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Bath de Noir

September 30, 2014

Our bathroom at Derv’s house was a very cool boudoir style, which I’m 100% sure was designed to be enjoyed and appreciated by persons of a more adult nature. But of course I’m the one that turns it into a bath de noir session, for kids.

Before Departure

September 28, 2014

For our final evening in Ireland we took one last trip down to the beach.

Keane gives his little brother a hand as he navigates this walking thing.

Until he wanted to go play with the waves again.

Then Cullen was on his own, kinda.

Chaz delighted with himself for rescuing the tennis ball.

When Berlino put in all of the leg work to fetch the next ball, Chaz stood shoreside waiting anxiously to steal it from her.

But Berlino was having none of it.

Peter finds a tiny fish and gives it to Keane.

Keane held onto it for a few seconds before freeing the little fella back in the sea.

Derv grabs a final family shot.

Food for the Fast Lane

September 25, 2014

The day before our return to the US, was Derv’s book launch and signing. And just in case you’ve forgotten, my best friend and Irish track athlete Derval O’Rourke wrote a yummy scrummy cookbook. We were so excited to be there along with hundreds of other friends, family and fans to support Derv. But we had another reason to be present at the book launch, Keane has his very own recipe and photo featured in the book. So obviously he had to be on hand, with crayon in hand, ready to sign his favorite letter “K” for his and Derv’s shared fans.

Waterstone’s book store in Cork City was the place where it all went down.

And look who the front window display features.

Some pre-book signing PR photos.

A speech from the women of the moment.

And then it was time for Derv and Keane to get stuck into signing some books.

Blue crayon ready to go.

Keane signs on his featured recipe page.

Of course Cullen wanted in on some of the action.

Not sure what was so funny.

Thumbing through the book as they wait in line to meet Derv.

Keane needed to take a peek-a-boo break, so Derv had to sign solo for a while.

Keane playing peek-a-boo with baby Reagan, the adorable baby girl of fellow Irish athletes Ron and Marian Heffernan.

Wait a second, is that a kiss??


Rob and Marian with baby Reagan and Cullen.

Sunday Sailing

September 23, 2014

When the Irish weather takes a turn for the tropical, its your patriotic duty to do something adventurous and fabulous. So we decided to let Derv’s husband take us out on a glorious Sunday morning sea cruise along the Cork coast on his family’s boat “Irish Mist”.

Daddy and Keane making their way along the docks.

And there’s our boat, Irish Mist.

Derv and Cullen climb aboard.

The boys take their seats and wait for the anchor to lift.

And we’re off.

Cullen is so excited.

Part of the fabulous Cork coast.

Keane loving every second of the trip.

Cullen too.


Derv and Keane out lighthouse spotting.

Dev volunteers to take a family photo and I would say she did pretty good. (Special note to Derv: What have you got against feet??)

Hmmm, now this one, not so good. If I was to offer some critisism I would venture to say that the subjects (Cullen and I) are a little out of focus. But I wanted to share a photo of the 2 of us, so out of focus or not, here we are.

Peter hands the boat driving responsibilities over to Keane.

Keane enlists a first mate, Cullen.

Together they do their best not to steer us into the path of an oncoming sail race.

The sail race.

Back to dock and a final shot of Derv, myself and Cullen.

Farm Hands

September 21, 2014

There was no shortage of animal experiences for Keane and Cullen during their Irish trip. They even got to dabble in a little farming when we paid a visit to Ms. Sally’s (Derv’s mother-in-law). Ms Sally put them straight to work feeding chickens.

Chicken watching.

Keane off to the hen house to see if they laid any eggs.

Whaahooo! He was so excited to see 4 eggs waiting to be collected.

So proud of himself.

Next to the greenhouse to check on the tomatoes and pick some strawberries.

The boys dig around for the strawberries.

Cullen is into it.

This is Derv’s new house, or will be this time next year.

Me and the boys outside Derv’s eventual front door.

Keane is going through a jumping phase right now. Jumps off everything.