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The Lovely Jumpers

December 8, 2014

This one’s for my mother. “Mam, your package arrived and among all of the wonderful things you sent the boys for Christmas, hands down the second favorite item in the box, after the chocolate of course, was the 2 lovely jumpers.” Nothing says winter, or Christmas or a gift from my Irish granny like a good old wooly jumper. For any Americans reading this wondering what the hell a jumper is, well its a sweater, duh. And with the weather now taking a turn for the crisp and chilly, the boys put their lovely new jumpers straight to work.

Keane, thats a lovely jumper your wearing. Thanks Cullen, my granny sent it. I like yours too.”

The boys think if they turn their back to me I’ll go away. Wrong!

Baby Maya stopped by to add a dash of girl to some photos.

Even Maya knows a lovely jumper when she sees one.

And the lads are off.

Cullen ensures Maya has the best view of his new jeans as he exits.

Just the boys again.

Keane’s log stomping was not well received by Cullen.

Christmas Has Arrived

December 6, 2014

Christmas has arrived in the Shinkins-Doyle house, and its bigger than its ever been, 14 ft bigger. This year The Husband lost his mind and went all out in the Christmas tree department. As a result, we now have a Christmas tree in our living room thats so big I could literally hang both of my children and all of our pets from as living ornaments. Speaking of ornaments, if your at all concerned about us decorating this tree, don’t be, the thing reaches right up to the 2nd floor walkway, so we simply lean ourselves over the banister for all of our light and star placing requirements. But the kids, and when I say kids, I mean The Husband too, are all very excited and happy, and by purchasing this humongous tree we were also supporting a children’s home not far from where we live. So good vibes all around.

And here we go with a little visual presentation of our humongous tree purchasing process.

The boys taking in all of the tree options.

Cullen believes he has spotted the right tree for us and heads off to investigate.

Keane off to do some searching of his own.

Peek-a-boo momma.

Cullen is really enjoying the experience.

Keane starts to run laps around the rows of trees.

Eventually he makes his selection.

“These tress are all very nice Daddy, but wait, I think I see a ridiculously big tree that I know only you would be “smart” enough to purchase.”

And there it is, my boys next to what is now our Christmas tree.

It was so big we couldn’t even bring it home on The Husbands pick-up truck. It had to be delivered on a trailer.

Someone thinks he can lift it out all by himself.

The big boys walk it onto the house.

And there she is.

All About The Family

December 4, 2014

Today the blog is taking a break from whats been going on in my family, to share some adorable photos of 2 other families I was privileged to work with this past weekend.

First up with have Kristen and her beyond adorable little boy Wyatt. Its been a full year, almost to the day since I captured Wyatt’s newborn session (Click here for flashback) and what a little stud he is turning out to be.

Us mothers don’t always get the opportunity to be in photos with our babies, sometimes its by choice (a long night can have us looking a little rough the next day) and other times its cos we are the ones behind the camera trying to freeze and preserve life’s little memories. So for that reason we put aside a little time early in the session to capture some precious moments of Kristen with her baby boy.

Eventually we let Daddy in for a family shot.

The air toss never fails to bring joy.

Next we have the fabulous Demeritte family.

But baby Grayson decided he had much better things to do, so took off to do them.

Look photographer lady, a rock!”

Looks like a party up there on Daddy’s head.

Snuggles with Momma.

Love this natural, happy moment between Gianne and Dominic.

Fabulous family.