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Bye Bye 2014

December 31, 2014

I’m going to take a quick pause from the Christmas photo sharing to wish everyone a “Happy New Year” and however your 2014 was, I hope 2015 will be even better. We chose to ring out the final hours of what has been a very happy year for us by throwing the babies their first New Years party complete with balloons, hats, party blowers, cupcakes, apple & orange juice, wine and beer (for the adults obvi) and grilled meats. And due to the fact that I was dealing with a toddler who was high on life and sugar and a baby that was constantly trying to bite our invited baby guest, Maya, I literally only took 6 photos the entire evening.

Maya and Cullen are ready to get this party started.

Cute cute cute.

Desperate to get his party tiara off.

Keane and his party blower, which he blew constantly, it wasn’t at all annoying.

Our attempt at a final 2014 family selfie, focus a little iffy, but never mind “Happy New Year”

Outdoor Action

December 30, 2014

So I know the moment has passed, Christmas that is, but I’m sorry, this week I will be doing all of my Christmas photo sharing from our Christmas week in Boston. Unfortunately it wasn’t a white Christmas this year, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, cos it meant the boys were able to play outside as much as they wanted to, which was most of the time. And while I busy myself uploading and sorting through all of the too many photos taken, please enjoy some outdoor action shots of the boys from the first day of our visit.

Keane remembered this little red motor bike from the last time we visited and talked about it constantly in the days before we even arrived. So he was very happy to finally take it out for a spin very early on a Sunday morning.

Paul, moving faster than the wind blows.

And James, hot on his wheels.

Keane encourages James up a slight incline.

Then positions himself in the centre of the roundabout so he can watch the boys race past.

Binoculars for a better view of the action.

My boys love school buses, well, they love any kind of vehicle really, but especially school buses, so on the Monday we were all very excited that Paul would be coming home from school on a real, live school bus, so we decided to make our way to the top of the road and wait for his arrival.

Finally the bus pulls up.

Paul gets off and races past us. Maybe our excited waves and cheers embarrassed him a little.

But he was happy to join the crew in the walk back to the house.

James and Cullen.

My Family Photos

December 21, 2014

I’d avoided it for long enough. It was time. My excuses for not having photos taken of my family, were just that, excuses. Like most women out there I’m guilty of playing that nasty game, the game of picking apart all of my imprecations and finding nothing but flaws when I look at myself in photos. Trust me, with all of the sleepless nights that go along with being a mother, I don’t have to look too hard, with each passing glance in the mirror, the flaws just seem to present themselves. And even though there were moments when I envied my Husband and the fact that he was predominantly the one who got to be in all of the photos with the boys, I was secretly happy that capturing these moments, meant I was safe hiding behind my camera. Until I wasn’t happy. Until I realized that none of us are getting any younger. That my perceived flaws were never going to go away of magically fix themselves. That my kids were getting older and someday I wouldn’t be around and even though I am everywhere in their young lives, doing everything I can to make sure they experience the joy of every day life, and yet there are very few photos of me with them. It was time to change that. It was time to call B.S on myself, to women up and finally be a visual presence in my children’s future photographed memories.

To make this happen I obviously needed a photographer, so I reached out to someone I had the pleasure of shooting alongside for several years, who is not just an amazingly talent photographer, but an amazing women and friend, my good friend Tessa, of Tessa Marie Photography. If anyone could capture me and my family in the candid, relaxed and natural manner I was looking for, it was Tessa. And honestly, the results from our shoot were even better than I hoped. As your about to see, Tessa captured my family beautifully and finally made it possible for me to be part of own family photos.

As we head into Christmas week I want to wish everybody out there who stops by my blog a very “Merry Christmas”. We will be spending our week in Boston so Keane and Cullen will have their big cousins Paul and James to share the whole Santa experience with, so this is the last you will hear from me until we return to Georgia at the end of the week. So “Merry Christmas” again.

Meeting Mr. Claus

December 17, 2014

Prepare for the worst is what I always say, and that was exactly my attitude this morning when I took the boys to meet Mr. Claus. I was ready for tears and resistance and sorrowful pleas not to be placed on the lap of the full figured man with the unnecessarily long beard. I got my camera settings ahead of time and my trigger finger was poised and ready to shoot fast, that way I could get the shot quickly and not have to leave a possibly hysterical child on the strangers lap a second longer than necessary. Well shame on me, cos the whole expericence went off without a hitch. In fact, when it was his turn, Keane bounced up on the lap of Santa and immediately launched into the thing he wanted most for Christmas. He complimented Santa on his tree and then went on to share all of the details about his own “big, tall tree with yots of yights” at home. Santa was very impressed.

Cullen took it all very much in stride too. He was happily confused and I believe his biggest concern was how he was going to get at all of the shiny decorations that surrounded us.

Chillin with St. Nic

So the Holiday activities continue, and last week we took our annual trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to enjoy their Night of Lights spectacular.

The weather this particular night, was baltic. I ended up donating my scarf to Keane to help fend off the icy wind that was whipping around.

My friend Mike with the boys and their new friend Toad.

This year the gardens had a fire-pit section, and least you forget, the tempetures again, were baltic, so we spent a good bit of time standing safely close to these fire-pits. We even got to roast some marshmallow and make Keane his first s’more.

S’mores for Mike and Keane.

And in the spirit of trying to include myself in more of the photos this year, here I am with the lads.

Cullen, the happiest tree ornament in the gardens.

Keane is the experienced ornament, he’s been in this tree before. (Click here for flashback)

Other happenings last week, my eldest baby had his first school concert, and let me just say, the second he walked up on stage, I became that proud, gushing, pushy, “get out of my way bit#h I need to get a shot or 20 of my baby singing Jingle Bells” mother. I never believed it before this moment, but now I know future me will absolutely be that mother my children will be mortified to know.

And there he is, star of the whole show, no honestly, he was, well, to me at least.

Keane’s teachers Ms. Tara and Ms. Debbie help the kids sing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus.

A wave to the crowd at the end of the performance.

The boys.

A little self-timer selfie so I could include myself.