys from the long drive. Eventually they feel asleep again and slept happily until our late arrival. In total our 6 hour drive ended up taking 9 hours, but all of the driving torture was quickly forgotten once we arrived and the boys were greeted by the happy excited faces of their cousins. Now things were going to be fun.

The next day we opted for some low key fun on the mini golf course to give Keane and Cullen (and their parents) a chance to recover from the trip down. Keane was so excited, he has no idea how to play but the idea of hitting a ball with a stick was right up his street. Oh and if your wondering about his hat, its the Green Monster, Red Sox fans will understand.

Next to tee off, Daddy.

Followed by Uncle Mookie.

Then James and Paul.

After hammering the ball around for a while trying to get it into the hole…

…Keane decided it would be much more efficient to just bowl it in.

Cullen watched from the sidelines but was desperate to get involved.

So once everyone had taken their turn, we let him off to play, Keane style.

More tee action.

Keane continues with the same bowling technique.

And celebrates like its a hole-in-one each time.

A slight break from the game to jump off some fake rocks.

And this guy, climbs on anything and everything.

High-5’s for Daddy’s victory.

And a team shot to finish.

This is one way of keeping the boys in one spot.