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Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2015

For those of you who’s significant others forget, or just “didn’t get around to” getting you anything for Valentines Days, well my boys got your back. Flowers for the world. Happy Valentine Day from my little sweethearts.

For our Valentines Day we’re flying to New York to meet up with The Husband who’s there for the 2015 Millrose Games. Then Sunday evening we take yet another flight, this time bound for the homeland. Yes Ireland, we are on the way. So start pumping up those temperatures, my boys are way too American and not built for the blistery, damp to the bones type climate. But we are very excited to spend 2 weeks catching up with all of our family and friends.

Joint Family & Baby Shoot

February 12, 2015

Michelle reached out to me a few weeks ago to set up a day and time to do Reed’s 6 month photos. Wait, what? His 6 month photos already? It honestly didn’t feel like 6 months had past since I was in their house capturing his newborn photos, but apparently it had. So with a little back and forth we locked down a date, but as the day of the shoot approached, we realized that the weather was going to be freakishly warm on that particular day, so we decided to take full advantage of this random day of warmth and turn what was suppose to be baby Reed’s 6 month shoot into a joint family/6 month baby shoot.

Happy Birthday Cullen

February 10, 2015

My youngest baby is 1 today! And I’m not gonna lie, but I also feel justified in using this celebration to give myself a big old pat on the back for surviving my first year with 2 babies. Never for a second did I believe it was going to be easy, and I was right. And trust me when I tell you I could very easily open my blog up as a platform to offload about all of good things, adorable things, tough things, challenging things, f*#k-ups and emotional meltdowns I’ve navigated my way through this year. I could post some deep, reflective, “learned the hard way” lessons on parenthood, myself and life in general. But instead of all of that, lets focus on the man of the moment, baby Cullen. The sweetest, happiest, most laid back, “do it in my own sweet time little fella” you will ever met. And just like his big brother, he is low maintenance all the way, something they absolutely do not get from their momma, but which she is forever grateful for.

And just like I’ve managed to do with Keane, each year I want to make sure and capture photos of Cullen on the exact day of his arrival. But first lets flashback to this day 12 months ago.

And here we are, 1 whole year later.

Party Party

February 8, 2015

It was a weekend filled with highs (Cullen’s 1st Birthday Party celebration) and lows (2 visits to the hospital with 2 sick boys). Yes, the night before Cullen’s party Keane woke with a fever and cough. We tried to get him to the doctor before all of guests started to arrive but sadly the office was closed. So the little guy soldiered on cos he desperately wanted to be part of all the birthday fun. As soon as the party was over it was straight to Urgent Care where we discover he had a double ear infection and a dash of croup. And just for an extra shot of bad luck, that night Cullen woke with a fever and cough so Sunday morning it was back to Urgent Care. Thankfully Cullen did not have croup or an ear infection, what he had was a respiratory infection that we caught early and as a result treatment started working within a few hours. Needless to say, I am completely exhausted, but the boys are doing much better and despite all of the medical drama, Cullen had a blast at his 1st Birthday Party.  I have to give a shout-out to all of our guests, who were so understanding when Paul and I had to alternate disappearing randomly during the party to tend to Keane. Y’all are rockstars.

But here are the photos celebrating Cullen’s animal themed 1st Birthday.

I love how Cullen’s cake turned out, ah-dorable.

Our birthday boy is entranced by Parkers hammering skills.

Some of the fabulous people that came to help celebrate Cullen. The gorgeous Emma, who obviously gets her looks from her mom, Angie and my poor sick little Keane.

Ahh the ladies. Some of the best friends a girl can have in her corner. And 2 handsome boys, Cannon and Harvey.

The littlest party animal, baby Sawyer.

Wide-eyed Reed taking on the walker.

Bryson was obsessed with our fish tank and tried to use fake fish to befriend the real fish.

The brothers team up for a musical duet.

Harvey has his eye on those balloons.

Cake time. Thank you to my friend Jennifer for grabbing a couple of shots of Cullen’s candle blowing moment.

Cullen was so confused by all of the attention.

Until Keane showed him how to attack a cake with your fingers.

Then he was off and happily enjoying his first taste of sugar.


Keane helping Cullen take care of business.

Now this is trouble. The football boys show up post-workout ready for cupcakes.

An unmanned cake and Cannon sees his opportunity to sneak a taste.

Cullen test drives one of his birthday gifts. Thanks Ali and Gavin.

San Francisco 49ers player Lawrence Okoye and his fabulous wife Phillipa with the Birthday Boy.

Big boys playing with baby toys.

Harvey and Cullen trying to figure out the elephant toy.

Now where did that ball go?

The First Cut

February 6, 2015

My youngest baby has just gotten his first haircut. Lets be honest, it was time, but also because this weekend we will be celebrating his 1st birthday. I know every mother says this, but I honestly can’t believe its been a year since he was born. I honestly can’t believe I have survived this year also. Its not been smooth sailing by no means, but somehow we’ve managed to claw our way to this first big milestone. His official birthday is not until Tuesday, but the party starts this weekend and Cullen’s hair is ready.

Look at all that hair.

No clue whats about to happen, he thinks we’re just going for a little plane ride.

If thats not a very “wait a second, what the hell” face then I don’t know what is.

OK, not pleased.

Momma pulls out a something to gnaw on for a little distraction.

Big brother was so good the lady at the salon gave him some cookies to munch on.

Now we are OVER IT!

So over it.