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Operation Solid Food

August 6, 2014

We are 3 weeks into Operation Solid Food. Week 1 was a complete disaster with Cullen rejecting most of the foods I attempted to introduce to his developing palette. He literally gagged like I was serving him poisionous bile with each spoonful. So after 3 days of trying I gave him a few days break before I began the drill all over again. Week 2 and he was an eating machine. His curious and adventures spirit kicked in and he was open to tasting everything that was offered. So far we have tried and loved apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes and most recently, peas.

In case you can’t tell from his face (my baby is not the most civilized of diners), these photos I captured after a meal of peas. And yes, semi-naked is how we like to eat. Makes for a less stressful and easier post-meal clean up.

Mmmmm! Nummy nummy.

Trying to do it all by himself.

Got to give the table a little taste test too.

Absolutely hated getting cleaned up. Cried and yelled at me for daring to wipe up his nasty little face and hands.

And because he’s been doing so well with all of his fruits and vegetables, today as a little treat, I gave him his first taste of yogurt. Not only did he love it, but he was determined to take a stab at feeding himself.

Cullen found the whole spoon thing a bit unnecessary, much better to just grab and eat straight from the bowl.

From idea to execution its been 2 solid years of work. In between representing her country at the highest level (and winning a nice collection of medals for her efforts), completing a full time course in cookery school and pitching the idea to publishers hoping they would appreciate her love for cooking and her vision to give people a healthier, tastier way to live and eat, her moment has finally arrived. My bestfriend Derval O’Rourke has written a cook book, and as I type it has gone to print and will be ready to hit the shelves in Ireland, September 5th.  I couldn’t be more excited, proud and impressed by all of her hard work, and to see it finally come together in print, is amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to get a little sneaky peaky at what will be the finished product, only because I shot a bunch of the photos that will appear in the book (cheeky self brag) and it really is amazing. Along with all of the the food and recipes, the book also ties in lots of elements from Derval’s life as a professional athlete. But if you ask me, the real reason you should check out this book of yumminess, is Keane. Yep, my little fella’s cheeky face is in there. While Derval was visiting us last year, she tested out a bunch of recipes she was thinking of including in the book. Keane became our little taste tester and I captured his reactions to each of the recipes. The recipe that got the biggest smile, made it into the book, and so did the photo of him eating it. We will actually be in Ireland when the book is released, so with blue crayon in hand (his favorite colour) Keane will obviously be accompanying Derval to her book signings, ready to autograph each book with the only letter he knows how to write, “K”.

If all that’s not enough to get you curious and excited, then click on the photo below to check out the promotional video released by the publishers last week.