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Murphy’s Law of Rain

January 16, 2015

It has literally rained every day since Monday here in Georgia, so today (Friday) we finally went and bought the blue umbrella Keane’s been demanding the entire week, and guess what? Dry and sunny all day long. But rain or no rain be damned, today Keane was determined to take that new umbrella outside, and of course Cullen is always up for whatever, so he was happy to suit and boot up and tag along for all of the dry umbrella fun.

Keane: “Momma, maybe if I put on my rain jacket and boots, then take my umbrella outside, the rain will come.” I had to admire his belief and his “you never know unless you try” attitude

Cullen desperately wanted a turn of the umbrella, Keane however was not very open to handing over his new “toy”, but he did let Cullen touch it for about a minute.

Welcome Baby Sawyer

January 13, 2015

A new year and our good friends Alli & Tyler have a new little bundle of manliness to add to our all boy playgroup-troupe. I was so excited to finally meet and capture baby Sawyer in all of his newborn cuteness and see how well big brother Gavin is adjusting to the new arrival.

3 becomes 4 in the adorable Perkins family.

Only 11 days old and baby Sawyer is already eyes open and trying to take in as much of this new world as he can.

So cute when Gavin wanted to hold his baby brother’s hand.

Even cuter when he started giving kisses.

Love this shot of Alli and Sawyer.

Eyes open the whole time.

Giving the thumbs-up to the world.

Baby feet.

Nothing cuter than a man holding a perfect little baby.

Mom, Dad and the new addition.

Gavin gave me a little second shooting assistance. Hard to see but he is actually holding a tiny camera in his hands and trying to copy everything I’m shooting.

Some final shots of the new brothers.

Finding Our Feet

January 9, 2015

The Holidays are most certainly over. This week we were back into the full throttle of life. Keane returned to school and Cullen started baby school. So figuring out the morning routine and logistics of 2 separate drop-off’s and pick-ups to 2 different schools has been a real blast. On top of that swim classes and music classes were back on the schedule for both boys, so even more logistical juggling. But after a couple of minor f*#k-ups, I believe we have streamed-lined our game plan heading into next week. So crossing the fingers for improvement in efficiency.

But whiny time management issues aside, by the end of the week one little man was getting closer and closer to taking some first steps. Here we are at daddy’s gym and Cullen decided he wanted to dabble in some solo standing.

Keane ever the caring big brother swooped in to provide Cullen some walking assistance. “I’m just going to help Cu’en walk momma”. Ever so carefully I tried to praise Keane for helping his brother, but also to explain how Cullen has to learn to do it by himself.

He took the information well and sat down next to our friend Jordan to cheer Cullen on.

Oops, baby down.

And the boys engage in some brief wrestling.

Cullen really wanted to try and walk to momma, but just in case this was the walking moment, momma really wanted to try and capture it, so here I am doing my best to shoot and encourage Cullen towards me.

Last attempt and to help build his confidence we had daddy stand a little closer so Cullen could feel the thrill of making it without falling.

Country’ish Living

January 4, 2015

The photos I’m about to share could very easily lead you to believe that my brother and sister-in-law live in some rural farming village in backlands Massachusetts, but this could not be further from the truth. What they do have are some neighbors, very friendly neighbors, with a desire to dabble in the country way of life. Some neighbors have chickens, and others have goats and horses. All of them however were super nice and allowed the boys to visit almost everyday to say “Hi” and maybe share a snack or 2 with the animals.

Just a couple of random happy photos of Cullen and Dinara to kick us off.

Cullen in awe of the chickens.

The thug life. Look at our bad-ass boys, taking the short ride up the road to visit a neighbors goats and horse.

The goats.

Jake the horse.

James brought along lots of snacks for Jake.

Dinara shows each of the boys the best way to feed Jake. A way that ensures nobodys fingers get accidentally chewed off.

Keane’s turn.

Finally Cullen.

Back at the house Cullen gets a piano lesson.

And belts out a song familiar only to himself.

Christmas Eve & Day

January 1, 2015

Christmas Eve and we were deep into our preparations for Santa, and part of those preparations was to build a gingerbread house. But being the smart women that she is and knowing nobody truly eats the decorated gingerbread houses, my sister-in-law had the genius idea of using pretzel sticks, glued together using a glue gun, which resulted in a much more solid and visually appealing house for the boys to decorate.

Our “gingerbread houses” prior to decorating.

A simple ice-cream cone covered in green frosting and boom! you have a Christmas tree.

James gets to work decorating his tree.

Keane can hardly believe his eyes, a tree he can actually eat.

And he gets straight to work picking the frosting off the tree.


James is in the creative zone. Busting out all kinds of candies.

Paul too.

Coming along nicely.

Keane’s masterpiece.

Ta-dah! The finished product.

Paul, Keane and James proudly stand behind their creations, as Keane continues to scoop finger fulls of frosting.

The face of a boy told “no more sugar”.

After a pre-bedtime bath its time to put out the snacks for Santa and his reindeer. Keane leaves the carrots for Rudolph.

James, the cookies for Santa.

Paul, the milk.

And while the boys slept and the momma’s and dada’s watched Christmas movies, Santa delivered lots and lots of gifts.

But someone not full enough to sleep all night, woke for a little pre-midnight bottle and got to be the first to see all the gifts and do some exploring.

7am the next morning and all of the boys are up and ready to see what Santa brought. James spots a note left by the man himself.

And then they all got to work unwrapping gifts. Keane’s 2 biggest gift requests this year were a blue scooter with blue helmet and a red jeep.

Why so tired Cullen? Was it perhaps your midnight exploration of all of the gifts that’s left you a little fatigued.

The only day he’s allowed a lollypop for breakfast,

Momma and Elmo rocking a similar festive red look.

Of course it wasn’t long before Keane was demanding we go outside to test drive his new scooter.

And of course it wasn’t long before he was done playing on the scooter and wanted to run laps around the street instead.

Cullen switches vehicles to try out the tricycle.

And just can’t resist taste testing the bell.

One of Keane new favorite games is hide-and-seek, but yet to fully understand the idea behind the game, he will always announce where he’s going to hide and as you pretend to walk about wondering where he is, the calls out “right here”. The tree was one of the hiding spots he was particularly proud of and was sure nobody could see him.

Then it was back to the house to play with more toys where James tries to teach Cullen all about the sport of lacrosse.

Cullen would much prefer to eat it.

Keane channels Rudolph.

Before it got dark Keane wanted to take his scooter out one last time, so Paul joined him for pre bedtime scoot.

While Cullen favored the tricycle again.

The boys.